NASA Images Prove NWO Climate Engineering


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NASA just released satellite images that show very clearly that Earth’s atmosphere is being manipulated by occult forces. No, not aliens from another planet – from top-secret government climate engineers.

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Recent photos prove what those so-called nutty conspiracy theorists (who are, in fact, genuine truth seekers) have been saying for years: the U.S. government has been spraying highly toxic heavy metals and other horrid chemicals into the skies where they drift around and eventually settle to the ground, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

United States officials repeatedly said for years that chemtrails were a myth. Then, the government admitted they were spraying toxic aerosols above us, usually in white or black checkerboard patterns that criss-crossed where normal clouds used to be. Very few people seemed to care.

Now, NASA satellite images published on GeoEnginering Watch reveal tell-tale wave patterns in the wafting toxic clouds.

These wave patterns, although beautiful in their mathematical precision, are clear evidence that Earth’s climate is being altered with extremely powerful radio frequency signals.

Transmission platforms are ionosphere heater installations such as HAARP, SBX radar, and NEXRAD.

Everyone can see the shocking extent of the highly poisonous and completely anti-life heavy metals and chemicals that the U.S. military has been injecting into our atmosphere, before and after denying they wanted to direct hurricanes, create raging wildfires, and control rainfall.

Here’s what the skies above the California coast look like:

And this is a satellite view off of east coast of Australia:

Finally, check out the chemtrail deposits floating above and off the west coast of Africa. This is truly amazing in how clearly it shows how globalist scientists can see their covert program to blanket the skies all around Earth is working:

What’s behind all this? The United Nations Paris Climate Accord and other UN-propelled policies that presume to know best when it comes to managing our planet. Or so they claim, now that the proof of their misdeeds is undeniable.

Consider this 2013 report from a group of global warmists (people who believe global warming is a fact rather than an unproven theory).

This research group made it clear at the outset that they were in line with the UN climate control agenda to “manage” Earth radiation (ER) and space radiation (SRM) using geoengineering (GR) techniques.

Such people posit as an undeniable and actionable fact that:

“The best way to reduce global warming is, without any doubt, cutting down our anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. But the world economy is addict [sic] to energy, which is mainly produced by fossil carbon fuels.”

The world economy is addicted to petroleum fuels because people who invent alternative vehicle engines wind up dead. But that’s another story.

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In this theory, which the UN is forcing down the throats of the world’s nations, humans are the cause of rising Earth temperatures (other data indicates global cooling – but that’s another story.) We the People are polluters, according to the United Nations. Our “carbon footprints” and greenhouse gases are inflicting extinction-level harm upon Earth’s fragile ecosystem.

The globalists think we must be stopped before we wreck everything for everyone!

And, according to the UN:

  1. A problem exists that could lead to human extinction (what they term “global warming” or “climate change“)
  2. Human carbon emissions are the cause of all the trouble. Each and every one of us is equally responsible for the allegedly serious harm that will lead to the alleged end of the world as we know it.
  3. The solution to “climate change” is to take matters out of the hands of the irresponsible humans and put it in charge of a group who employ child rapists, looters, and murderers, collectively accused of thousands of cases of abuse, as their military “Peacekeepers.”

Small wonder that several countries, including the United States, have pulled out of the UN-backed Paris Agreement on “climate change.”

In fact, the 2013 report acknowledged that “Public acceptance of geoengineering is poor.”

Perhaps that’s because, as the researchers candidly state about their work:

“The goal of this paper is to demonstrate that other ways exist, like Earth thermal radiation management by several complementary techniques that allow more heat to escape to space.”

Yes, you read right. These brainiacs want to remove “excess” heat that rises and becomes trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere by detecting, reflecting, injecting, and rejecting some of our planet’s atmosphere. Presumably, these globalists plan to bleed off as much “extra” atmosphere they deem fit.

It all seems preposterous, but they are dead serious.

The NWO climate controllers want to direct “both Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)” to alter “their impact on the climate system.”

