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U.S. Veteran Mysteriously Dies on China Flight

People do indeed die of natural causes while on vacation, shopping at a mall, and even aboard international flights. However, those deaths are immediately investigated and next-of-kin are usually quickly notified – usually within hours of the death.

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For the family of Army veteran Norman Easy, 57, who died mysteriously in mid-air on board a Chinese airliner, that notification took an astounding 16-days.

Was it natural, accidental or perhaps something more sinister?

Norman Easy was an Army veteran who served in Iraq. On Dec. 7th, he died in mid-air on board China Eastern Airlines during a routine business flight to Shanghai. In what was perhaps the last known text message and photo sent to his family, Easy is seen smiling and holding a glass of champagne, writing just before take-off from New York’s JFK Airport, “About to take off – love you all!”

Jayden Easy, Norman’s 12-year old son expressed his grief in an interview on FOX 46 in Charlotte, “Just really hurting. We were really close. Every time he was home I would spend my time with him.”

“My husband was a very family person,” said Easy’s wife, Nitsia. “He loved his family. He was very active.”

According to the airline, the State Department and the US Consulate in Shanghai, Easy is reported to have died at some point during the flight, which began at New York’s JFK Airport and mid-point through the flight.

Chinese officials associated with China Eastern Airlines contend through an email dated December 23rd that Easy was asleep through most of the flight when he did awake he declined food. Later in the flight, a flight attendant claims that she found Easy “cold and unconscious” at some point and “took immediate action to resuscitate him.” A defibrillator was used and two doctors offered assistance to no avail, the airline said.

Certainly a plausible explanation, a middle-aged executive flying overseas on business, perhaps suffering a fatal heart attack on board, while a flight attendant with the aid of doctors on board attempt to save his life, end of story.

However China is a communist country, with a long history of people dying mysteriously or suddenly vanishing under their totalitarian rule, moreover this Chinese airliner neglected to notify Easy’s family or the American State Department until 16-days after his mysterious death, would lead any reasonable person to conclude that perhaps Easy’s death isn’t as  cut and dry as reported.

In a statement, China Eastern says it reported Easy’s death to “relevant departments.” The airline’s acting spokesman, Boyd Bailey, who sent the statement, refused to elaborate when asked what “departments” the airline contacted. Bailey also would not say why Nitsia, Easy’s emergency contact, was never notified by the airline that her husband was taken off their plane without a pulse.

Obviously, the State Department needs to immediately investigate what actually happened on flight MU588 from New York (JFK) to Shanghai. They must demand the names of the pilots, and all the flight attendants on board, as well as the passenger list, and the names of the physicians and the flight attendant who attempted emergency aid on Easy.

 In a prepared statement by China Eastern claimed; “On December 7, 2018, Mr. Norman Alexander Easy bordered China Eastern Airlines flight MU588 from New York (JFK) to Shanghai (PVG). He was found unconscious in his seat before the flight arrived in Shanghai. The crew and doctors worked hard to rescue him but failed in the end. In accordance with related regulations and policies, China Eastern Airlines reported it to relevant departments which notified Mr. Easy’s family and company of his death afterwards. With the assistance of the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, China Eastern made contact with the family and we express our deepest condolences for their loss. China Eastern is working closely with all parties concerned to provide assistance to the family. Additional information is subject to the police investigation.”

As stated China Eastern has a dubious history of willful malfeasance putting the lives of passengers at risk. In a November Wall Street Journal article penned by columnist Trefor Moss titled “Engine Trouble: Chinese Airline Mishaps Put Spotlight on Pilots.” Moss chronicles a long history of reckless behavior combined with woeful inexperience within the cockpit.

Moss highlights one such incident; “The mishaps included a July 10th  incident in which an Air China Boeing 737 en route to Dalian from Hong Kong plunged 25,000 feet after the pilots mistakenly disabled the cabin’s air supply. They were trying to deactivate an air-circulation system so they could smoke, but ended up triggering an emergency descent.”

  1. Post Author

    Murder by Chinese agents pre take off??
    Drugs?? Probe deep into China on this one

  2. Post Author

    Certainly hope answers are forthcoming for the family.

  3. Post Author

    why no mention of the ‘veteran’s business?? when that airliner went missing a few years ago, it turned out that there were a whole group of execs and owners of a crucial technological advance and the deal was that the invention’s patent was thereby handed over to some highly suspect group in the otherwise unlikely even that all of them would succumb. What’s the missing business data?

  4. Post Author

    How horrible and unfair!!! This sad situation must be investigated immediately! My heart deeply breaks for this mans family and I pray for peace and comfort over each of them. Please keep us updated about this! Thank you.

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    Yes investigatI’ve counselors must know this information from this flight Mr. Easy was on.

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    Yes I was on American Airlines on March 28 of 2018 for Shanghai from Chicago I have a heart problem and asked for help and the flight attendant was really rude I got off the plane before I left and felt my heart going really fast I dropped and was taken to the hospital and I had a major heart attack And the flight attendant said I was Drunk What A REAL BITCH SHE Was