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FBI, DOJ Purposely Obstructing Clinton Probe

The obstruction being committed by both the FBI and the Department of Justice regarding the alleged malfeasance committed by the Clintons in real time is simply astonishing.

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It also shows just how complacent and unethical both these agencies were under the Obama Administration — not to mention the reasons why they’re now stonewalling and attempting to cover-up their past misdeeds.

The obstruction continued on Wednesday when Both the Justice Department and FBI were ordered by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to produce information as to why the FBI raided the home of Dennis Nathan Cain, a “protected whistleblower.”

The yet unexplained raid by 16-FBI agents on November 19th on the home of the former FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower last month leads us to assume what we’ve already surmised that the FBI and the DOJ were knee-deep protecting the Clintons’ criminal enterprises — better known as the Uranium One deal and the Clinton Foundation.

The explosive documents had already been given to the Justice Department’s Inspector General (IG), detailing the potential criminal act committed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Moreover the documents in question, aside from uncovering Clinton’s malfeasance while Secretary of State, will also show that both the FBI and the Justice Department failed to investigate possible criminal activity also related to the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, a Russian nuclear company. Its subsidiary purchased Canadian mining company Uranium One in 2013.

An angry Grassley after hearing of the raid immediately sent out letters to both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Justice Department IG General Michael Horowitz, requesting information on the justification for the raid.

Grassley who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee has oversight of the Justice Department and can subpoena both the FBI and DOJ to comply or be held in contempt of Congress.

“We have not yet received answers to the chairman’s questions on this matter,” a Judiciary Committee spokesperson told Fox News late Thursday.

The FBI consistently has refused Fox News’ request for comment on the whistleblower raid and the Judiciary Committee’s requests. On Thursday, an FBI spokesperson told Fox News the agency would respond only to inquiries from the entity that requested the documents, in this case, the Judiciary Committee.

It’s noteworthy to point out that these are the same characters within the Obama Administration that were attempting to frame President Trump with a bogus dossier; Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and those that are now attempting to protect the institution at all cost, namely Jeff Sessions who recused himself from the initial investigation and was “thankfully” fired and Christopher Wray who is obstructing the investigation of Judiciary Committee in his attempt to cover-up the FBI’s role in protecting the Clinton’s.

This perhaps best explains the utter frustration shown by Dennis Cain, who took to Twitter earlier in the week, “we now live in a secret police state.”

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Adding “So I blow the whistle on the FBI, get raided by the same FBI, and now they want to keep the FBI’s reasons secret? Do we now live in a secret police state? Feels a little like 1984.”

Cain risked his physical well-being by going public and outing Clinton, considering the untimely deaths “coincidently” associated with individuals speaking out against the former Secretary of State.

The Daily Caller requested that a court unseal the relevant search warrant materials, but the U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland, in a court filing, said: “the request should be denied.”

“Public disclosure of any search warrant materials would seriously jeopardize the integrity of the ongoing investigation,” the filing by the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. “Continued sealing is essential in order to guard against possible tampering of witnesses and destruction of evidence, to maintain the ability of the grand jury to investigate this matter, and to prevent the disclosure of sensitive investigative techniques and methods.”

If this sounds like stonewalling and a potential cover-up you’re not alone, a majority of Americans believed Clinton should have been charged regarding her willful conduct in covering up her e-mail and private server malfeasance, which put our national security at risk, with over 56% of Americans believing that the FBI and DOJ acted irresponsibility.

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    LOCK HER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Why do that keep dogging on Trump when the ones breahing the law are Hilary and Obama they are both crooks and deserve prison I am so tired of the doj and FBI looking everywhere they aren’t supposed to be and Mueller is a waste he is one of Clinton’s people time for him to repay the tax payers money and get gone

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    Every Attorney General is appointed, not to prosecute the guilty, but to protect the guilty. This applies to the Commiecrats & Globalist Owned Puppets (GOP).

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    The Clinton Foundation and the ones trying to stop this investigation should be put in jail until they give up the goods that they are trying to keep from the American People. Both sides of the coin needs to be equal under to laws of the U.S. A.

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    with all the evidence that the American people can see thru the investigations why is the Oboma’s , Clinton’s and Comey not in jail for their serious crimes and why is Muller after 2 years with no evedience still investigating Trump, sounds like we the people are spending tax money for nothing. I think the Muller investigation should not have open bank account to spend tax payers money, the investigation should have had a deadline and not continued this long.

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    It is a police state now, but I’m not so sure it’s a secret one…

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    Can you please confirm the entity Atomenegoprom as the Russian subsidiary of Rosatom as the owner of Uranium One. TY

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    I have absolutely no faith in the FBI or any Department of Justice bringing the clintons to Justice and now it just proves how crooked all of these law enforcement agencies are and cannot be trusted by the American public

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