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In Grenoble, France, 4 Nights of Rioting & 65 Burnt Cars

Violence broke out in a district of Grenoble in France last week as angry protesters torched parked cars and attacked police by throwing objects at them, including Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and gasoline bombs. Police responded by firing tear gas to disperse their attackers.

After the first four nights of rioting, 65 vehicles were reduced to blackened, smoking ruins and two CRS riot officers sustained injuries from objects thrown from buildings.

The Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS) or “Republican Security Companies” are the general reserve of the French National Police.

During the first nights of the lengthy assault on civil order, young people erected barricades in the Mistral district to provide cover as they hurled projectiles and about thirty Molotov cocktails at police officers. They also destroyed a council department building by setting it on fire.

Officials reported that a woman was hospitalized to treat smoke inhalation. One suspect was arrested for throwing stones.

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The confrontation began on the evening of March 2, 2019:

“Clashes began on Saturday evening when two men, aged 17 and 19, were spotted by police riding a stolen scooter without a license plate and without helmets.”

France has a mandatory helmet law and scooters must be properly licensed. Police gave chase but the scooter sped away.

A bus driving across a bridge yielded to the oncoming police lights by moving over and crushed the teens on the scooter against the wall of the bridge.

Both youths on the scooter died as a result of the crash. The local prosecutor’s office is treating the two deaths as accidental.

Hassen Bouzeghoub directs a social club in Grenoble’s Mistral area. According to him, violence erupted after “Young people from the neighbourhood saw what happened and have the feeling that there was a mistake by the police.”

A family member who chose to remain nameless said “police are responsible for their deaths” when commenting to an AFP reporter outside the city court on Sunday, March 3.

The incident provoked immediate outrage among residents of the Mistral community, many of whom are migrants from war-torn African countries. They started with protest marches. Then, about 100 young people wearing hoodies descended into the darkened streets to set fires and assault police.

“After midnight, 30 to 40 people tried to invade a CRS barracks near the Mistral district. The attackers burned cars in the neighborhood,” reported Le Figaro.

Only two CRS officers were guarding the barracks where police equipment was stored when the crowd of protesters mounted their attack. The police used tear gas to hold back the assault until reinforcements arrived.

These protesters aren’t fooling around. French police don riot gear before they advance in organized groups toward flaming dumpsters or violent protesters. This video gives a glimpse at the situation in Grenoble.

The Grenoble prosecutor’s office tossed out accusations of police liability and turned the tables by accusing the teens of endangering others before their untimely deaths:

“Officials said the teenagers were known to police for petty crime, that the scooter was stolen and that it had been involved in several incidents earlier that evening, including hitting car mirrors, driving without lights and riding on the sidewalk.”

Civil unrest is becoming a regular occurence in French municipal “problem areas,” many of which are No-Go zones: places where white westerners are fair game for migrant assault and even murder after 8pm.

“We aren’t in France any longer,” observed French author Eric Zemmour, who said in February that parts of France now operate completely outside the law and are beyond the reach of police, run by gangs of Arabs who have imposed de facto Sharia law.

Two weeks ago, the Mistral district saw an outburst of violence after a man was arrested for possession of cannabis.

“Deaths caused during police operations regularly ignite violent protests in deprived areas of French cities where relations between local communities and security forces are often strained,” reported the Digitial Journal.

Despite mainstream media muzzling regarding what’s really happening in France and throughout Europe, more and more government officials are admitting that inviting millions of Muslim migrants into their countries since 2015 was a very bad idea.

Last year, former Interior Minister Gérard Collomb of France pinpointed the problem with Muslim integration:

“The relations between people are very hard, people don’t want to live together.”

Perhaps that’s because the Islamic holy texts preach death to the infidel – all non-believers?

When asked directly if he held mass immigration responsible for the current civil unrest in his country, Collomb replied, “Enormously so.” He added that France did not need any more immigration.

Last December 2018, a group of French generals received disciplinary action after they signed an open letter which said that President Emmanuel Macron had committed treason when he committed France to the United Nations open migration pact.

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    France brought this on themselves. They voted for people like Macron. Now, deal with it.

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