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Socialized Medicine: True Horror Stories From The UK

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, be careful what you wish for…

Or should I say what you and other self-described Socialist/Democrats are attempting to sell your gullible supporters…a false understanding of socialized medicine.

Just across the pond we’re witnessing the horrors of socialized medicine within the UK in “real-time” — as it slowly eats away at the fabric of a once great nation, unable to cope with the demands of its population’s healthcare needs.

This winter the British Government-run National Health Service has abruptly canceled 50,000 non-emergency surgeries due to overcrowding at hospitals.

“Astoundingly” in an unprecedented move, every hospital within the UK has been ordered to cancel all non-emergency surgeries until at least the end of February.

The move was precipitated by senior medical physicians around the country claiming that patients were being treated in “third world” conditions, the worst in 30-years.

Moreover, hospital chief executives warned the winter crisis could get a lot worse before it gets better.

The growing health crisis is due to a spike in winter flu leaving frail patients facing 12-hour waits, and some hospital units running out of corridor space.

The nation’s health secretary, Jeremy Hunt attempted to put a “happy face” on what has become a continuous health crisis for millions of Brits since the government takeover of healthcare.

Hunt explained the sudden restrictions as a “planned, methodical, thoughtful” approach to the shutdown.

No doubt the likes of Socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would also put a “happy face” to the growing healthcare crises in the UK, claiming that free healthcare regardless of the “hiccups” is available to all. Despite, the long waits, hospitals closings, and patients with life-threatening illnesses being misdiagnosed, because of inadequate equipment.

That deadly scenario is exactly what happened to one British woman who complained of having “agonizing pain” however was sent home by one doctor with mere antibiotics, only to be diagnosed with advanced cancer by another doctor hours later.

According to the Daily Mail, Joy Vivien Lee was rushed to a local emergency room, in severe pain.  After waiting hours to be attended, the residing physician unable to do a thorough examination simply sent Lee home with antibiotics because the “doctor did not have the equipment needed to properly investigate her symptoms.”

Moments after arriving home the 61-year-old woman was again rushed to the hospital, this time to a different location to see a different doctor.

It was during Vivien’s second visit that she discovered the grim news; she had ovarian cancer, which doctors believe may have spread to Vivien’s bones. Doctors also discovered another area within her body that may be signs of advanced cancer.

The heartbreaking part of this story is that Vivien went to the hospital multiple times complaining of pain. Her last visit before being finally diagnosed with advanced cancer was just before Christmas. Doctors then informed her that her condition was due to “gastrointestinal related and not serious.”

Another true horror story regarding socialized medicine in the UK is a ratchet tale of how the system disregards a patient’s control of their own body.

If you haven’t heard of Alfie Evans before today, it’s not a surprise. The American mainstream media is too preoccupied with bashing President Trump and promoting the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez within the self-indulgent press.

Alfie was a 23-month-old baby born in the U.K. with an unidentified degenerative neurological condition. Late last year, his doctors declared his condition beyond hope and announced that they were going to withdraw care. In other words, leave him to die.

His parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, disagreed with the doctors and wanted them to continue providing healthcare for their infant son. However, this is single-payer healthcare, meaning the government pays thus they get to decide when to turn off the flow of money and care.

The Evans spent months in court fighting for their son, and against his doctors, hoping to continue his care from the National Health Service — Britain’s system of socialized medicine.

In the end, they lost to the British courts. However the parents still had hope in saving their son, doctors in Italy had agreed to treat little Alfie. However the British government refused to allow the parents to take their child to another country and actually took away their “GOD GIVEN RIGHTS” as parents.

Even Pope Francis intervened on behalf of the parents, the Italian Government even granted Alfie citizenship. However, Britain refused.

Little Alfie lived 4-agonizing days before he died in the UK, being denied both food and water, thanks to a barbaric system.

  1. Post Author

    We have another side of the coin problem here in the USA! People dying because they can’t afford basic healthcare! They eventually die and problem solved! Our healthcare system has become “only available for the RICH”!

    • Post Author

      Your scenario is total BS.

    • Post Author

      You are full of crap. We have medicare (which all working people support with payments) and we have medicaid for those who can’t afford medical care. They are treated where the paying customers are treated. The problem is, we are 22 trillion dollars in debt. What are you going to do? Force certain elements of the population to become doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists? Profit is what attracts people to certain professions. Without profit, everything fails because motivation goes away. This is proven throughout history, and liberals are proving it again.

