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Engineering The Opioid Epidemic In America

Without a doubt, the opioid epidemic is the worst drug crisis in American history. Today more Americans die from drug overdoses than they do from car accidents. Last year the number of drug overdose deaths rose to an astounding 72,000 – the vast majority of these were opiate or opioid-related.

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How did we arrive here?

While corrupt doctors and academic institutions can both be blamed, the main culprit is Purdue Pharmaceuticals — the developer of Oxycontin and the engineer of America’s opioid epidemic.

Before Purdue Pharmaceuticals began its marketing and lobbying campaign for Oxycontin doctors were always reluctant to prescribe strong opioid painkillers – synthetic drugs derived from the opium plant. Until quite recently, physicians typically only prescribed these kinds of drugs for end-of-life palliative care and acute cancer pain.

That all changed when Purdue’s Oxycontin was thrust onto the American pharmaceutical market.

Prior to the drug’s release in 1995 Purdue Pharma began an aggressive and criminally deceptive marketing campaign which looked to completely overhaul the protocols and habits of doctors who prescribe opioid painkillers. They paid doctors, funded medical research, and gave massive endowments to medical schools who then propagated the idea that previous concerns about Oxycontin addiction were unfounded and that the drug could safely and effectively treat an ever-expanding range of ailments.

After Oxycontin’s release in 1995 many hailed the drug as a ‘medical breakthrough’ — it was a long-acting, time-release opioid that could help treat patients with moderate to severe pain without having the same addictive potential as other opioids. The drug reportedly netted around 35 billion dollars for Purdue. For a short period of time, Oxycontin was seen as the quintessential painkiller. A miracle opioid that exhibited all the upsides of a traditional opioid with none of their pitfalls…. Sounds perfect, right?

The marketing and widespread over-prescription of Oxycontin has left an indelible stain on the medical establishment and medicine as an institution in our country. Doctors who over-prescribed the drug and who facilitated the addictions of millions can and will always claim to have been ignorant or duped regarding the drug’s highly addictive nature.

But should we believe them?

Of course, we shouldn’t. A similar motive to that which caused fraudulent bankers to make subprime mortgage loans to those who wouldn’t be able to pay them back, without a doubt, caused doctors to become Purdue Pharma’s street-level drug pushers. That motive is greed. And more specifically, greed being elevated well above human goodness and decency.

The opioid and opiate epidemic didn’t happen overnight. In order for it to have occurred first one of our most trusted institutions, the medical establishment, had to be corrupted to its core.

It has now been 24 years since Oxycontin was unleashed onto the American pharmaceutical market. Look at the irreparable damage to our society that’s been caused as a result. Vast swaths of the population are now hooked on heroin and more people are dying from overdoses than ever before in our country’s history.

The American Society for Addiction Medicine has reported that four in five new heroin users started out misusing prescription opioid painkillers like Oxycontin.

Purdue Pharma has pleaded guilty to marketing Oxycontin to the public “with the intent to defraud and mislead,” and has paid a $600 million fine.

Over 200 states, cities, and counties have filed lawsuits against Purdue for criminal misbranding of the drug.

But for a company who made tens of billions of dollars from getting millions addicted to opioids, I think most sane people would agree that monetary compensation just isn’t going to cut it.

  1. Post Author

    Your words, “Today more Americans die from drug overdoses than they do from car accidents. Last year the number of drug overdose deaths rose to an astounding 72,000 – the vast majority of these were opiate or opioid-related.”

    So not all of the 72,000 deaths were from opiates. What is the actual number? Then try comparing that number to the number of alcohol related deaths. Then tell me which is the greater “epidemic”. Let’s try a little honesty which requires looking at the total picture and putting it into perspective.

  2. Post Author

    Big Pharma, Med? HC?? Cartels?
    Dems in Congress, Senate, etc allies thats who the Same sources for 60s drug abuse (minus CIA) this time.

  3. Post Author

    A similar motive to that which caused fraudulent bankers to make subprime mortgage loans to those who wouldn’t be able to pay them back. You can’t compare the two, The government forced the banks to give loans on low income individuals. They changed the rules the banks had to follow when denying a loan application for a mortgage.

  4. Post Author

    Fines do not work – with the $$ they are making a fine is the cost of doing business. SHUT THEM DOWN – CLOSE THEIR DOOR. This is not rocket sicence. Really exoerts wake up. EX-PERT a drop of water gong nowhere.

  5. Post Author

    Opioids interacts fiercely with aspartame. They don’t ask you at the hospital if you’re using it. I stopped breathing three times. See blue button with hospital report. Has chapter on drug interaction from the medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic,

  6. Post Author

    to the guillotines and off with their heads!

  7. Post Author

    Let’s be honest here.
    Most overdoses are from illegal drugs coming across the boarders from Mexico and China.
    Not legitimately obtained pain medication for those with chronic pain.
    I have never seen anything as cruel or as overreaching as what is taking place in this country right now to pain patients.
    I personally have experienced suffering for the almost 3 years now because my doctor was so intimidated by the government.
    I am far from alone. Millions of others are also speaking out.
    To make the disabled, the elderly and the poor suffer like they are is tyranny and torture.
    Stop the illegal drugs coming over the border and the problem of overdoses will almost disappear.
    I hope the person writing this article will do some real research when addressing this issue in the future.
    I pray you never find yourself in a painful situation before this atrocity is fixed.

