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The Trump Administration Proves It Will Make America Great Again

When President Trump said he would strive to ‘Make America Great Again’ he wasn’t kidding. Although his statement has been taken out of proportion a number of times, one thing is clear: there is something happening that is changing the face of America on a national level.

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People in other countries often fled to America illegally to find a better life, often reaping the full benefit of the United States without having to pay the taxes required. This forced the economy to suffer because thousands of people were sucking the government dry as they used government assistance to survive in America. Well, this turn of events halted in its tracks the moment Trump put his foot down on the Honduran migrants who rushed to the border to seek asylum in the United States.

Prior administrations supported illegal immigration

The Democratic party has continued to show its leniency toward the issue of illegal immigration in America. With less than strict policies to protect the citizens of America, many people who fled their country found America to truly be their new land of opportunity.

The problem was that as they continued to reap the benefits of financial assistance and governmental support for their families while residing in America, many Americans who were born and raised in America were left out in the cold. There are over 43% Americans who seek government assistance for their survival. These are the same people who work to take care of their families and who pay taxes on a yearly basis.

They fight for this country, they work to improve this country, and they raise their children to be constructive citizens who will help to take this country to the next level. When you have immigrants who flee to America, you water down this system with individuals who utilize the benefits of America, but they don’t replace what they take. The money that they make is often sent back to their homeland to support members of their family, and to make matters worse, they may not even pay taxes on the dollars received from their labor while in America.

There’s only one home for Americans

People who flee to America from other countries have the opportunity to go back to their land if things do not go well for them in America. They have a culture, a country, a family, and a history in another land that makes it possible for them to have the option of going home if they should so choose.

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Americans do not have such an option. If the economy takes a nosedive, or if there is a government shut-down, Americans will suffer because they will have no other place in which to flee. Americans will go down with the burning ship of the United States, unlike immigrants, because this is often the only home for an American citizen.

Americans can’t leave the United States if things go wrong and they are forced to suffer any consequences that might occur if the government can’t make good on its responsibility to provide the assistance that many Americans might need. In essence, we are stuck here. An immigrant can always go back home.

It’s important to understand that Americans who support the Trump administration on the issue of immigration are merely protecting themselves and the future of their children. It’s not about equal rights for all…instead, it’s about economics. The far-left continues to throw propaganda into the media to take everyone’s attention off this fact.

Don’t be fooled. A major part of making America great is to first ensure that the Americans who live here are first in line when it comes to anything that the government has to offer to ensure a prosperous future in this land of opportunity. It’s time to take a stand and embrace all the greatness that America has to offer without fear that it might be jeopardized or stolen.

  1. Post Author

    You know as well as I, we need the wall NOW! Think about what I am about to say: Two words would save our great country, they are SPECIAL COUNCIL. Think about that.

  2. Post Author

    I just get sad my dad worked all his life in USA he never ask for any help know that hes retired he gets a little of social security and has to pay for Medicare and other people get moore help than him, the other people haven’t even work and get everything is just not fair my dad is older he can’t work anymoore

  3. Post Author

    I agree completely. Democrats would turn America into a third world country. Our melting pot should be skimmed from time to time. I think all immigration should be stopped until a wall on the southern border is funded and built. Time to round up all illegals and send them back to their home countries.

  4. Post Author

    Wow!!! That Is The Best That I Have Read In Last Several Months!!!!

  5. Post Author

    Hitler also didn’t want Undesirables, like Jews, to make money at the expense of other Non-Jews. When is TraitorTrump going to TEAR DOWN THE STATUE OF LIBERTY?? HUMM? Where will YOU HIDE AS TRUMP ADJUSTS HIS ORANGE JUMPSUIT??

  6. Post Author

    This item is right on the button. All Americans should stand to-gather or
    go down the tubes.

  7. Post Author

    The Hindu Indians will out breed all of us and own this country in 50 years. They already have control of most of the Hotel/ motel chains, convenience stores, gas stations.

  8. Post Author

    My Ancestors came here through the legal process and asked nothing of the government. They made it on their own. I’m proud to carry that fortitude on.

  9. Post Author

    I could not have said it better. People call me racist because I don’t want these people here but this is why. We have Americans to take care of 1st. Thank you president trump.

  10. Post Author

    This is absolutely true. Not to mention the stress and strain on our hospitals and schools. There needs to be more proactive ingagement against the propaganda spued by the fake news. We have to get the message out to every person or we are going to lose this great nation.

  11. Post Author

    The Democrats favor open borders. They are not and have never been serious about securing our border, and that has gone back decades. They pay lip service, lies, to a secure border that in reality is nothing but an open border guarded by an unmanned stock fence. In addition, in the liberal Democratic strongholds, liberals are legalizing the right for non-citizens to obtain legal IDs like drivers licenses, register and vote in local elections, and once registered, knowing those votes can be cast in any election including federal elections against federal law. What else is required to vote except a valid ID and being registered? Which brings us to the reason Democrats/liberals favor open borders. It’s all about political power by any means necessary, whether legally or illegally obtained, even if illegal votes are required. Whether its destructive to our nation is immaterial to any liberal who despises our nation anyway.

  12. Post Author

    wow, never thought of it that way! There is nowhere else for us to go…

  13. Post Author

    wow, never thought of it that way! There is no other place for us to go.

  14. Post Author

    Were you people born stupid or did someone drop you on your head?

  15. Post Author

    I agree wholeheartedly. If you want secure borders ur a racist and that is just such hog wash. I am truly upset the way some people don’t understand what is at stake here

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