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JFK’s Assassination Still Haunts Agent

This past November marked the 55th Anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald.

For many who lived through that tragic event, time stopped the instant the news flashed across the world that our 35th President had been assassinated. That moment is “freeze-framed” and seared within most of our memory forever.

On Thursday, President Trump declassified and approved the release of over 2,800 classified documents related to the 1963 assassination by the National Archives.

The documents thus far shed nothing new regarding the decades-old theories, speculations, and presuppositions as to who killed JFK. Was it the CIA, the mob, the Castro regime, or Oswald — and if it was Oswald, did he act alone?

The tragedy is still surrounded by mystery, over 5-decades later, with more than 60% of Americans believing there’s more to those 8-seconds  that we’ll most likely never know.

However, one man who has lived every day recalling the details of that tragic event of November 22nd, 1963 is former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, who was the first one to reach the mortally wounded president.

In an exclusive interview, Hill now 86 relives the moment he raced from his backup limo towards the presidential limousine and climbed on to the trunk of the accelerating auto, where he quickly spread eagled himself over both the First Lady and the President’s slumped body. He recalls looking down at the President’s face, now resting on the First Ladies lap, and the gruesome image of blood and brain matter everywhere within the speeding limousine.

“One thing that I’ve never been able to erase from my mind is being on the back of the car looking down at the President, who was lying with his face in Mrs. Kennedy’s lap.”

Hill continues, “The right side of his face is up and I can see that his eyes are fixed. There’s blood everywhere. I can see the gunshot wound. In the room that’s in the skull, I can see that there is no more brain matter left.”

Adding, “That is something I could never, and have never been able to, erase from my mind.”

However Hill’s biggest regret is not responding quickly enough to hearing the first gunshot, and believes to this day “he should have been faster” – and blames himself for the President’s death.

That’s a heavy a burden to carry for 55-years, and it’s taken quite a toll on the former secret service agent. The raveling interview by the Sun Online chronicles the aftermath of the assassination, and Hill’s spiral into an emotional abyss.

‘I’m still haunted by the sight of seeing there was no brain left in his head and I almost drank myself to death after JFK’s Assassination.”

“I think I should have been faster,” he said. “My job was to protect them and I was unable to do that.

Adding, “If I had been slightly faster I may have been able to prevent the president’s fatal wound and that has bothered me ever since. It always will – I’m sure.”

After the assassination Hill was assigned to protect the former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and then assigned to protect the new president Lyndon Johnson.

However, it wasn’t until he retired in 1975, when he began to suffer from PTSD, by reliving the assassination in horrific nightmares, forcing him deeper and deeper into seclusion and drinking himself nightly into a stupor

He cut himself off from almost all friends and family and barely saw anyone other than his wife and two children from 1976 until 1982.

Hill acknowledged “I self-medicated with alcohol during that period of time. I just didn’t care about anything and I didn’t want to have any contact with anybody.

Adding, “Friends would come by and I wouldn’t even acknowledge that they were there. I just ignored everything.”

Hill has since reclaimed his life, and his demons of self-doubt have been finally put to rest.

However, he believes President Trump – like JFK – is a target for a potential attack.

“I think it’s much more difficult today,” he said.  “The challenges are much greater to protect the president, whoever it might be.

  1. Post Author

    “I’m still haunted by the sight of seeing there was no brain left in his head and I almost drank myself to death after JFK’s Assassination”
    In his book “Best Evidence ” by David S. Lofton, evidence submitted by the doctor who worked on President Kennedy in Dallas showed clearly the fatal shot that killed the President was from the front right side of his head. The secret service agent confirms this fact. So, how can Oswald be charged at all for any crime of the facts contradict what’s being promulgated by the lame stream media?

  2. Post Author

    I was in third grade when he was killed

  3. Post Author

    Mr. Hill: ALL Americans are grateful for your service. Not one person I know blames you for President Kennedy’s death. The evil deed was well planned, by more than one person and covered up. Hold your head high as a great American should. May God Bless!

  4. Post Author

    Out of the group described “one” is the killer, I even had a chance to see the person’s picture, but you understand I can not posted because everybody who new (at least most) were killed and this powerful organization can include me too. As long as the GREED is in power the truth will never be told. As everything else is and will be nothing but LIES.

  5. Post Author

    There was a book titled “ appointment in Dallas” written by the former chief of police from San Francisco how claimed to have actually met the man who killed him. It was not Oswald. The man was a professional assassin he met in London
    The CIA used him from time to time, and supposedly his photograph was included in the Warren Report.

    There were two books by the same time published within days of each other. I used to own the correct on but it got lost in my travels

  6. Post Author

    Dear Agent Hill,
    From all the films I’ve seen and having stood in the book depository window I don’t
    Believe there was anyway you could have saved the President.
    You showed extreme courage in your attempt to guard the President and his wife!
    Thank you for your service.
    I wish you continued good health and happiness.
    Ernest Zealy

  7. Post Author

    Mr.Hill! In my opinion, You did what you were supposed to do. Don’t blame yourself. I’was on my Twenties, and will never forget it.
    God Bless you always… Vincent.

  8. Post Author

    I was 8 years old when JFK was murdered on live television in front of millions. I’m 63 now, and that memory remains quite clear. Kennedy’s assassination was as traumatic for the nation back then as 9/11 was when it occurred in 2001. One thing is certain — the Kennedy assassination was the death knell of the USA as it once was, and the birthday of the Deep State. As a result, ‘we the people’ are no longer in charge. Revolution is the only remaining choice Americans have to take back their country…..

  9. Post Author

    This Agent, in my opinion, did his best in behalf of President Kennedy. I feel so sorry for him for the trauma he suffered from this horrific assination. of our President. It is great to hear that there is peace in his life now after so much agony of his thoughts for so long in time. WE ALL WITNESSED YOUR PROTECTIVE, QUICK, HEROIC ACTIONS AGENT CLINT HILL. YOUR JOB WAS WELL DONE.

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