  8. Post Author

    4 out of 5 heroin users started out with drugs LIKE oxycontin. This writer just did a hatchett job with just a tiny bit of research on the financial reports of a pharma company and decided that if you made a lot of money, you must be a criminal. Then he slipped in the statement that heroin users started out using Oxycontin, oops, I had to read twice to see that it was drugs like oxycontin, which could be any multitude of other drugs. Could it be the billions of dollars worth of fentanyl that China has been shipping into the U.S. A much nastier and potent drug than Oxy. Could it be the billions of dollars of cocaine the mexicans are shipping into the U.S. Nary a mention of either of those issues. Just how evil big Pharma is, and how terrible Dr’s are to prescribe this poison, unless of course your Grandmother has cancer and terrible pain and nothing else works. Yes, I understand there have been abuses and misuses, but this kind of a hack hatchet poorly researched ill thought out article does no one any good. Patriot pulse should vet their writers better and do a better job researching their topics.

  9. Post Author

    Equally accountable are the people who misused prescription opioid painkillers and then went on to heroin. It takes two to tango, so the saying goes. And possibly the middle step from Oxycontin to heroin was meth, which some states are legalizing as a recreational drug so it can be taxed. And let’s not forget that when you drug the people on the plantation, they are easier to control.

  10. Post Author

    Got any spare change ?

  11. Post Author

    Perhaps the conspiracy aspect needs another puzzle piece… try looking at the dates and progress of ENERGY MEDICINE IN THE PAIN WORLD… in the beginning of the Energy Medicine ideas [ala Dr R,O,Becker’s Body Electric] and its disruptive of military microwave tech planning, the pain cures and bone regeneration [ala Becker etc] was just the somewhat crude TENS devices getting public attention…. even in medical circles…

    Then boom came the discoveries that indeed the body’s whole structure was biological liquid-crystal semi-conductor based, and EARTHING was accumulating evidence in the supplement&alternative-med world and public markets, including much more POWERFUL AND TARGETED devices like the SCENARS, the PHOTONICS and the BIOMODULATORS/TRANSDUCERS… with so much build up that there were national conferences with impressive evidence being published and broadcast on such wildly available places like YOUTUBE…. see Dr. James Oschman’s presentation here [about 2014 iirc]

    And that COMPETITION WITH THE FAILED DRUG PUSHING OPENED THE DOOR FOR THE ENGINEERED OPIOID EPIDEMIC AS NEEDED TO PROTECT THE PHARMA HEGEMONY… so you see, there’s more to the ‘sudden-ness’ of the board of health’s and state medical boards’ turn around on opioid hazards, including the amazing role of a ‘front’ organization named something like the FEDERATION OF STATE MEDICAL LICENSING BOARDS, [no organization of state authorizers at all] that was just relaying the drug propaganda to the state licensing board staff as valuable documents to lay on the MDs in their grasp for the MD’s urgent needs…

  12. Post Author

    More of the same fear mongering. Don’t get me wrong, these drugs have caused untold pain and suffering to the families. But the fact is we keep blaming the ‘thing’ and not the cause. There’s as much of an opioid epidemic as there is an ‘alcohol epidemic’. The truth is we have a ‘despair epidemic’. Deny this and soon there will be another ‘thing’ epidemic to replace the current one.

  13. Post Author

    It is not the drug. It is the user. You over indulge, you may become addicted. It’s the person. You use it correctly (as perscribed) and it helps you deal with pain and gives you a better quality of life. Food is addictive, but once again it’s not the food, it’s the over user that becomes obese and creates health issues. My point, there are many things that CAN be addictive if used improperly. We need to attack the real cause. People!!!

  14. Post Author

    As a practicing internist for almost 40 years, I agree with everything here. But this is just a small tip of a large iceberg. MANY other drugs will be found to have been ridiculously over prescribed and astonishingly ineffective in accomplishing what the indications were originally intended to be. We could start with statin drugs, many blood pressure drugs, and antidepressants and probably only put a dent in the discussion after a couple of weeks.

  15. Post Author

    Are there any sane people out there who really do not expect the same thing to happen with the ongoing transition of marijuana from an illegal drug into accepted medical use, then legally migrating into widespread recreational use, without ending in mass addiction of future generations? Phaux-Pharma and the medical profession have clearly demonstrated by their complicity in the fentanyl fiasco just how easily they can be corrupted by big money. Are our political and moral leaders just going to stand by and let it happen all over again with the pot-for-profit bandwagon heading straight down the road to a seriously impared America?

  16. Post Author

    Although not as deadly, Ritalin and Adderall have gotten tens of thousands addicted to amphetamines, leading to meth addicts and ruined lives. Giving children amphetamines and then assuming they would not get addicted was absurd. And the kids know to tell the doctors it is not working so they get more. and stronger doses.

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