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Lawsuit Proves Rendlesham UFO Case – Part 1 of 2

This is Part 1 of a two-part article about “Britain’s Roswell” UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest and a recent claim that nothing extraterrestrial happened there.

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A paid debunker and self-appointed “UFO expert” in Britain has just revealed that an anonymous British source told him that no UFO landed in Rendlesham Forest and that all the U.S. military witnesses lied about it. Yet, a lawsuit brought by one of the witnesses, a U.S. serviceman, found that his congestive heart failure was the direct result of radioactive poisoning from close contact with a landed UFO, and a medical payout was court-ordered.

The famous Rendlesham Forest UFO event has been covered extensively by many qualified and credible researchers. There is so much evidence that supports testimony given by multiple eyewitnesses that one has to wonder what – or who – has prompted the so-called British X-Files expert Dr. David Clarke to go public with a classic debunking cover story.

For those unfamiliar with the Rendlesham Forest Incident, it began with “a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights…in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England, in late December 1980, just outside RAF Woodbridge, used at the time by the U.S. Air Force.”

Events unfolded near two former military bases (RAF Bentwaters, north of the forest) and RAF Woodbridge (which extends into the forest from the west and is bounded by the forest on its northern and eastern edges) over the course of three nights, from Dec. 26 through Dec. 28, 1980.

U.S. military personnel were stationed at both bases at the time. Wing commander Colonel Gordon E. Williams was responsible for both bases. Colonel Ted Conrad was base commander and Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt was his deputy. Halt’s first-hand account of his experiences leading a team to investigate the strange lights spotted visually and on radar during the second night of sightings are detailed and convincing.

Lt. Col. Halt submitted an official military memo with his incredible testimony. At about 3am on Dec. 26, a security patrol near the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge saw “a strange glowing object, metallic in appearance, with coloured lights” frenzied nearby farm animals and a landed craft left “three impressions or depressions in the ground that were visible the next day.” Sgt. James Penniston said he walked up to the UFO, “touched its ‘warm’ surface, and copied the numerous symbols on its body.”

After midnight two nights later, Lt. Col. Halt led several servicemen with radiation detectors back to the same spot. The group of trained observers saw more strange lights. Halt later submitted a tape recording he made on the scene and an affidavit to his commanders, in addition to his memo.

“I believe the objects that I saw at close quarter were extraterrestrial in origin and that the security services of both the United Kingdom and the United States have attempted—both then and now—to subvert the significance of what occurred at Rendlesham Forest and RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practiced methods of disinformation,” wrote Halt.

Military sources quickly scrambled for “logical” explanations for the strange lights that darted around the skies near the Bentwaters and Rendlesham RAF bases. They announced that the highly competent servicemen had mistaken a nearby lighthouse for a UFO. Halt disagreed in his affidavit:

“While in Rendlesham Forest, our security team observed a light that looked like a large eye, red in colour, moving through the trees. After a few minutes, this object began dripping something that looked like molten metal. A short while later it broke into several smaller, white-colored objects which flew away in all directions. Claims by skeptics that this was merely a sweeping beam from a distant lighthouse are unfounded; we could see the unknown light and the lighthouse simultaneously. The latter was 35 to 40-degrees off where all of this was happening.”

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U.S. Air Force police officer John Burroughs was stationed at Bentwaters and was part of the investigative squad led by Lt. Col. Halt. Both Burroughs and Penniston walked right up to the glowing object that lit up the forest gloom.

Burroughs developed congestive heart failure after the incident which he attributed to radiation poisoning from close proximity to the UFO. A British Ministry of Defense document confirmed this theory.

With the help of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and U.S. Senator John McCain’s office, Burroughs won a lawsuit in 2015 that claimed the veteran’s medical condition was the direct result of exposure to UFO radiation. He was granted full medical disability.

Burroughs issued a press release titled “U.S. Government’s De Facto Acknowledgement of the Existence of UFOs” that underscored the ufological significance of the legal decision:

“In January of 2015, after years of exhaustive efforts the VA settled, in full, with me. I needed someone to champion my cause, someone not afraid to put themselves at risk to help me. I was lucky. I found two to champion my cause, my attorney Pat Frascogna, and Senator John McCain and his staff. Through their efforts, I received lifesaving heart surgery to replace a badly shredded anterior mitral valve caused by the UAP radiation, and a settlement from the DOD and VA admitting I was injured in the line of duty in December of 1980.”

In Part 2 of this two-part article on the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, the recent false debunking claim will be fully exposed – right here at!

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