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Thought Police Arise in Britain

A recent report from England underscored the disturbing new government policy against the civil right to free speech and the independent expression of one’s personal opinion.

British police are now investigating “hate crimes” that turn witnesses into victims – even though no legal crime has been committed. A note is made in a police file on anyone fingered anonymously for saying or posting online anything someone else regards as “hateful.”

Confused? Join the club. In some of the most twisted and sinister logic to come forward in modern history, Great Britain is building a government infrastructure of thought police.

In the classic novel 1984 by George Orwell (himself a Brit), published in 1949, the author described a society 35 years in the future where one world government controlled everything and everybody. An authoritarian police force used high technology to track, monitor, eavesdrop on, and alert authorities of all citizen wrong-doing – which could be any manner of thing, including a facial expression or turn of phrase.

The thought-provoking advertising catch-phrase promoting this book was, “How old will you be in 1984?”

Well, 1984 came and went, and most people thought nothing of Mr. Orwell’s dire foreshadowing of a future yet to come. But if you look around the world today, political and social conditions are fast approaching those portrayed in that fictional dystopia.

“Newspeak” was the official language of Orwell’s imagined future government and its supreme leader. The language was redesigned to restrict grammar, limit vocabulary and, hence, free thought. Personal identity and the self-expression of the individual’s free will could, after all, destroy the fabric of the autocratic society.

In Orwell’s nightmarish society, thoughts could be criminal and punishable under law. In its day, only a few years after the close of World War II, this idea was not so far-fetched. Nazi Germans seized absolute control very quickly over everything except the minds of resistance fighters.

Fast forward to the present year 2019.

Police in Humberside, England, had words with a local man who sends messages from his Twitter account as “Harry the Owl.” A complaint about one of Harry’s posts which said that “trans women are not women” triggered a legal investigation on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) community.

On January 23, Harry began a Twitter narrative of his day at work after he issued his opinion about trans women. First, his boss called him to say that “cops” wanted to speak with him. Harry returned the call and was connected with a Police Constable (PC):

“Spoke to PC from Humberside, introduces himself as representing the LGBTQ community on a report of hate speech by me. They’d found me via my company, had been all over the website & decided if I employed trans people at all, it was not a safe place for them & work should know.”

The PC admitted during the conversation that 30 of Harry’s tweets had been reviewed and no actual crime had been committed. The officer did read a limerick (these are humorous short poems, often of a sexually salty nature) over the phone. Harry said he had not written the limerick.

“Ah. But you Liked it and promoted it,” the PC replied.

Harry “asked why he was wasting his time on a noncrime.”

The PC told Harry, “It’s not a crime, but it will be recorded as a hate incident.”

The PC insisted that the snitch was the victim in this non-criminal case. Harry tweeted:

“So, I’ve added to a statistic, even though there is no crime, which brings me to my next point. The cop repeatedly called the complainant ‘the victim.’ I asked how there could be a victim if, as he’d established, there was no crime. He said that’s just how it works.”

Harry asked the officer to “desist” from “framing the complainant as ‘victim'” since this made him, “by default, ‘criminal.'”

At this point, Harry reported that his conversation with the local PC turned “incredibly sinister:”

“The cop told me that he needed to speak with me because, even though I’d committed no crime whatsoever, he needed (and I quote) ‘to check my THINKING!'”

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Before ending their chat, the PC informed Harry that he needed to watch his words more carefully or he was “at risk of being sacked by the company for hate speech.”

At that point, Harry “wished him well and said I needed to go and rinse my socks.”

Great Britain began funding their new thought police in August 2016. Scotland Yard spent 1.7 million pounds (x dollars) on hiring five detectives to “investigate offensive comments from the internet.”

The police are enlisting the help of volunteers who are trained to troll cyberspace. They are the new unpaid Deputy Thought Police who report any “inappropriate” content.

It is this kind of suppression that the world saw play out in Australia last week when a government autocrat succeeded in denying entry into the country by the controversial public speaker David Icke who had booked appearances which had to be canceled.

The Australian government finds Icke’s ideas and theories so threatening that they shut him down, hiding behind their paid debunkers’ screams of anti-Semitism. The unsupported accusation that Icke claimed the Holocaust never happened was repeated in global news headlines over articles with a video where Icke states very clearly that the Nazis did indeed kill millions of people during World War II.

By turning world attention away from Icke’s important talking points and toward having to defend himself from the ridiculous charges of his political opponents, the Controllers in Australia have effectively chosen the path to Orwellian dystopia.

Hello, Brave New World. How old are you now?

  1. Post Author

    Wow! This is soooo out-of-hand even here in the U.S. All I can say to this is; just as has been stated many times through the media and talk shows both on TV & Radio about Conspiracy Theorists that the interviewees state that the C.T.’s of 20 years ago were RIGHT.
    Just as it is in this case….what was written by those who exercise independent thought know and simply see that Orwell (even in 1949) was and still is in truth, RIGHT.
    They’re coming for you!….and “they” is your government.
    Wake Up you sheep!

  2. Post Author

    Are the “Hate Police” and/or the “Thought Police” reading this? England and its colony, Australia, huh? That’s why we left and started our own country. I must admit, however that the USA is not far behind. Personally, I read all these things and read the Bible and think to myself; all is coming together as prophesied! It’s quite exciting to watch the world going to hell (literally) and reading about it having been prophesied thousands of years ago!

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