Postal Service Scraps Christmas Stamps


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It would appear that the “war on Christmas” continues, from what most individuals assumed an unlikely source, The United States Post Office.

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Which seems extremely odd, considering their pro-Christmas ad currently running across the country, in which a jolly Santa and a postal worker in her truck coincidently meet at the same house, delivering packages?

However, upon closer observation, it seems the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t have a problem with Santa, sleighs, or even flying reindeer, but rather with the birth of Christ — and perhaps anything that reminds individuals the real purpose of Christmas.

The issue regarding the Post Office’s anti-religious policy actually began in 2017 which allegedly bars “all religious content” from being used on U.S. postal stamps. The subtle policy went unnoticed until Tavia Hunt decided to create some nice holiday stamps to go along with her Christmas Cards, and contacted the third party vendor, licensed to create customized stamps for the U.S. Post Office.

Hunt uploaded a photo of herself and her family standing in front of the easily recognizable onion-shaped minarets of St. Basil’s Cathedral and sent it to Zazzle, the company licensed to create customized stamps.

For those not familiar with the name, Tavia Hunt is the wife of Clarke Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. The photo had the entire Hunt family with silly fur hats, holding a sign reading “Chief’s Kingdom” in the team colors, and in the background St. Basil’s Cathedral.

However, when Mrs. Hunt enquired regarding her order, she was told it was canceled. She then asked Zazzle to clarify what was wrong with the image, she was told by a company spokesman that the image of the cathedral had violated the companies “content policy.”

That strange reference as to why the photo was rejected, prompted Hunt to suggest the real reason appeared to be the companies “ban on religion” which immediately freaked out the company, and the next day Hunt received assurances that her order was approved, and would soon be shipped.

All’s well, that ends well…not so fast!

When Hunt attempted to track her shipment online, she learned once again the order was canceled. She immediately contacted Zazzle and was told that is the company responsible for all decisions regarding content.

When contacted first claimed that religion had nothing to do with the cancellation, instead the company claimed it was the Kansas City Chiefs logo. When Hunt informed them that her husband owned the team, and she would be happy to provide valid paperwork proving she had the rights to the logo, by signing an affidavit and had it delivered to and Zazzle.

However, within a matter of days Zazzle called the Hunts to confirm that indeed it was St. Basil’s Cathedral as the reason for the cancellation stating that the rejection was “due to the prominence of St. Basil’s Cathedral on the background.” The order would be approved if “the image is cropped so that the cathedral is not obvious,” the company added.

The Hunts, of course, have contacted their lawyers, and have sent a letter to all parties concerned, including the U.S. Postal Service demanding an explanation for their policy adopted in early 2017 that allegedly bars “all religious content.” Look for this issue to go all the way to the Supreme Court within the coming year


  1. Post Author

    I, along with many others love to use Christmas stamps and would hate to see their demise. They belong on Christmas cards. duh

  2. Post Author

    None of this should come as a surprise to anyone paying attention. The “left” (socialists and communists, now openly proclaimed) HATE Christianity. They hate YOU, they hate ME. Just be clear about this when dealing with them, and know that they have ZERO Morals, and will do and say anything, ANYTHING to forward their Godless agenda.

  3. Post Author

    The fact that the USPS has any purview whatsoever regarding editorial content of anything just shows how out of control the agency is. They have ONE job – deliver mail and packages securely and safely. Period. They should be the best in the world at this one function, with a secondary requirement being to execute that function efficiently. Anything else is not needed for their primary function, and should not be something they do. They should offer one and only one stamp design for each denomination, and if it has a picture it should be of something innocuous, such as a picture from the natural world – say a blade of grass, or rock formation, or a cloud formation. Nothing from culture or politics. The fact that they even have a say into content is utterly ridiculous. The time is decades past when government and pseudo-government agencies did their primary functions without extending tentacles into politics and culture.

  4. Post Author

    This is America and as far back as anyone living can remember we have celebrated Christmas as Christ birthday and we have been able to buy stamps with different religious scenes so let’s continue doing so and as far as those who object then leave our country and customs and go someplace where you will be happy with their customs!

  5. Post Author

    Guess I will stop sending Christmas cards and pay my bills on line. Looks like the postal,service wants to hurt its business even more. Stamps are way too much but this is the last straw. I will encourage everyone I know to do the same thing.

    • Post Author

      I pay all my bills online. I do not use snail mail unless I have no choice. Can’t tell you how many times I have mailed things a week in advance only to arrive late, like 14 days. The socialists in the government and their cronies in the press are catering to their likes, and to hell with everyone else.

  6. Post Author

    Actually, there are at least a couple of stamps on the USPS website that you can buy right now that show Mother Mary and the Christ Child.

  7. Post Author

    It’s all the people coming in from other countires, bringing their own customs with them, and ramming these customs down our throats.
    the powers that be don’t care for yoy and your wishes

  8. Post Author

    Leave it to the atheists to trample on our religious rights. After all, if they can’t have religion, neither can anyone else.

  9. Post Author

    A total disgrace!!
    I hope the Hunts lawyers take this case to the Supreme Court & bury the postal service & all supervisor’s responsible for this decision concerning banning Christmas religious stamps!!! Another case of Political Correctness!!!

  10. Post Author

    As the hate for God continues to grow in this country, so does the hate and bulling towards Christians. Who’s forcing people to buy the CHRISTmas stamps anyway?

    • Post Author

      I agree with you. We are a Christian Nation so atheist or islamist go where you won’ t celebrate CHristman.

  11. Post Author

    To whom it may concern, 83% of the U.S. is Christian and to the very, very small percentage of aetheists, and other hate-filled religions; e.g., Islamists, the majority rules in this case. Go away. Live and let live.

  12. Post Author

    Not surprising. I wondered when
    The they’d would pick on this
    They forget Jesus is the reason for the Season

    • Post Author

      Yes, you are totally right, but to those who do not like the idea that Christmas is a religious holiday, they prefer to think of it as when their company finally goes from red to black before the end of the year. I’ve often wondered, were it not for Christmas what sort of economy countries around the world would have? So many countries’ economies benefit from Christmas and Hanukkah. What would happen if they didn’t exist?

  13. Post Author

    almost humorous that the USPS is hanging on by a thread, then “junks” their winning marketing campaigns 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😤

  14. Post Author

    I am more than disappointed that in a Christian Country, where freedom of religion is stated within our Constitution, that someone decided that they didn’t want to offend someone, who remains unnamed and unidentified. Well, this action offends me, a tax paying citizen, and the USPS is an organ of the United States Government.

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