They mean to change our weather system and climate, people. And they mean to use “CDR methods” that have “biogeochemical and technological “capabilities to affect the climate “on a global scale.” They will do this even though this study group admitted they don’t know what they are doing because there isn’t enough data for a long enough time period, enough even for rough 100-year guesses:

“There is insufficient knowledge to quantify how much CO2 emissions could be partially offset by CDR on a century timescale.”

But it gets worse. The researchers found that “CDR and SRM methods carry side effects and long-term consequences on a global scale.”

Yikes! No wonder public opinion is swinging away from the globalist plan coming out of the UN, which seems to have the actual goal of changing the Earth’s atmosphere to the point where carbon-based life will have a hard time surviving.

Has anyone stopped to wonder why, if our planet’s ecosystem is so fragile, why are U.S. governmental agencies being allowed to “transfer heat from Earth to upper layers of the atmosphere and then to space,” as the study concluded?

Well, yes, in fact. The debate over the reality of “global warming” and “climate change” is raging. Friendships are being broken by vehement disagreement.

The National Association of Scholars says that an “Estimated 40 Percent of Scientists Doubt Manmade Global Warming.” That’s four out of ten credible sources.

Many other people who lack scientific credentials have figured things out based on the facts at hand. More and more informed world citizens are waking up to the fact that the UN is conning us out of our blue marble, whirling in black, black space.

These people support the drawback from the UN global initiative to take over Earth’s weather systems for their unspoken, hidden purposes.

Anyone who is alarmed by and objects to chemtrail poisoning understands the evil irony of aerosol toxins in the skies above us delivered by the United Nations, an international organization that claims to want to save the world.

Why, then, are they doing the opposite?

We need to stop these people and save our beautiful planet from arrogant public policy based on unsound science.

  1. Post Author

    In my area, Ive seen strange flat contrails in my skies from 2011-2013, Not normal cloud formations, long contrail like but not contrails & had slight headache, during Spring & summer seasons, No geospraying here unless it helped cold vortex for thi s winter 2019
    May have been earlier 2007-2013. None seen in last 3 years.
    Only seen legit contrails.
    OK Econuts, End this or is Sierra Club in on this?
    Google CA from 2007-2013 skies. So CA.

  2. Post Author

    I’d like to see more information about UN Agenda 21 & their signing into law in the early 90’s

  3. Post Author

    Please expose UN Agenda 21’s plan to carry out population controls

  4. Post Author

    Point Blank: They are afraid of the masses! The eventual plan is to leave this planet without US.

  5. Post Author

    Could they be Terraforming…and for whom?

  6. Post Author


  7. Post Author

    I know they have been destroying the atmosphere for a long time but I am but a speck on this earth with no financial influence to do anything about it. The trees are getting a fungus that is killing them slowly and the bees are becoming extinct with out them their is no pollination and the vegetation will die. Without vegetation we will lose our oxygen in the atmosphere. There are the elite few that have the finances and have been in charge of the world. They have a planning for the extinction of humanity, so they will have the final say and have no contradictions from anyone Solely there discussions will count. It’s sad that greed one of the seven deadly sins has corrupted humanity. I pray for those people and ask God to forgive them.

  8. Post Author

    Heat isn’t atmosphere.

    • Post Author

      You require particles or molecules and atoms to carry the heat. These idiots don’t seem to realize that the amount CO2 in the atmosphere today is relative low according information from core samples of ice. In addition; There is no data that correlates CO2 levels to atmospheric temperatures. In the distant history, CO2 level have been far higher than it is today. Another thing these charlatans neglect to think about is the fact that CO2 is absolutely necessary for plants to live and grow. Asdie from the bee problem, excessively low CO2 will stifle plant growth i.e., food production. We could actually use a bit more CO2 in the atmosphere, not less.

  9. Post Author

    Wish we could see the skies above California and Australia. No pictures in this article.

  10. Post Author

    It’s the truth! But the road to Hell is paved with the best intentions!

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