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The Dirty Truth about Migrants at the Border

The New York Times recently shared a report on the number of migrant families crossing the southwest border, and let’s just say, the amount will make you question everything you believe in!

Thus far, over 76,000 migrants have been reported as crossing the border without authorization and the numbers are continuing to grow.

Those affiliated with Customs and Border Protection continue to bitch about the fact that they are being slammed to capacity and that they are at their breaking point. They are crying real tears about their inability to control a growing number of migrants that seems to multiply out of the blue on a daily basis.

But let’s be real! Are the migrants really multiplying out of the blue or is their growth being assisted by a money source that is linked to American politics?

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Before we can understand how so many migrants are crossing the border, we must first attempt to understand how they physically got to the border in the first place with a basic breakdown. The distance between Honduras and Mexico is approximately 1,211 miles. It takes 20 days to walk this distance and probably longer when you have children in tow.

According to Live Science, a human being can only survive 10 days maximum without water (4 days if in the desert). Looking at these calculations, we can’t help but notice that it would be virtually impossible for a group of poor individuals without food or water to survive a walk from Honduras to Mexico without some form of assistance. Currently, over 76,000 people have made this trip on foot, supposedly, and only seem to suffer when they get into Mexico. I don’t know about you, but something seems fishy.

Why migrants are such a big American deal

If you think about it, the issues surrounding the asylum seekers became really big when Trump wanted to push his big wall. Keep in mind, he spoke of this wall long before the migrants became an issue in Honduras. So now, the discussion of the wall has led to a sudden burst of poor migrants who are risking life and limb to get into a country that is treating them like shit before they even cross the border.

It was already discovered that interest groups were funding the migrants and providing them with transportation. It can be assumed that these same groups are also paying for gas, food, water, and medical supplies. It’s interesting that America is so big and bad when it comes to its power over other countries, yet suddenly it keeps getting kicked in the balls by a group of poor people who are rushing here to be taken care of by its citizens. Trump has continued to use the migrants as his stepping board to encourage Congress to pay for a wall bordering the U.S. and Mexico, yet no one seems to care that the wall won’t stop the problem of illegal immigration.

If we are being honest, we will admit that the migrants have been the best damn thing to happen to the Democrats since Obamacare and they know it! This doesn’t excuse the interest of the Republicans, however. The migrants have provided both parties with purpose, a platform, and a cause to ride…and yes, they are both riding the poor migrants like a wild bull.

When we hear of unauthorized migrants crossing the border, we should always think twice. They were authorized long before they even left their own land and they serve a political purpose. Unfortunately, they are paying the price for political gain…but hey…America has shown throughout history that a group must pay for the advancement of those in power. This is no different.

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    We should have all be very suspicious when the news was reporting that a group of Hondurans were coming through Mexico to live happily for ever in the US for days before they left. These same Politicians and news anchors interviewed supported and encouraged women and children to be left (sent) intentionally, in harms way. They videoed selective parts of the whole (planned)and advertised trip, and did nothing to stop them or find them an alternative route to the US Customs. If care was ever part of the agenda money would have been pouring in to have them protected and cared for in their own country (in assylum if necessary) until the politicians involved found a safe and non-Mexican Desert Border method of bringing them to (The Promised land) via Soros, or Obama, or Clinton, Private Jets) if necessary.
    The name of the groups organizing, encouraging, and paying for the migrants….and the Politicians involved should be named and criminally prosecuted for allowing these people to suffer for a (their) political agenda. That is an embarrassment and should be a crime in any Civilized Democratic Country.

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    Opinion posing as news = fake news.

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    The town I live near Santa Maria, California, has already increased in illegals. The early population of those, around early 2000, was 89%!! Try to imagine how our crime and murder rate has increased!!!

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    We, the Citizen of Canada, live in this country for 50 years. Canada and U.S.A.
    are very close friend. We watch all the news coming from America, from what
    we heard this illegal migrant are paid for by Trump for political gain only.
    We hope the American people will wake-up, do the right choice for the sake of the country.
    Thank you

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    Lets just say .. leave politics aside and concentrate in the real problem . We have illigal inmigration for centuries and have learned to live with it . I agree they just huld do it the legal way , but it takes around 10 years or more to get the propers papers if they get them for the simple reazon that they are poor ,uneducated pps . But at the same time most of them are hard workers , honest , decent pps that the only thing that they are looking is for the seme oportunities that our ancestor came looking for . Not the rapist , criminals that some pps describe them to be . That there are soma bad ones ? you bet . We have a lot of them that are here legally . Leys not forget that this is a country of inmigrats and that most of us are descendant of illigal inmigrants unless your ancestors came in the Mayflower or have the money and the time to wait for the so call green card , that by the way in not even green. In the other hand lets be honest , We are the first that take advantage of those BAD INMIGRANTS by giving them jobs and paying them as slaves , because they would do whatever they have to do to put foof in their families table. There are inmigration laws , lets apply them to ALL ILLIGAL INMIGRQANTS including those from europe that come thru the airports as visitors and never leave . The illigal inmigrants are of many countries and b y the way not all of them are mexicans and or hispanics . They come here looking for jobs np handouts . Apply the laws and when your ICE raid a factory full of illigals working there WHY DON’T THEY ALSO TAKE THE CEO TO JAIL FORVIOLATING THE SAME INMIGRATION LAWS .

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    WE NEED THAT WALL NOW!!!!!!!!!! NOT Tomarrow —– NOW!!!!!

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    If things get too bad we can always move out into the woods. Or immigrate .
    Hmmmm. Best to begin laying away some gold while cash still has some value. Don’ t tell anybody where you stash it. The government already seized it once before………….

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    What about grounding the planes, cars, trucks delivering the “survival” goods going south.? No wall on the Mexico side, just impound all the goods heading south from this side, and give them to all the illegals and suffering people on THIS SIDE of the border. Cost the Libs and Dems more money and deliver to people on this side. A REAL Mercy mission set up, and close our border to any goods trying to go south.!!

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    1211 miles in 20 days? That’s 60 miles per day. Walking at 3 mph it would take 20 hours to go 60 miles! Whoever wrote this article is lying as even walking 3 mph for an hour is tough. MAYBE 2.5 mph and more likely 2 mph. At 2.5 mph (an optimistic speed) it would take OVER 484 hours. IF they could walk 10 hours per day (and THAT is unlikely especially since they have kids with them), it would take 48.4 days – MORE than 1.5 MONTHS.

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      Concentrate on the real issue!!!

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