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Suburban Voters Come Back To The GOP

There’s an old tried and true sentiment that simply states: “you don’t realize what you have till it’s gone.”

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This is what is currently taking place across the heartland as suburban voters, especially woman are coming back home to the Republican Party — after fleeing the party of Lincoln during the 2018 midterm election.

That costly boo-boo by fickle Trump supporters cost the GOP the House, which ushered in a radical extremist agenda from crazed Democrats ready to torpedo the Presidents historic economic successes along with a new wave of “witch-hunt” investigations.

The sobering aftermath of allowing far left zealots back in control, has no doubt frightened former Trump supporters back into reality.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment for those suburban voters is watching leading Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates actually endorsing an unattainable and absurd goal of transitioning away from fossil fuels within 10-years, at a price tag estimated at roughly 94 trillion dollars or approximately $600,000 per household — virtually bankrupting America, back into the stone-age.

According to a new Zogby Poll, groups of “moderate Republicans” that weren’t warm to the President in 2016, are starting to realize that the President’s agenda for a strong economy, and strong border security, is also their agenda, and perhaps even more important for this group of Republicans is witnessing how shameful Democrats have responded after winning the House.

Pollster Jonathan Zogby found that suburban women are more likely to support the President’s emergency declaration that would allow him to spend more money to build the wall than Congress has allocated.

The poll conducted just after the President signed legislation to keep the government open, along with declaring a “national emergency” found that 45% of suburban women support the Presidents efforts in finding alternate funds in building the wall. On the flip side, 40% said they don’t. However, 50% support his emergency declaration.

Zogby concluded through his findings, “Even though most voters do not agree with the President’s recent actions regarding the border, suburban women do favor his policies, a plurality of suburban women want the president to get funding elsewhere to complete the border fence and half support him declaring a national emergency to do so.”

Adding, “As the 2020 presidential election inches closer, Trump will look to strengthen his support among his base and appeal to swing voter blocs, such as suburban women. The ‘border wall’ or ‘border fence’ will be a key issue he can utilize to help his re-election chances, especially as his Democratic opponents move further to the left regarding immigration policies.”

The poll also found that the President’s overall approval has continually edged higher among Hispanics, African Americans and independents.

“The President’s numbers steadily gained among Independents (39% approve/55% disapprove) and voters without college degrees (45% approve/51% disapprove), two groups that helped him win the 2016 presidential election.

Another interesting area where President Trump gained ground was with Hispanics (40% approve/57% disapprove) and African Americans (24% approve/70% disapprove). Both groups’ job approval rating of Trump increased the most in months,” said Zogby’s polling analysis.

According to the data provided, the Zogby Poll was conducted randomly between 2/14/19 to 2/17/19 with 1,744 likely voters taking part, with the margin of error of +/-2.2% points.

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    We need to put out stories that Democrats are a shoe in for 2020. Surprise them like 2016.

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