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Gallup Poll: Government Number One Issue

A new Gallup Poll reveals that a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with our political system.

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Perhaps witnessing the absurd posturing of the political class that many find offensive, or perhaps it’s the continuous flip-flopping on national issues for political expediency that’s finally reaching the boiling point.

Whatever it is the American voter is worrying more and more, about the state of their own government, like never before.

The new survey finds that the “top problem” cited by Americans is “government,” followed by “immigration.”

By contrast, the issues that are seen as less problematic for Americans are “unemployment” and “gun control.”

The poll conducted just after the midterm elections asked average citizens to rate the top issues they felt was affecting America negatively, and then listed those issues that were “mentioned by at least 3% of respondents.”

The results were startling, in that only 8% of those polled said “unifying the country” was a problem, and only 3% said unemployment-jobs and then gun control/guns were an issue.

This actually contradicts what appears within the national media, including the constant drumbeat by progressive legislators on Capitol Hill, even more, astounding only 5% said that the issue of “healthcare” was of concern. Once again a total disconnect from what the mainstream media claims to be of national concern.

The contrast between what Americans are actually worried about and what our politicians and the media are focusing on is, at least in some areas, shocking.

Moreover, the only two issues that are within double digits and of real concern to average Americans are “GOVERNMENT” and “IMMIGRATION.” However, the issues have reversed since the 2016 election. In November, immigration was number one and the government was number two.

Moreover, the two prominent issues were separated by only a few percentage points, with 19% of the responders citing some aspect of the “government” being problematic as a top issue of concern, with “immigration” coming in second place with 16% of respondents concerned.

In July the numbers were much higher and reversed, with 21% of Americans citing some aspect of government as an issue, and 22% naming immigration as the most problematic. That number perhaps reflected the current crisis taking place at the time with President Trump’s executive order late in June, when children were temporarily separated from their parents, while they were being processed.

The political furor created by the left, in attempting to use the temporary separation of children as a political football, was however short-lived. Still, 16% of Americans currently consider immigration the nation’s biggest problem.

The drop from July to this month occurred slightly more among Republicans (from 35% to 22%) than Democrats (18% to 10%).

The match-up between the dominate two issues has remained consistent for the past 5-monthly polls, with either government or immigration taking the lead at any given time. At least 19% have listed problems with government in every monthly poll this year, and at least 10% have named immigration in six of the eight polls

The poll noted that only once this year has another issue gained awareness by a margin of at least 10% by responders. The tragic mass-shooting in Parkland, Florida in March saw 13% of responders naming gun control as an issue.

By contrast only 2% now list gun-related issues as the nation’s most important problem. No doubt major news events play a big part in the ebb and flow of polling, as to how Americans view issues such as race relations and terrorism. Those issues can raise Americans concerns by as much as 10% immediately following an event.



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    People are beginning to recognize that the communists and socialist are overpowering the Republic and the Constitution. The deep state is the biggest threat to our way of life.

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      You’re full of shit, Comrade.

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    The government is the biggest joke and has been since idiots voted in the obamanation, not once but twice. The “hired help” is playing Americans for saps. They LIE, get elected, and do absolutely nothing to improve life for their constituents. They only improve their wealth.

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    The problem is the communist democratic dipsticks wanting to destroy the Republic of the United States and replace it with pure. Communism piss on that idea not going to happen , there new world order agenda will fail God has his agenda for this promise land and you wicked demos are not part of it…
    Trump for 2020 or civil war again….

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