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McCain Crony and Buzzfeed Implicated in Phony Steele Dossier

The plot thickens, with perhaps revenge coming from the grave of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, against President Trump.

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According to a bombshell federal court filing released on Wednesday, a crony of McCain apparently shared (along with Buzzfeed News) copies of the unverified phony dossier — which alleges that the Russians had politically damaging information on President Trump.

The late senator had strongly denied that he was, in fact, the source for Buzzfeed, after the news organization published the dossier, which was funded by both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

The phony dossier which later became “the evidence” for the Mueller witch-hunt has been roundly acknowledged as a political hit-piece created by Clinton operative British ex-spy Christopher Steele, and dubbed opposition research, as a pretext.

McCain when questioned regarding his involvement with the phony dossier, begrudgingly admitted giving the unverified dossier to the FBI, and adamantly said “I would do it again,” adding “anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell.”

It’s also worth noting that McCain and Clinton had a personal friendship beyond politics, and both reviled President Trump, which certainly may explain President Trump’s remarks concerning McCain’s war years, and his “hero” comment.

Moreover, McCain’s involvement and subsequent misconduct cannot be overlooked, in that he was given the phony dossier just after the 2016 Presidential Election by a stranger named Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow who handed the senator the phony dossier.

“My mission was essentially to be a go-between and a messenger, to tell the senator and assistants that such a dossier existed,” Sir Andrew Wood told Fox News in an exclusive interview.

Wood says he was instructed, by former British spy Christopher Steele to reach out to the senior Republican, whom Wood called “a good man,” about the unverified document.

After receiving the phony document from a stranger, moreover, a foreign source implicating the President-elect, the good senator rather than attempting to verify who this person was handed the phony dossier to the FBI.

Certainly a reasonable move, however, it now appears that the late senator may have shared the contents with an associate named David Kramer in late November of 2016 in Surry England.

Kramer appeared before House Republicans regarding his involvement with McCain and his handling of the dossier, he quickly took the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination

McCain had denied all along that he gave a copy of the phony dossier to BuzzFeed News, maintaining that the only individual he gave dossier to was to former FBI Director James Comey,

However, when pressed by the Daily Caller, McCain became angry stating, “I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now.”

It’s not clear if true, if McCain actually broke any laws, except perhaps for his own skewed view of politics, and his personal obsession regarding the President. His outright animus towards the President was obvious during the President’s attempt to repeal ObamaCare, the senator became the deciding vote to repeal the mandate which was especially destructive within his own home state of Arizona, with healthcare premiums jumping to a staggering 116%.

The senator’s hatred for the President was so intense that he actually voted against the interests of own constituents, not to repeal ObamaCare.

  1. Post Author

    People forget what a vindictive and small man McCain was. This “hero” was a bully in the senate and part of the Keating Five scandal. This is likely not the first time McCain had a dossier on an opponent to blackmail them. Bewilderingly, he was reelected by Arizonans anyway. I have a feeling that he is the one in hell.

  2. Post Author

    McCain was a traitor. The definitive sleazy political creature. Not a conservative but an intrigue player. His death was no loss.

  3. Post Author

    Hey McCain family Id look into this can effect His Legacy alone & for the worst unless U also dislike Pres Trump.
    Just sayin, bad PR & news for family like Kennedy & Chappaquidick event,. Bad scene.

  4. Post Author

    There are two words that can save our Republican party and that is SPECIAL COUNCIL.

  5. Post Author

    It seems that the Democrats learned a lot from Hitler’s crony Mr. Goebbeles. They are very efficient in using these methods

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