Are Satellites Spying On Us From Space?


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Following Great Britain’s lead, the United States has installed over 4,000 traffic cameras across the land. High-risk areas with lots of people such as Washington, D.C. and New York City are already littered with pole-mounted spy cameras that never sleep.

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Many of the traffic control cameras you see when you roll to a stop at an intersection aren’t even hooked up. Law enforcement has found that the mere presence of security cameras at a stoplight deters the criminal temptation to drive through it in the middle of the night when no one else is around.

Two resourceful individuals, Jonathan Melby and Angela Buffington, have created a map of all the traffic cameras in the U.S., updated hourly. Their database tracks red light cameras, speed cameras, and combo cameras that do both. Melby said:

“We track news reports, file information requests, and that’s pretty much a full-time process. We publish updates every week.”

Cameras are installed constantly and moved around – to keep us guessing where they are, presumably. The Vox-sponsored web map takes the guesswork out of your daily commute or family vacation. Forewarned is forearmed.

But now Big Brother is watching us all from eyes in the sky. Security cameras are being mounted on space platforms – orbiting satellites.

In May 2017, the British Daily Mail announced that “a network of space satellites capable of tracking the movement of cars from space will be launched later this year” by Britain’s Earth-i space corporation. This low earth orbit “constellation of satellites…will record high-resolution images and video of the planet’s surface.”

In 2015, the first prototype satellite, dubbed Carbonite, was launched as an observation craft. Its onboard commercial camera and telescope can record high-resolution images of surface objects as small as three feet wide – about the size of a baby carriage.

The next generation satellite Carbonite-2 was launched successfully in early 2018. It is even more capable of stripping away the right to privacy as it stares straight down, always on:

“The sensors employed on Carbonite-2 would enable the military to film moving objects such as vehicles, aircraft and ships in ultrahigh definition, color video, as well as undertake rapid tasking of satellites and provide fast data download within minutes of acquisition.”

Many observers, including the Health Ranger Mike Adams, have issued repeated warnings about the rise of the police state in America and our complete loss of privacy.

Forewarned is forearmed. Let your elected officials know that surveillance from space platforms is NOT OKAY. Speak up now or we will face this Brave New World Order where no one is safe, secure, or enjoys any privacy. Is that the kind of world you want to live in?

  1. Post Author

    They are being paid for by our tax money Our congressmen and women need to be informed that
    are being watched as well

  2. Post Author

    Trump and the rest of his horrible politicians are not people.
    They are monsters who are full of anger and greed.
    They are giving enormous tax cuts to billionaire CEOs and forcing the middle class to make up the difference in taxes needed to run the country by getting rid of healthcare and Social services.
    They have nothing to do with fairness or Democracy and they must be taken out of power and thrown into prison for the crimes against the American people and our Constitution.

  3. Post Author

    This is insane . Is this why my beloved US likes going up on space ? To set up satellite 📡 cameras to spy on us . If we do already have them why is it that they were not able to prevent 911 . Or other things around the country .

  4. Post Author

    With Carbonite-1 and Carbonite-2 satilites along with traffic cameras now breaching our Constitutional Right to privacy it is even more important that those responsible for un-constitutional spying be stopped immediately. They must be made accountable to the People for breaking our laws. There is never justification for a “police state.”

  5. Post Author

    These movies should apps for satellite spying: Enemy of the State, RedEye showed esp through RedEye some guy being tracked by AI system to clear his name & using phones enroute & AI voice directing him, On DVD. Very scary for abuse. & Enemy of the State was pure Tech abuse, from 1990s Red Eye from early 2000s era.

  6. Post Author

    George. Orwell’s 1984 everyone should read it and look at what year it was written. This has been in the works for years

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