Crop Circles Can Solve World Hunger


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CROP CIRCLES. Do these two little words make you curious? Fearful? Skeptical?

Many people are captivated by the magical mysteriousness of patterns in flattened grain fields that arise literally overnight. A farmer goes to bed with a beautiful crop and wakes up to find out something has caused major damage to the future harvest.

For reasons not entirely understood, most crop circles, by far, appear in southwestern Britain near ancient megalithic structures such as found at Stonehenge and Avebury. Farmers of wheat, rye, rapeseed, and other cereal grains in and around County Wilshire are plagued by crop circles which inflict not only immediate crop losses but invite often-unwanted visitors and publicity.

Crop circle tourism has sprung up in England since the 1970s as more and more visitors visit the unexplained (and possibly paranormal) phenomenon up close and personal – in Wiltshire.

Monique Klinkenbergh is a “croppie” who sold her art publishing business in Amsterdam and moved to Wiltshire about ten years ago to pursue cereology – the study of crop circles. She had this to say about the parade of curiosity-seekers she has seen since her arrival:

“In the past, it was a Wild West situation in Wiltshire. Thousands of people entering without permission, trampling the crops, and upsetting farmers.”

Klinkenberg says she is no woo-woo crackpot:

“I’m not an airy-fairy person. I’m very grounded. There’s a lot to wonder about, and I think wonder is the basis of science.”

As part of the solution to this unique problem, Klinkenbergh set up an exhibit of all crop circle information available to the public to date, which she curates. Klinkenberg tracks and archives monthly crop circle sightings for visitors and everyone else at The dedicated croppie also operates an information center in Wiltshire.

Serious cereologists can tell the difference between a human-made crop circle and those with bent stalks, exploded nodes (as if from a microwave or similar radiation heating), and magnetic traces. The source of the UCC (unidentified crop circles) remains unknown.

There have been and are many credible cereologists. One such luminary was William “Lefty” Levengood who investigated plants and soils in England from the 1950s until his death in 2013.

Levengood holds the record for the most scientific articles published: 40. The scientific community scorned their peer’s findings and denied Leavengood his Ph.D. in an effort to discredit him academically. This explains why most people, including crop circle enthusiasts, have never heard of him – despite his truly incredible discoveries.

Consider these two astonishing findings:

1) Crop circle seeds have superpowers

According to Levengood’s research, crop circles are formed by spinning plasma frequencies (vibrations) directed at the plants. Seeds from such plants became “super seeds” producing 30% to 400% (!!!) more food and biofuel per plant, with up to 75% more nutrition (!!!) per seed. Furthermore, the seeds were extraordinarily hardy and thrived in extreme conditions, as compared to the seeds located outside the sampled crop circles.

2) Crop circles come out of the ground, not from an overhead force

Ever since footage taken by John Wheyleigh published a video he shot on August 11, 1996, which showed strange balls of light flying around a planted field near Oliver’s Castle in England as crop circles appeared underneath them.

This footage has been authenticated and, along with other witness accounts, has led cereologists to believe that crop circles are pushed downward by a force above them.

However, one croppie does not agree.

Patty Greer is an award-winning filmmaker dubbed “The Crop Circle Girl” who reviewed Levengood’s work with Penny Kelly, his lab partner for the last 16 years of his life. Greer revealed their mind-boggling discovery, that crop circles are not formed by an overhead force:

“Crop Circles are coming out of the earth in spinning counter-rotating plasma vortices, they are not coming down from the sky!”

During an interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast radio show which aired November 8, 2017, Greer (no relation to UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer) explained that a plasma vortex is a tornado-type whirling energy field.

What is plasma? Greer shared these insider insights:

  • Everything is plasma
  • Plasma is the basis of all energy
  • Different fields of plasma move and communicate all the time
  • Our thoughts create our reality via moving plasma – energy in motion

Research has shown out that almost all (96%-97%) documented crop circles have come through an aquifer of water. The epicenter at Wiltshire sits over the largest salt aquifer in the world. Centered around Wiltshire are Avebury and Stonehenge and a multitude of other sacred sites.

Greer said Levengood and Kelly linked the presence of underground water, plasma vortices, and Gaia (Earth) consciousness with crop circles:

“What we have coming out of the earth is this intentional energy that connects all of us. It’s always coming through water.”

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Greer said crop circles are created when two spinning fields of energy create a tornado, coming through earth and water, adding other energies from humans (such as people asking for confirmation of a scientific schematic they came up with by means of a crop circle – which actually happened to Greer and a colleague), beings from other dimensions, or extraterrestrial beings – possibly asking for directions.

In simpler terms, Greer believes, after years of study, that the source for crop circles is Mother Earth “breathing,” not aliens dwelling under the earth’s crust.

Greer and other cereologists confirm that Gaia is giving us super seeds that could solve world hunger. Yet, mainstream science and media ignore these encouraging reports.

To understand who might be suppressing this life-saving scientific knowledge, one need only ask:

Who stands to gain from charging high prices for limited food supplies and solving pressing poverty issues?

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    Must be a slow news day.

  2. Post Author

    One thing I do believe is that the Dept of Agriculture was developed to bring about a “cheap Food Policy”.

  3. Post Author

    One thing I do believe is that the Dept of Agriculture was developed to bring about a “cheap Food Policy”.

  4. Post Author

    Is there not a commission that can oversee the growth of the superseeds and create a free market to other countries who are starving…I’m sure many scientists and fellows would love to volunteer for an amazing step forward to a well-fed’s like the first astronauts saying “pick me”..

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