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President Frees Up $8 Billion For Border Wall

The “dye had been cast,” months ago that Democrats would willfully impede the President’s efforts in securing our pours border, and force the President to reluctantly use his authority under the Constitution and declare a “national emergency” in order to reclaim our sovereignty as a viable nation.

The executive order immediately frees up approximately 8 billion dollars from various government agencies to build the wall.

Trump’s announcement Tuesday signaling his plan to sign the lopsided security package that avoids a government shutdown and allocates a paltry sum of just $1.4 billion for border wall funding, far less than the $5.7 billion the President wanted, illustrates the political divide between House Democrats and the President.

That meager sum would perhaps add 50-miles of additional border wall, far less then the 200 miles border agents had recommended to the bipartisan committee, which apparently decided to ignore their advice, and instead allowed partisan politics to dictate the funding, to the delight of progressive Democrats, who saw this as an opportunity to embarrass the President politically.

The announcement reiterating the President’s plan in declaring a “national emergency” came from Mick Mulvaney, the President’s Chief of Staff.

Which immediately drew a response from both  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., declaring the President’s action would be “a lawless act, a gross abuse of the power of the presidency and a desperate attempt to distract” from Trump’s failure to force Mexico to pay for the wall, as he’s promised for years.

The security package that the President will sign Friday passed 83-16 in the Senate and later 300-128 in the House.

Once the bill is signed, the President will immediately declare a “national emergency” by signing an executive order.

At which point the President can begin moving funds around. Mulvaney outlined the departments affected; $600 million will come from the Treasury, $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense, and another $3.5 billion from the military construction budget, plus the $1.3 billion already budgeted and the additional $1.4 billion within the security package.

The President also has other options under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the President can declare an “immigration emergency,” which is defined as when an “actual or imminent influx of aliens which either is of such magnitude or exhibits such other characteristics that effective administration of the immigration laws of the United States is beyond the existing capabilities.” However, the emergency funds allotted would total only 20 million dollars

Asked if the White House is afraid of legal challenges, Sarah Sanders the White House press secretary said, “We are very prepared, but there shouldn’t be. The President is doing his job, and Congress should do theirs.”

However, there is some legal precedent set by the 1953 Supreme Court case Youngstown v. Sawyer. The court prevented President Harry Truman from nationalizing America’s steel mills during the Korean War. Truman attempted to use his powers as the Commander-in-Chief.

In an op-ed piece by Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman in the New York Times, the professor cited the Youngstown v. Sawyer ruling saying; “The decision imposed fundamental constitutional limits on the president’s power to claim that a national emergency, in this case, the Korean War, allowed him to override express provisions preventing him from using those powers domestically.”

There are currently 30 “national emergencies” instituted by President’s Carter, Reagan, both Bush’s, Obama and Trump, the longest still in effect was issued by former President Jimmy Carter back in 1979.

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    Have Trump order all of Congress and Senate to the boarder for a full day and have the Boarder Petrol drive them though the troubled areas or the full distance of the boarder. Let Blaze TV do the Media filming. No one has yet to see any report from a ranking Boarder Petrol officer on ANY (monopoly) news media. That would end any questions about why that wall is really needed.

    • Post Author

      I totally agree. Send them all to the boarder and spend at least a day with the boarder patrol agents to see what goes on. also let blaze film it

    • Post Author

      I agree that congress should drive thru the trouble area to see for themself
      and i hope they will stop whine

  2. Post Author

    I sure wish you could learn how to spell. Dye should be die, Boarder should be border, Petrol should be Patrol.
    How about more complete reporting? Why can’t Trump get Mexico to pay for it? What are the options of putting tariffs on Mexican goods to create funds? Would it be legal to take El Chapo’s money if they could find it? If it was, how much could they expect to get? How long will the process take to get to the SCOTUS for a decision on legality of the Emergency Declaration and funding? Are any large corporations (like Koch) willing to contribute enough to make it a reality?

  3. Post Author

    I know it is easy to get caught up with a cause. It would be even NICER if people woud actually do some research before expressing an UNINFORMED opinion. I do greatly respect the right of anyone making a fool of themselves. The facts are,according to the US Govermnment Immigration Department, under the Trump administration, which apparently most supporters of the wall are ignorant of, state categorily that illegal immigration across the border is actually much LESS in the last few years. Most of it is through regular ports NOT on the border. Also the big point is that almost ALL of the drugs come in through those same ports mainly hidden in cars. So there is NO national emergency atthe border at all, PERIOD, PER THE US GOVERNMENT.. Can it be clearer. Also I just found out that there is about 1000 miles of border at the Rio Grande River. Is there going to be a wall down the middle of the river??? What about the 200 feet deep reservoirs, is the wall going in the middle of them. What about the 2000 feet deep canyons, is the wall going to be 2000 feet tall??? I really don’t believe that even TRUMP people actually think that would be feasible. the wall, if feasible, would have to be on land and be around reservoirs and around canyons for sure. It cant be built on the Mexican side of the border, so it would have to be on the US side of the border. There are many Americans living up against the border and near it. The wall would have to be in areas that would leave them on the Mexican side of the wall with NO ACCESS TO THE UNITED STATES. It would in effect give hundreds of square miles or more (I dont have the figures) to MEXICO since tje landwouldbe separated by the wall from the US. Has anyone giventhought to that. Oh, as to your suggestion thatmenbers of congress be taken to see the areas of the wall for a day, wll that would be really hard, even for a Trumpeter, to do as there are NO ROADS for many hundreds of miles to these remote areas. The roads alone would cost millions and take years to construct. The logistics and cost of the wall are beyond ludicrous. (Look up the meaning of the word). No person interested in FACTS and reason could support such folly. And before the name calling starts, check out the facts I state before you make a fool out of yourself. If you have FACTS to refute what I state then by all means show them to me but no rhetoric rantings please.

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