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MS-13 Member Arrested In Ocasio-Cortez’s District

Police on Monday confirmed the arrest of the suspected gunman who fatally shot another man on a Jackson Heights subway platform in New York City on Sunday.

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The location of the shooting should be of particular interest to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because it’s in the 14th District, the district she now serves and represents.

Moreover, the assailants are members of the notorious MS-13 — the same criminal illegal aliens that the President is attempting to deport through the efforts of ICE agents.

Ironically the 29-year old Democrat/Socialist is attempting to interfere by publicly accusing Ice agents of “international human rights violations,” saying:

“The one thing the President has not talked about is the fact he has systematically engaged in the violation of human rights on our border. He has separated children from their families. He talked about what happened the day after Christmas, on the day of Christmas, a child died in ICE custody. The President should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights.”

However, on Sunday afternoon reality hit Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when a confrontation began on a moving No. 7 train as it approached the station at 90th Street and Elmhurst Avenue in Queens. As the train pulled to a stop and the doors opened, two individuals spilled unto the platform, with several others rushing out.

A brief video clip captures the physical altercation between the two individuals rolling on the Platform floor, as several other individuals are seen joining in the fight. Suddenly an individual is seen reaching into his coat pocket, moments later a shot rings out, the video stops in freeze frame, several other shots are heard in rapid fire. Moments later a young man lies dead on the ground.

The identity of the suspect arrested on Monday is unclear, but a police source acknowledged that the individual is currently being questioned by police at a precinct house.

“We have a person in custody,” the source told reporters. “Motive is gang-related.”

Law enforcement sources were able to piece together a theory for the shooting. The victim was a member of the 18th Street gang, one of MS-13’s rivals, while the shooter is a member of MS-13.

An interactive map created by the New York Daily News shows both gangs have been active in the area where the killing happened.

Meanwhile, police also have released an image of one of the persons of interest, the suspected shooter fleeing the 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue subway station.

Detectives Dermot Shea told reporters at a news conference Monday. “The crowded train was full of hard-working people trying to go through their lives.”

Adding, “The suspect was arrested just hours after the incriminating video was posted to social media.”

It’s not clear, however, whether the person in police custody on Monday is the one fleeing the station, or if there’s another suspect at large. The victim, identified as 20-year-old Abel Mosso, was shot five to six times and is a known member of the 18th Street gang.

This incident is a sad reminder that public policies regarding immigration laws enacted in Washington by politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a profound effect on what happens in a border town like Laredo, Texas or what takes place thousands of miles away, on a subway platform in Queens, New York.

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    *****She’s a Star*****

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    Yes she’s a rising star for MS-13 and other gangs. She’s against ICE, Law Enforcement and for Open Borders. Sounds like the New Democrats Socialist Party. Not for American citizens, against us. She must be expelled NOW before she does any real damage.

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    Waiting till some crazed MS 13 type kills, wounds some Leftists kin or staffer, then C how Left acts.

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    THE QUESTION is will she ever say anything about this??? The ans. is no. SHOULDN’T SHE

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