Suspected Terrorist Leader within Migrant Group Demands Entry into US


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The absurd demands by migrants at the border has become even more surreal by the revelation that the leader making those demands on behalf of the group is a suspected bomber who wounded six American soldiers in Honduras in 1987.

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Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa led approximately 100 migrants to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, and delivered a letter to American officials demanding entry into the United States or payments of $50.000 for each migrant.

“It may seem like a lot of money to you,” Ulloa told the Union-Tribune. “But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras.”

The apparent shakedown was incredulous enough before learning the leader was Ulloa, a suspect in the 1987 bombing of a Chinese restaurant in Honduras which targeted American soldiers.

The suspected terrorist has been living in Mexico for decades, after fleeing Honduras days after the bombing — seeking and receiving asylum from Mexico who’ve described the alleged terrorist as a “freedom fighter.”

Ulloa has steadfastly denied any role in the 1987 bombing; in 2017 he again maintained his innocence through several posts on Facebook, although he admitted belonging to the radical leftist group known as the popular revolutionary forces-“Lorenzo Zelaya.”

The now-defunct group also claimed responsibility for hijacking a plane in 1982, and taking hostages for ransom, the hostages also included 8-American citizens.

In 1990 the U.S. Government within their terrorist watch group listings described “Lorenzo Zelaya” as one of several “leftist guerrilla groups [in Honduras] that have resorted to terrorist tactics in the past.”

As for Mexico granting a suspected terrorist asylum, we dug back into the archives to piece together why our neighbor to the south would do such a thing. And we came across a digitized version of an article from The Time’s print archive.

The headline at the time read, “Honduran Bombing Suspect Is Given Asylum by Mexico.”

The article recounts the allegation against Ulloa stating, “The Mexicans are harboring a ”terrorist” in violation of all international conventions, the United States has lodged a ”firm” behind-the-scenes protest with the Mexican Government in Mexico City, diplomats in Mexico said.”

The article continues, “But the Mexican Government has dismissed the American protest. Mexican diplomats called the man, Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, 22 years old, a ”freedom fighter” whose life was at risk because of his political views. They said he had a right to asylum and was welcome to stay.”

“The Mexican Government’s decision is the latest twist in a case marked by strange turns. Mr. Guerrero was first implicated by a Felix Fernando Castro Martinez, who confessed to taking part in the bombing. But he later retracted his confession.”

“A spokesman for the Honduran armed forces, Juan Sierra Fonseca, said there was ”a lot of incriminating evidence” that Mr. Guerrero planted the bomb, which exploded on Aug. 8th  in the China Palace, near the largest United States military base in Honduras. Suspect Denies Role in Bombing.”

Obviously, it would be almost impossible to litigate a decades-old incident.  However, Homeland Security monitoring the migrant caravan from its start in Honduras to their arrival into Tijuana has estimated that there are more than 500 criminals within the large group, some even confected of murder.

So far, 700 have voluntarily returned to their country, 300 have been deported, and approximately 2,500 individuals have applied for humanitarian visas in Mexico, on the flip-side over 3,500 migrants have suddenly vanished, presumably crossing illegally into the United States.

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    Why NOT & prosecute for past crimes?? Set an example??Deter other migrants?

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