The NWO Plots Global Extinction, Part 2 of 2


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This is Part 2 of a two-part article on the New World Order’s plot to extinguish life on Earth as we know it.

The United Nations and other people who call themselves scientists insist that humans are endangering all life on Earth by causing global warming. A very complex topic such as this is easier to understand when it is broken down into simpler terms. Part 1 covered the first two talking points.

Third, let’s see what is really going on ecologically around the globe right now.

We already know that the UN has proposed both a problem and its solution: climate change aka global warming is a fact, and is caused by excessive CO2 emissions being trapped in Earth’s atmosphere.

Add to this the fact that, as reported in October 2017 by the World Resources Institute global tree loss amounted to 73.4 million acres. That loss of oxygen-producing forests was 51 percent higher than in 2015. The total area represented is “about the size of New Zealand.”

Despite this genuinely alarming heads-up, the new president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, ran his campaign on the promise to “loosen protections for areas of the Brazilian Amazon designated as indigenous lands and nature reserves, calling them impediments to economic growth.”

Brazil is where the Amazon Rainforest, also known as “the “Lungs of our Planet,” produces more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen supply.

The Amazon Rainforest has already been heavily deforested and is at risk for its own extinction. According to Wikipedia, “By 2017, 20% of land forested before 1970 in the Amazon had been deforested, and 90% of that been converted to cattle ranching.”

Apparently, Bolsonaro slept through chemistry class. The course he is pursuing is genuinely insane and anti-human. No amount of money or power is worth killing us all.

But wait, there’s more. A group of so-called scientists has decided that sunlight is bad for Earth (even though it is vital to plants which are vital to animals) and want to dim the sun. It doesn’t get much crazier than this.

Finally, let’s consider other motives that climate alarmists might have to drive their political agenda.

Self-styled experts who prophesy the end of the world due to excessive human carbon emissions either believe they are correctly telling the truth or deliberately misleading the general public. The first type is simply mistaken. Their error could be resolved with some basic scientific information, such as that outlined in this article.

But what if there is a less obvious and much more dangerous motive driving all those loud-voiced advocates of global warming who want to reward humans for reducing trapped greenhouse gases and reduce the global carbon footprint with fewer CO2 emissions?

You’d better sit down for this theory because it is “far out, man.” (Of course, women are also included.)

What if some form of anti-human, non-carbon-based alien beings -as in non-humanoid extraterrestrials – wanted to take over the Earth, but find its atmospheric condition and chemical composition intolerable without donning protective environmental suits?

What if these presumably advanced intelligences were using mind control, bribes, and/or threats to fund and fuel the global warming rhetoric that doesn’t seem to listen to reason or scientific facts?

What if these aliens wanted to transform our blue-and-white marble, spinning in black space, into something else – something that would sustain their non-carbon-based lifeforms?

Terraforming (“Earth-shaping”) the planet would be an obvious way to get rid of us pesky humans to make room for their alien New World Order. Before you laugh and shake your head in disbelief, look around you.

The world is rapidly being deforested. Nations are being pressured by the United Nations to follow an agenda that is patently unscientific and anti-carbon – which is therefore also anti-human.

Consider, too, that public education has been dumbed down for 20 years since the national school system embraced the demonstrably failed Common Core system.

Thanks to Common Core, the U.S. has an entire generation of youth that lacks basic reading, writing, and math skills. People with only 6th-grade educations used to be able to subtract two numbers in their heads. Now they need an electronic calculator to perform this easy math.

Americans used to be able to tell the difference between facts and opinions, right and wrong, good English and bad English. Not no more.

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(That was bad English, in case you didn’t catch the sardonic colloquialism.)

For that matter, people used to look up words such as “sardonic” and “colloquial” if they didn’t know what they meant. Not no more.

Ignorance is bliss. The burning question on the minds of many Americans today is: Which teams will compete in the Superbowl? (By the way, football players need oxygen to live, too.) Talk about priorities.

To sum it all up, global warmists lack a basic understanding of the human need for carbon. Their demands to reduce the carbon footprint and block sunlight can only be due to profound, institutionalized ignorance or an insidious plot to kill all the humans on Mother Earth.

So which one is it? We will explore that very interesting question in a future article right here at

  1. Post Author

    Recall planes spraying chems over my area since 2007-2013, see few contrails todayBUT heavy then & now this winter is Colder than prior winters to date for So CA.
    Global warmists dont drive EVs & other stuff for make Green Deal work

    • Post Author

      I have always wondered how these people being climate scientists can be so ignorant to the fact that we need both sunlight and oxygen to survive. Maybe just maybe it’s all about the money.

  2. Post Author

    What a bizarre and totally unscientific conspiracy theory this article is! 99% rubbish.

  3. Post Author

    Ar you referring to Draco Reptiles?

  4. Post Author

    Why do you ignore the main cause of CO² growth ? Are ypou also victims of teh silencing practiced by the scum of the earth?
    As the test in May 2017 proved, the producers of teh batteries for electric vehicles are MASS MURDERERS: Before the vehjicle gets onto the road, it has already been the cause of more emissions that the vehicle it replaces produces during a good 8 years on the road. And the claims that it will by using its electric supplies will produce less emissions than the vehicle it will be replacing is also no less of a lie.
    The only long-term safe power source is hydrogen, which is now being worked on, but the corrupt vehicle builders want to continue producing electric vehicles because they can cost a hell of a lot more than anythink else. To hell with teh environment

  5. Post Author

    Thanks for this article. Because of my interest in what and why the Left is out to destroy our form of Government, so that the NWO would be able form. Once the NWO takes hold, and all of our weapons have been confiscated, then they’ll dramatically reduce the population to a size that would be completely subservient to the Master, whoever that might be. God will step in and stop them before it gets that far, and I’m very confident that the NWO will then be destroyed. Karma will have a field day! Thanks again.

  6. Post Author

    It is nice to analyse the symptoms, but to ignore the causes, i. e. to name the front people, but not those who stand behind in the shadows and pull the strings. The triangle with the eye may tell a lot to insiders, but not to newbies and the guidestones are apparently not even mentioned. “The war against the white man” should be the catch phrase” for so long as the white man is in the way the real slaughter cannot begin. As a first step the Kallergi conditions have to be created. How did the philosopher say? Ask yourself whose name you are not allowed to mention when you formulate your critique and then you will know who are the stringpullers standing in the shadows…

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