Denmark Quarters Criminal Migrants on Island


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Denmark just passed new laws to separate the massive influx of foreign migrants from the established population. Political opponents have thrown down the race card, saying that Arabs are being singled out.

Both the Social Democrats (SD) government and the populist right-wing Danish People’s Party (DPP) agreed to approve the passage of Act 140, which amended the Aliens Act, the Integration Act, the Repatriation Act, and several other laws to make future residence permits for refugees temporary. One goal under this Finance Act reform is to return refugees to their home countries when possible.

DPP chairman Peter Skaarup explained that the new laws aim to reduce the number of refugees in Denmark by working toward repatriation rather than integration. Skaarup said:

“You have to get used to the fact that when you come to Denmark, you are here temporarily, and once you have had temporary shelter, you go back again.”

Below are the key features of Act 140 which goes into effect on March 1, 2019:


Residence permits for foreigners must be temporary.

Family reunions

The Immigration Minister can set a ceiling on family reunions from month to month.

Entry Ban

The penalty for breaking the entry ban is significantly increased.

Notification Obligation

Multiplication of punishment for not complying with the reporting obligation.

Integration Benefit

The Integration Service changes its name to Return Service.

Municipal elections

One must be four years in Denmark to be able to vote for municipal and regional elections.

Inger Støjberg, Denmark’s Immigration and Integration Minister, anticipates a “noticeable effect” on the migrant population in her country after Act 140 has been in effect for a while.

“We simply have to have refugees return when they no longer need our protection,” Støjberg said in a TV2 interview. Refugees – those who flee unsustainable conditions at home and seek asylum in a host nation – should arrive in Denmark with the expectation that their stay will not be permanent:

“It has always been the case that the day that there is peace in one’s home country, you travel home and rebuild your country. But you must note that nine out of ten refugees remain in Denmark. And that is, of course, completely unsustainable.”

Støjberg pointed out that you can’t burn a candle at both ends:

“It is untenable if we are both to protect those who need our protection but also to keep those who no longer need our protection.”

Slated for repatriation are at least 25,000 migrants who have entered Denmark in the past five years.

Both sides of the Danish government are heading toward a zero-tolerance policy where Islamic atrocities and anti-infidel are concerned: Moroccan jihadist Said Mansour was stripped of his Danish citizenship in a landmark legal ruling in June 2016.

More recently, in December 2018, Denmark announced its plan to hold criminal migrants awaiting expulsion from Denmark on an off-shore island called Lindholm in Stege Bay. Located about 50 miles south of Copenhagen, it is scheduled to open by 2021 as a new detention facility.

Lindholm will receive migrants convicted of crimes and returning jihadists. Prison and Probation Service officers and employees will direct operations.

Kristian Jensen, Denmark’s Finance Minister said that the Lindholm facility is no prison:

“They will not be in jail. There will be a ferry service back and forth to the island, but the ferry will not operate 24 hours a day and you must be at the center at night. Then we have more control of where they are.”

Yet, Leftist and pro-Muslim publications are sensationalizing this story, with inflammatory headlines such as these:

Denmark to send ‘unwanted’ migrants to a small island off its coast (The Hill)

“Denmark treating migrants like ‘inferior race’ by sending them to a remote island.” (CBC)

Fortune was slightly more even-handed with their treatment of the story:

“Denmark Has a Radical Plan Amid Rising Immigration Anxieties: Send Migrants to a Deserted Island”

Critics of the Danish plan question the isolation of a population with members who have demonstrated they are non-integrative and violent. Claims that Denmark is treating migrants as if they were an “inferior race” is a distraction dodge that begs the true issue, which has nothing to do with race and everything to do with religion.

Yet, left-leaners continue to equate race with religion. This is a serious error and leads to severe miscommunication.

Denmark’s actions are in response to atrocious criminal acts committed by a growing minority of Muslim migrants. Most of them arrived from an African country where Islam is the major religion. Naturally, they brought their native beliefs with them to Europe.

It is the Islamic holy texts which preach intolerance and persecution of all non-believers in their Divine Profit Mohammed, from public identification systems (they invented the yellow stars adopted by the German Nazis in WWII to mark all Jewish citizens), slavery, torture, mutilation, rape, stoning, decapitation, and other forms of gruesome murder.

All of the above actions are well within the bounds of Islamic sharia law.

Did you know that, as of February 2018, the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisory assessed Denmark as Level 2:

“Exercise increased caution due to terrorism.”

The U.S. government believes that Denmark is “a MEDIUM-threat location for crime directed at or affecting official U.S. government interests.”

The forces behind Danish violence have been identified by law enforcement:

“Police have discovered in some cases that crimes committed by nomadic criminal groups are organized by foreign nationals with permanent residence in Denmark, who use their knowledge of the Danish social system to commit sophisticated criminal activities like human smuggling, weapons trafficking, and other economic crimes.”

No wonder Denmark wants to keep an eye on criminal migrants before inviting them to leave.

  1. Post Author

    The Danish government is taking the proper steps. Refugees should be accommodated but once the problems in their home country have settled down they need to return and help rebuild their nation and not be subsidized by their adopted nation for years and years. This lunacy has to stop, there is article after article of women in the middle east who’s husbands and sons have left and are not returning to help them and their younger children and to rebuild their nation. This is a terrible situation and the collaborators behind this New World Order push need to be held accountable and brought to trial.

  2. Post Author

    We could learn something from them.

  3. Post Author

    The government has worked through a viable solution for their country. I respect them for their integrity and diligence in this area.

  4. Post Author

    Yes. Don’t deport, instead repatriate.
    And it is “prophet”, not “profit”!

  5. Post Author

    Good to see one EU country waking up to the reality of an unassimilable bunch of spiritual aliens. Others, such as the UK, will rather sink into an amorphous crime-filled oblivion than
    face the truth that’s shouting in their face with a blood-stained knife

  6. Post Author

    Bravo Denmark! You owe these immigrants nothing. Zero! Modern day immigrants are, in the main, economic entitlement seekers. And one must ask, when it comes to muslims, why don’t they immigrate to other wealthy Islamic countires like the UAE? Really? Why dont arabs take care of their own? Huh?

  7. Post Author

    It is sad to see the wonderful land of Hans Christian Andersen is being transformed into a horror story by small minded bureaucrats and a few online bigots. How long can Denmark remain one of the happiest places on earth? There have to be more creative and humane solutions. A Danish program that provides training for immigrants to return home with the skills and attitudes needed to rebuild their countries comes to mind? Perhaps the world would back those efforts. More “Demarks” and less hate is a beautiful vision. Surely incarcerating people and manufacturing more hate is more expensive and hurtful to all.

  8. Post Author

    The problem is, most of these countries they leave from have a constant state of chaos, violence, and war, especially in the Middle East and African area. So then what? You would have to cut it off somewhere.

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