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House Democrats Struggle Over Anti-Semitic Resolution

The latest dust-up among House Democrats is simply a continuation of identity politics finally running amuck by those who’ve crafted race, gender, and political orthodoxy into a lethal political weapon.

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This time the hammer of “identity politics” is falling on their creators within the Democratic Party, especially within the House as both moderate and seasoned legislators battle their much younger and more radical counterparts.

Take Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has labeled American senators and congressman political pawns of Israel.

Since 2012 Omar has vilified the Jewish State in her support of Palestine, saying this of America’s only true democracy in the Middle East:

“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

In another tweet, the Muslim legislator from Minnesota (which has become a haven for extremists) posted “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.” That reference implies that American politicians were being bribed to support Israel.

When Journalist Batya Ungar-Sargon, wrote in response to Omar’s tweet, “Would love to know who @IlhanMN thinks is paying American politicians to be pro-Israel.”

Omar fired back, “AIPAC!”

For those not familiar with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, they’re perhaps the most influential lobby organization in America in support of the Israeli government.

The Muslim firecracker also referenced a “dual loyalty” slur aimed at legislators who openly support Israel, once again implying something sinister.

The trash talk by Omar finally became too much for the leadership within the House and a Resolution was crafted condemning anti-Semitism, indirectly rebuking Omar’s continued hateful remarks towards the State of Israel, and that’s when “all hell broke loose” and the fireworks began.

According to the Washington Post, once the Resolution was drafted House Democrats began taking sides, shouts behind-closed-doors could be heard, with members of the Black Congressional Caucus deflecting refusing to condemn one of their own, while Jewish legislators rallied in support of the Resolution. However, the more radical wing of the party, namely AOC came to Omar’s defense on Twitter.

Frustrated and apparently losing control Speaker Pelosi dropped the mic saying “Well if you’re not going to listen to me, I’m done talking.” She then walked out of the room.

The obvious split within the Democratic Party over how they should respond to one of their own making anti-Sematic remarks illustrates a much wider issue within the Democratic Party concerning identity politics, which has always been an effective political tool of the left — simply branding your opponent either a racist or a sexist usually proved successful in deflecting from whatever issue was being debated at the time.

However delaying a vote rebuking anti-Semitism demonstrates just how fractured the party has become, that it requires it to be second-guessed or watered-down for the benefit of the extremists within the party.

Moreover the stunning and complete about-face by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arguing on Wednesday that Omar’s statement concerning her pro-Israel colleagues having a dual loyalty to Israel and the U.S. were not “intentionally anti-Semitic.”

Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman (D-N.J.) attempted to put her best political spin during her interview with the Washington Post saying, “We’ve individually and collectively already responded to the fact that we oppose all ‘-isms’ that do not treat people in this country fairly and justly.”

Adding, “To continue to engage in this discussion is simply an opportunity to give both the media and Republicans distractions from our agenda. We’ve got important work to do.”

  1. Post Author

    People who take up the sword against so-called “anti-Semitism” generally have no understanding of what they are saying. They are psychologically conditioned to react to a label, the bottle of which is without content but adduced as an instrument of dishonest political strategy. Approximately ninety per cent. of modern Jewry is not Semitic but of Ashkenazic central European origin. The numerically few Sephardim only are Semitic. Moreover the Arabic peoples, who comprise a large segment of humanity are Semitic. Many critics and commentators do not even spell the word correctly, which error speaks to their gross ignorance of the subject and the prevailing low level of academic rigour–or integrity, whichever the case may be.

    Anyone who is familiar with the writings of early Zionist protagonists will have observed that they adopted “anti-Semitism” as a primary strategic weapon essential to achievement of their ultimate policies and objectives. In other words, where it did not exist it would have to be created. The term must be inculcated incessantly in the public psyche by constant discussion in the information media and “educational” institutions. Guilt is a potent factor in determining human action. If it can be implanted in the human mind it can be employed as a powerful abstract instrument to influence human behaviour.

    Unless self-righteous zealots and/or sentimentalists, who are more reactive than rational in taking up the cause against the misnomered and abstract “anti-Semitism” can present a concrete definition of the chimera against which they imagine themselves to be arrayed, their basic intelligence, academic objectivity and ethical integrity must be subject to close scrutiny. At very least they are surely naïve souls who are mere uncomprehending tools in a political strategy which transcends their understanding.

  2. Post Author

    With God and Jesus all things are possible even to the point of bring divion in the house. Jesus said a house divided can not stand. So I pray in Jesus name bring on the division and let the demon crate party fall so we can get our house back from the Jackasses.

  3. Post Author

    An israeli american is loyal first to isreal and America last (or not at all). We do not want them in this country, we want them out. We want the arabs out too. We are not interested in being roped in to their argument. We want muslims out of the country. This is a Christian Nation but we have been infiltrated with traitor jews. The first amendment to the Constitution for the United States allows free speech from the people, not foreigners or invaders. There is a book entitled “Throw them all out”. That is what we should (should is accusatory) do.

  4. Post Author

    Omar is a Muslim and therefore hates anyone who is any other religion. People like her don’t belong in our government. People like her, hate-filled, don’t belong in our country.

  5. Post Author

    YOU need to stop spreading hatred.. you are the devils that want to destroy this country and the world. Stop your stupidity

    • Post Author

      Unfortunately that is the truth. Muslims cannot assimilate and adopt OUR way of life. Therefore they DON’T belong here. It has nothing to do with hate. America welcomes all who AGREE to ACCEPT OUR way of life and ASSIMILATE. It is NOT America accepts ALL, with NO stipulations.

  6. Post Author

    Omg, you’re really going there, and quibbling over the label? This issue here is not the correct label, like liberal, liberal, but the fact that someone is harboring hate and/or ill will towards a particular peoples, no matter what their origin and nationality happen to be called. Just say you’re trying to justify the behavior, and that will cut to the quick your trying to be clever, and knowledgeable about where the Jewish people come from or what their correct nomenclature is. Your reasoning is totally not relevant to the issue at hand.

  7. Post Author

    Legal immigrants are welcome to our country as long as they accept our values and way of life and ASSIMILATE. We should not allow anyone to become a citizen or retain citizenship who refuses to adopt our way of lifeand system of justice. This is the basis of our constitutional Republic. Most of our immigrants with the exception of devote Muslims seem to be able to assimilate and accept our form of government. Since the true Muslim looks at his faith as both a political [belief in Sharia Law] and religious belief there is a disconnect in their ability to assimilate and adapt our form of constitutional government . Allowing this dual system to exist and expand will generate future conflict for our children and future generations

  8. Post Author

    When is she going to start lineups to cut people’s heads off. burn tires and fly kite bombs like they do in Palestine or is she going to start wearing a vest bomb????????

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