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Mueller Probe: President Holds the Winning Hand

Disgraced ex-confident to President Trump, Michael Cohen once again struck a plea deal with the Mueller team — backtracking on his original tented testimony regarding a known Trump Moscow real estate project that went nowhere.

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The embattled ex-attorney, who was found guilty for lying to Congress about an abandoned Russia development project, seems to be the lynch-pin the Mueller team is counting on.

The surprise revelations on Friday involved Cohen’s revised testimony where he admitted he made false statements to the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2017 about a plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow (suggesting the project was scrapped in January of 2016.)

After spending countless hours of interrogation with the Mueller team and perhaps the promise of a lighter prison sentence, Cohen’s recollection suddenly changed to a more favorable timeline for investigators to June of 2016.

Cohen’s original statement gave the impression the Moscow project ended before the 2016 Iowa caucuses.

“I continued to follow the political messaging of Individual 1 (Trump) and his advisors. I was aware that Individual 1 (Trump) said he was not tied to Russia, attacks were politically motivated, and all interactions were terminated by the time of the Iowa Caucuses,” Cohen said in court. Cohen added that before the Senate committee, “I asserted all efforts ceased in January 2016 when they kept going until June 2016.”

Cohen is obviously a desperate individual, who has lied repeatedly and is hoping to get a reduced sentence from a desperate Special Counsel attempting to bring down a duly elected president.

In the final analysis without any corroborating evidence (thus far) regarding the testimony of Cohen, a self-described convicted liar, Mueller’s witch- hunt goes nowhere, other than becoming another political talking point for progressives, in the upcoming 20202 Presidential Election.

However, the final chapter to be written, of Russian collusion belongs to President Trump who has threatened to declassify “divesting” documents if House Democrats attempt to use the Mueller witch-hunt as a ruse to begin impeachment hearings or continue with bogus probes.

On Wednesday in an exclusive interview with the New York Post, the president made it abundantly clear he’s ready to play hardball, NEW YORK STYLE.

“If they want to play tough, I will do it. They will see how devastating those pages are.”

Trump promised he would declassify FISA warrant applications and other confidential documents from Robert Mueller’s investigation, which he said would expose efforts by the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign to set him up.

Adding, “If they go down the Presidential harassment track, if they want to go and harass the President and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me,” he said. “I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that.”

Trump also openly revealed his strategy, to wait for the right moment in releasing the documents saying, “It’s much more powerful if I do it then.”

However, the president cautioned, “Some things maybe the public shouldn’t see because they are so bad.”

Trump made it clear the devastating documents wouldn’t damage him, but others. “Maybe it’s better that the public not see what’s been going on with this country.”

  1. Post Author

    That’s so much BS! Trump is a habitual Liar, so let him release anything he thinks he has. It is going to end only one way —- Trump disgraced and in the Slammer!

  2. Post Author

    Trump is a liar, fraud and outright traitor to this country.

  3. Post Author

    No, that’s exactly what’s wrong and how it has gotten to this point… “The Public”… (American tax payers) should see everything that’s been going on… We should have that right to see what our “elected” officials have been doing, and what our tax dollars pay for. (Their wages, security, retirement, etc..) The term “transparency” is a joke…

  4. Post Author

    He should drop the whole bomb on them Anybody with one eye and half a brain can see and know what the deal is. The President is dealing with a bunch of traitors,most of which were elected by somebody. If every body could get along great things could happen.

  5. Post Author

    If people elected can’t do something with this farce, its time to let them know we mean business. They have fooled around long enough.
    Trump needs us behind him, in front of him, and beside him. Thank you Secret Service for protection of our much loved President Trump. I don’t want the former traitor X-president to think we are talking about him. Obumdum, the absolute worst leader Of USA.

  6. Post Author

    Wake up and read the walls.

  7. Post Author

    This needs to be released! Our country will never heal or come together without knowing the truth! The Truth will set us free… God will guide you Mr President!

  8. Post Author

    Please do it pres. The people are ready! They want to know who the liars really are and get the fuck rid of them..

  9. Post Author

    Why should government officials who ever they are be above the law.
    You were elected to clean up the swamp.

  10. Post Author

    Trump has as much as admitted that he has lied in numerous ways throughout his businesss career, and I see no reason to believe that his methods have changed since he became president. So it’s a little more than incredulous that he has the audacity to publicly call anyone the juvenile names he has, and insists that the Mueller investigation is merely a “witch hunt”… all while simultaneously trying to discredit critics and the main stream media as “fake news”!

    The only thing more depressing to me than the president’s behavior, is the fact that so many of his supporters are so blindly and naively accepting of his charade! Even my young daughters of voting age have, on their own, seen through his narcissistic and self righteous antics! Thank Goodness!

    Not to say that all of Trump’s policies are disastrous (although I believe many of them definitely are… I haven’t decided yet). I do however agree with former President Carter, that under Trump’s leadership, the U. S. is quickly losing its reputation as a world leader economically, socially, culturally, ethically and morally.

    Those have always been the things that has made America great! My fear is that we are losing ground, and moving backwards!

  11. Post Author

    little boy in the school yard!

  12. Post Author

    The President should go John Edger Hoover on them, expose them all before they do to him what they did too JFK., he was trying to do the same thing, protect the American people. When he addresses the country in the State of the Union, he should tell us what they ( the deep state) are up too and what would have happened if Hillary would have won. Tell the American people, we not only can handle it, but would appreciate it, tell us Mr. President.

  13. Post Author


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