    • Post Author

      Basic healthcare in the U.S. is available to everyone. You can walk into any emergency room and they will treat you. You don’t even have to be a citizen of the U.S..

  2. Post Author

    Same HC in Canada?? Scary, why to avoid Brit HC Plan.
    & Dems want this, then they should Experience it Firsthand.

  3. Post Author

    WTF! The Brits voted the system in! SIMPLY INCREASE TAXES ENOUGH TO PROVIDE THE CARE THEY VOTED FOR! There is no problem whatsoever, just a total fail of the parliament to face reality as to the cost of the care! The Brits will agree to whatever tax rate is necessary, I would guess? Eh? Eh? What, you think the Brits are so stupid they didn’t know what they voted for? NAW!
    Aw, come on, nobody is THAT stupid!

    • Post Author

      The British are already taxed to death. In one breath everyone will tell you just how sorry our USA government is on everything and in the next breath they want to make us believe that it will be glorious when they take over our healthcare! It’s one or the other!

  4. Post Author

    You are preaching to the choir here – – get this story to people like
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to see if she is human or a Sociopath

  5. Post Author

    We already have rationing……perhaps we always have had it. There are relatively few truly wonderful doctors out there and those that are great technicians get paid the big money. The poor medicine we practice in the United State is based upon a bad AMA and a worse oversight by our Federal Government. Sadly, not all our Doctors are like Doc Adams in Gunsmoke anymore. We are in a era of Specialists, Oncologists and Directors of Finance – with Hospitals that gladly double and triple bill. We have Big Pharma pumping drugs into anyone in sight for prices guaranteed to choke a horse. We need to phase in Medicare. We need to offer Medicare to anyone over 50 who have been a verified resident of the United States for the last 10 years. It should be optional and not mandated. In 10 years we should then offer Medicare to anyone over 40 with the same requirements.

  6. Post Author

    Democrats all, need I say more. What in the hell is wrong with these people?

  7. Post Author

    A very interesting article. But, what’s the point if this cannot be forwarded and posted to social media for others to see?
    Keep preaching to the choir, don’t worry about the uninformed masses.

  8. Post Author

    The important phrase is “50,000 non-emergency surgeries”. They have only been postponed, not cancelled. No health service is perfect. The NHS had to respond to a spike in flu cases.
    In the U.S. a spike in flu cases just means those with insurance get care as normal and those without suck it up as usual. There is no doubt that some level of national health service ( call it socialized or capitalised) where everyone has some level of basic care is better for the country as a whole.
    Those non-emergency surgeries will be done and the patients will carry on after surgery. In the U.S. many of those patients would spend years trying to get out of debt.
    As a conservative I believe this is one area where government has a role. When the government option was taken off the table “Obamacare” lost any chance of long term success. One or two insurers in each state is not an improvement at all.

    • Post Author

      Name one thing the government runs well.

  9. Post Author

    Privatize and deregulate right down to the elimination of medical licensing. Divide the labour right down to the stitching of cuts and the setting of bones. Colonoscopy shops would proliferate as muffler shops did in days of old. Get your MRI’s at Best Buy, blood tests, and ultra-sounds at Walmart for the same prices as studio photographs. Most medical services should be no less a financial burden than auto repairs. For major catastrophic illnesses, private insurance.

    Hospitals should be privatized and run like hotels. The waiting rooms should have couches and easy chairs and bars and live entertainment. Pakistani doctors could dump their cab licenses and open up their own practices in places like the numerous vacant stores along Barton Street in Hamilton. If they turn out to be incompetent, their customers all die and they go back to cab driving.

    One of the great concerns these days is the disappearance of jobs due to technology, except in the field of health care. Yet the demand for health care continues to skyrocket, and its supply continues to be straight-jacketed by government interference.

    Supply and demand guide a free market. While supply may be limited by physical reality, demand is limitless in human affairs.

    The chronic gap between demand for and supply of health care is as perfect an example market distortions created by government intervention. What we are seeing in the socialized (A.K.A. – sovietized) health care industry all over the west is exactly what we saw in the old Soviet Union when it came to buying bread or shoes. No one should be surprised at the results.

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