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Youth Gangs Bait Belgian Firemen

Although most Americans have probably never heard of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium, in Europe, the municipality located in the west of the Brussels-Capital Region, is infamous as a no-go zone for thos who does not embrace the teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

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To celebrate the New Year on January 1, 2019, Muslim youth in Molenbeek rioted violently. They set fires in dumpsters, repeatedly set fire to the suburb’s main Christmas tree, and looted local shops.

When first responders showed up, the youth gangs attacked them, forcing firefighters to retreat. Consequently, one house burned to the ground before police could arrive to protect the firefighters.

The Brussels fire brigade received 66 calls on New Year’s Eve to locations on public roads. Brussels police had to cross the metro (subway) station Etangs Noir (“Black Ponds”) in Molenbeek in response to street disturbances outside the entrance. They arrested 37 rioters.

This is what the Brussels firefighters saw when they arrived at Etangs Noir, according to fireman and fire brigade union spokesman Eric Labourdette:

“At the spot in Rue Piers [Piers Street ] we saw a number of youths. There is quite a lot of smoke by fireworks on the streets, even though that is forbidden. Multiple rubbish bins and a Christmas tree were on fire. There was a huge number of youths on the street, but they were nowhere to be seen.”

Labourdette added that this now-habitual behavior has become a “game”:

“At all sorts of events they [firefighters] get stones thrown towards their heads. A football [soccer] match which ends thousands of kilometres away: the fire brigade is attacked with stones. A rapper who calls for a gathering in the centre of Brussels: the fire brigade is attacked with stones. New Year’s Eve: the fire brigade is attacked with stones.”

“They call us to report small fires and then attack us when we want to help,” explained Labourdette. He observed that “youths were plundering shops and no control is possible.”

Hassan Zenague owns a computer store in Molenbeek. At 1am New Year’s Day, the alarm on the premises alerted him that something was amiss. “I arrived at 1.30am and everything was completely smashed just 30 minutes later. The police were present but did not intervene.”

Looters robbed Zenague of computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment. The frustrated shop owner blamed the local no-go zone on lawmakers when he said frankly what others dare to speak for fear of being labeled “Islamaphobic” or “racist:”

“Let’s get rid of the political correctness. It is about time to realize that all sorts of control have become impossible in some boroughs.”

Click here and here to view videos taken on the scene during the New Year’s Eve rioting. According to Sotiri Dimpinoudis, who published the second on-the-scene video

Labourdette said, “We are really tired of this New Year’s tradition. They call us for small fires and attack us while we want to help.”

“The Brussels firefighters and those from other cities are sick and tired of being attacked while doing their duty,” Labourdette was also quoted as saying.

The situation in the Brussels borough has escalated to the point where, according to Labourdette, “Clearly, no control is possible in that neighborhood.”

Pieter de Crem, Regional Interior Minister, called the Muslim violence “totally unacceptable” and said that stronger police action is needed to protect Molenbeek from further destruction at the hands of duplicitous and extremely dangerous Muslim gangs.

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De Crem blamed officials in Brussels for failing to expect a repeat of the firey attacks which have become a signature sport of European no-go zones:

“Brussels should have planned more carefully for the eventuality of such incidents, given the fact that similar problems occurred in the past.”

Molenbeek is but one European no-go zone where non-Muslims fear to tread. The large Muslim minority group hails principally from Morocco in North Africa.

Salah Abdeslam, the only terrorist to survive the Paris, France, Charlie Hebdo massacre of January 2015, hid out in Molenbeek for months while contributing to the deaths of hundreds more Europeans. When police eventually arrested Abdeslam, his protectors hurled projectiles such as stones and bottles at the law enforcement personnel.

Last November 2018, residents of Molenbeek were linked to 130 murders committed by sworn members of the Islamic State (ISIS) fighting their jihad (Muslim holy war) against all non-believers. The atrocities have earned the Belgian neighborhood the nickname “jihadi haven” and the “jihadist center of Europe.”

Certain parts of Molenbeek have as much as 80 percent Muslim populations. Youth, in particular, are suspicious of and hostile toward all local authorities. The militants believe that police patrols encroach on their liberty.

Teachers employed in areas of Brussels with high Muslim residency (Molenbeek and Schaerbeek) have reported that as many as 90 percent of their 17- and 18-year-old students regard their religious compatriots’ violent attacks against European officials in Paris and Brussels as “heroes” and use that exact term to describe them.

Understand that these young people are not all recent refugees or immigrants from North African countries. Yves Goldstein is the chief of staff for Rudi Vervoort who leads the government in Brussels. Goldstein said:

“Our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War Two.”

Then, the politician asked a question many liberals around the world share:

“How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror?”

In Goldstein’s opinion, the militant Muslims who live in ghettos use their religion as a “pretext” and actually “believe in nothing.” Because they stay within the confines of their Islamic neighborhoods, “These young people will never go to museums until 18 or 20 — they never saw Chagall, they never saw Dalí, they never saw Warhol, they don’t know what it is to dream.”

Meanwhile, in Paris, New Year’s eve saw 99 vehicles set on fire in the Saint-Denis suburb and attacks police.

According to Infowars’ correspondent Paul Joseph Watson:

“Setting fires and throwing fireworks at people in the street has become a favored leisure activity for migrant youths in cities across Europe, proving once again that integration and ‘diversity’ has completely failed.”

Think it can’t happen in the United States? Think again.

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    crackdown on these people. behavior rewarded will be repeated.

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    Americans are stupid enough that it will most definitely happen in the U.S.
    it’s in our white Caucasian European DNA to be stupid and misjudge others who want to destroy us.

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    Hey Brussels,
    Don’t feel too bad for being stupid.
    We’re going to repeat the same dumb mistakes here America because we have the same European stupid Caucasian DNA too!!!!

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    Round those hoodlums up and ship them out of the country in the middle of the night, drop them off with the clothes on their backs and nothing else. Teach them a lesson, since their so called parents haven’t taught them anything, least of all respect. I hate Mudslimes.

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    Arm the firefighters and let them protect themselves by shooting one of the little bastards, because even a stone becomes a lethal weapon, when used as one, that will stop this Muslim Shit, Islam can’t be a religion and Mohammed is no God because, no God teaches Hate, only the Devil teaches hate, and Muslim teaches hate and killing Christians is a glorious event, They are a sick lot. Don’t you think?

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