Is Google Betraying America’s Principles For Profit?


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That’s what CEO Sundar Pichai was asked on Tuesday when the Google executive appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill.

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Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook have been running amok without consequences for far too long. You can’t send an email, text or complete a search without the information being sent to advertisers… and who knows where else.

Thankfully some within Congress decided to do their job — for once — and hold them accountable.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) told FOX Business that, “We need to make sure that we expose what their practices are and we are very pleased that Mr. Pichai is coming to answer these questions.”

Adding, “He’s going to be put on the spot with a lot of tough questions and the answers are difficult.”

At issue is Google’s apparent fuzzy concept of “free speech” and their desire to open China’s vast high-tech business market, at all costs, including creating a censored search engine, dubbed “Project Dragonfly” which would provide the Chinese people restricted access to the internet, with the Chinese Government along with Google monitoring and controlling every keystroke.

Goodlatte said American tech companies bare a responsibility to stand for the principles of free speech and privacy when conducting businesses with foreign adversaries.

Adding, “Google needs to be held accountable for, if they are going to do business in China, people need to be aware of what terms they are doing it on.”

Pichai in a prepared statement before Tuesday’s hearing attempted to downplay his deal with China, “Even as we expand into new markets we never forget our American roots,” he wrote. “It’s no coincidence that a company dedicated to the free flow of information was founded right here in the U.S.

However Pichai’s words ring-hollow, when it comes to his assertions that Google embraces the concept of free speech. All one needs to do is to simply search for a political and or current event issue on Google’s search engine, to realize just how skewed to the left on almost any given topic Google’s search engine is.

While the tech company refuses to admit that its search engine is programmed to overwhelmingly benefit progressive orthodoxy with preexisting key words imbedded within its massive platform, while popular conservative websites have routinely been censored.

Just recently Google went after conservative website Breitbart News attempting to put the popular website out of business, shortly after the 2016 election.

The plot to cripple Breitbart began with a group of Google employees, targeting Breitbart’s ad revenues, with the blessing from top management. The group sought to strike at Breitbart News’ revenue by kicking the site off Google’s market-dominating ad services.

In the leaked emails, Google employee Richard Zippel advised a fellow employee that Google would act against Breitbart News “at the site level” if sufficient examples of “hate” were found. This kicked off a concerted effort to find evidence of “hate speech” on Breitbart.

Of course Google has its own version of what constitutes “hate speech.”

Moreover aside from partnering with China in creating a censored search engine for profit, the tech giant is also refusing to support America’s military.

The issue involves a $10 billion Defense Department initiative by the military known as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), citing its artificial intelligence principles, and Google’s refusal to take the project.

Leaving lawmakers to question Google’s patriotism, after the apparent snub, Goodlatte said he plans on asking Pichai why Google decided to move away from supporting the U.S. military.

“Why is it that you and your employees do not want to help the United States’ Department of Defense keep Americans safe and keep all of the issues, trade and free government and so on around the world safe by supporting the needs of our military?”

  1. Post Author

    But why the Censorship of our Values??
    Otherwise I say YES. link our usage to ads.
    BUT Censorship , why, No ideas=No profits I guess

  2. Post Author

    If the don’t support our military then kick them to the curb period.

  3. Post Author

    Absolutely nothing will come of it and nothing will be done about. It’s grandstanding from a Republican. They say the same old crap and google, along with the “social media” do as they please. It’s odd that the leftists think that Socialism and Communism are so wonderful while they act like a bunch of Capitalists. Pure hypocrisy at its best (worst).

  4. Post Author

    As a utility like a phone in the old days, the user has the right to expect the company’s support to stop harassment by a particular offender, and nowadays that’s called blocking, but it is an overreach for expecting the company to anticipate who you would want to block unless you authorize them and give up your rights to explore. Hence there should be no definition of ‘hate’ speech or images that would be grounds for stopping the posting of such speech or images, only the ‘warning’ to the explorer that said explorer has authorized. The explorer who chooses to demand that others be turned away is overstepping their rights and imposing censorship to suit their own biases. Agreed?

    As for the targeted advertising, i say hooray… those ad spaces are going to be used for some ads so by all means make them about stuff i am wanting to know about. Not the trash that has no meaning to my existence. That is a service to me… and NO, contrary to what you were implying, just because an advertiser’s content has been placed on your screen does NOT mean the advertiser knows who you are and how to contact you. The ads are designed, sent to google for posting wherever google finds a prospect but no feedback to the advertiser is offered when they give google ads to place in ‘good’ places…. only numbers of placements and numbers of click-throughs… now if you click through then you are accepting cookies then have the opportunity to contact the advertiser [likely leaving your own contact data in their hands]… How horrible it would be to have random trash fill the ad spaces on the pages you want to read, gag!

    And i suggest that you investigate the uproar over the military use of AI, in particular the Lethal Autonomous Weapons… youtube and google should have some wake up views on where that leads, so cheers to google to stop involvement with that agenda…

    That’s 2 right out of 3 points, not too bad so give google a bit of ‘help’ on the ‘hate’ idea and insist they behave like the utility member on the net and smash down the Ajit Pai treachery of violating Net neutrality…

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