Sweden Poised For Civil War?


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Sweden, the land of the Vikings, majestic fjords, and a six-hour workday, is on a collision course with civil war according to an insider security consultant. Professional criminals are taking over the country and steering it toward an internal schism stemming from unbridled gang violence.

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Olle Fjordgren (64) is a career international security expert who studied geology, petrology, crystallography, geophysics, and oceanography at the University of Gothenburg. He earned his Masters of Science degree from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Fjordgren’s work took him to China, Macao, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia. He has been employed in hospital laboratories, managed shops, been a security guard and alarm operator at Securitas, worked as a geologist and gemologist, performed as an operations manager, vice president, director, and CEO of several different companies both in Asia and Sweden, security advisor and now runs the family farm near Gothenburg, Sjöbacka.

Swedish journalists Ingrid Carlqvist and Maria Celander publish a news blog.

Celander first interviewed Fjorkdren in September 2013 for the Dispatch International. At that time, the security expert claimed that Sweden was involved in a “low-intensity asymmetric civil war.”

Five years ago, Fjordgren opined that riots, robberies, rapes, and attacking vehicles with fire in Sweden needed to be taken seriously and acted upon rather than being merely a casual topic of conversation at outdoor sausage festivals. “We have to realize that the gangsters have taken over,” he said.

Fjordgren advised that the lawless chaos sweeping through the city suburbs of metropolitan areas such as Biskopsgården in Gothenburg required more than the proposed recreational centers, new jobs, tolerance, and talk about “building bridges” between violent minorities and the established government.

These peaceful initiatives were a complete waste of money, according to Fjordgren The real solution? A national policy of zero tolerance.

Swedish gang members, be they from that country, Yugoslavia, or Arab countries, “must be removed from the streets and charged with the most severe punishment of the law,” he added.

In 2013, Fjordgren warned that Swedish gangs were “gaining ground” and seizing decision-making control from a society that gave in to their demands and looked away from their illegal activities. The situation in his country was “about professional criminals, not about the lack of Ipads or concrete filled sandboxes.”

In December 2018, Fjordgren indicated that the criminal underclass in Sweden was no longer winning, they had succeeded in taking over no-go zones – areas where lawful people – including enforcement personnel – could reasonably expect to be assaulted.

Politicians who turned a blind eye to the growing violence in certain Swedish neighborhoods were reaping “the dragon seed” they had sown with their indifference toward the problem. Sweden was “very close to becoming a failed state” that was incapable of stopping the rampant crime wave.

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Fjordgren actually compared his majestic country, with its rich and vibrant Nordic heritage, to a banana republic on a par with Afghanistan or Ethiopia – both of which he had visited. In such places, where state governments were weak or non-existent, all ethnic and socioeconomic groups were prepared to defend themselves because no one trusted the state to do that job.

The security insider maintained that Swedish society was operating under “old, outdated rules.” Traditional police patrols were facing a new type of criminal – individuals and groups who played by their own rules. The militants had “a completely different attitude to power and violence” that the majority of Swedes simply could not understand, Fjordgren said.

Laid-back, easy-going Swedish coddling of gang violence by the authorities was not working. Fjordgren called upon local residents in exclusionary regions to roll up their sleeves and take the initiative to halt the epidemic of drugs and crime.

This citizen-based vigilantism, the consequence of an apathetic and ineffective government, is propelling Sweden toward an inevitable civil war, claimed Fjordgren.

However, the dire situation in Sweden could be remedied, even in its 11th hour, if national leaders took courageous counter-measures rather than serve their own political interests.

Fjordgren said that it is time to stop playing the race card every time the subject of gang violence arises. Decisive political action is the only way to prevent a full-on civil war in Sweden.

  1. Post Author

    What is happening in Sweden is very sad. Time to act now, before it is too late. Having said that I fear it may be too late already.

  2. Post Author

    These uncivilized, uncultured Europeans or so-called Western Civilization at least should have taken the Viking’s or Nordic names rather than medieval middle eastern desert donkey rode tribal primitive nomadic ultra-illiterate hallucinating Ethiopian slaves founded Jews/Christianity god biz storytelling Bible names such as Peter, James, Hanna, Elizebeth, etc. All the names today by these uncivilized, uncultured Europeans are coming from the medieval middle eastern desert donkey rode – tribal primitive ultra-illiterate Ethiopian slaves names. Who jumped the Egyptian slave bondage due to their hallucinations, psychotic disorder and illusionary delusionary characteristics and their god biz was talking to them nonstop it seems, hearing voices(today’s medical diagnosis is suffering from severe schizophrenia)

  3. Post Author

    Norway, not Sweden, the land of the Vikings, majestic fjords.
    However, the long established open-borders and extreme tolerance has left Sweden an easy target for the foreign invasion.

  4. Post Author

    This long!! It took you this long to figure this all out?? People like your talking about only understand one single thing and that is force. They don’t respond positively to anything other than force.

  5. Post Author

    The race card? For years now, our culture of affirmative action, excuses violence that otherwise would be called race-based hate crimes— were it not for racial subcultures , and the eminent stewards of such cultures, some crimes would be nonexistent.

  6. Post Author

    A weak government, motivated by “feelings” instead of reasonable expectations and laws, coddling the supposedly down trodden refugees, becomes overrun by ethnic groups that have no intention of ever contributing to the overall well being of their new society. Does any of this ring a bell USA?

  7. Post Author

    Nice to finally see someone using common sense. None of this feel good political correctness.

  8. Post Author

    This has been coming for years as many of us more aware have pointed out in comments & tweets. It probably is too late because it’s certain the PC authorities will still not understand nor take the appropriate strong action. Sweden will become an example of the tragedy of uncontrolled, unfettered, alien Islamic immigration.

  9. Post Author

    I love Europe and have visited there many times- Scotland, Ireland, England,
    Helsinki, Finland, and Ukraine. Your leadership in most of the Nordic countries is effete and pitiful. Your heads of government do not care about the common citizenry and would sell you into slavery if their power and wealth is threatened. Europe is much further along than the US in regards to this ridiculous political correctness. It is hard to believe that the Europe that stood up to Nazism has become weak concerning Islamic invasion and invasion from other people groups who come from countries that do not value Western values. We have the right to arms in America and we will use force to stop the invasion in our country if it comes here. Vote your leaders out if they will not protect you. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who only care about their wealth and power.

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