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Should Trump Demand Retribution?

The Mueller probe took 675 days, a staff of over 15-high powered attorneys and cost almost 30-million dollars.

During the process, officials handed out some 2,800 subpoenas and interviewed over 500 individuals just to find out what most critical thinking individuals already knew all along — no wonder the President had referenced the investigation countless times as a “witch-hunt.”

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Most Trump supporters had anticipated that there would be no collusion and no obstruction found. Those revelations were at best anticlimactic, in that the overwhelming evidence had already unraveled the “deep-states” handy work in their attempt to execute a “soft coup.”

The President was correct on Sunday just before boarding Air Force One back to D.C., stating to reporters that the whole investigation was an “illegal take down that failed.”

Adding, “Hopefully, somebody’s going to be looking at the other side.”

And the most obvious place to begin looking is at the previous administration and those politically appointed officials within the Obama Administration, specifically former FBI Director James Comey who acutely became the principal architect for the Mueller probe by intentionally leaking classified information to a college professor buddy, allegedly documenting a meeting with President Trump in order to help assure the appointment of a special counsel.

What followed was a 22-month campaign by those within the “deep-state including the mainstream media to harass, intimidate, accuse, vilify and demean our 45th President in every way imaginable. Moreover the players behind the “soft coup,” have been well known for over two years. However, there might be another whose name is seldom mentioned, who was perhaps the puppet-master behind the scene pulling the strings just before he left office.

In that, it would be near impossible for characters like Comey, Clinton, Lynch, McCabe, and Rosenstein to instigate entirely on their own an operation to frame President Trump without the knowledge of former President Obama.

Friday’s blockbuster announcement that the Mueller probe was over, coupled with Sunday’s joyous announcement that the President had been vindicated, must now focus on how this clandestine coup began, and more importantly who’s responsible?

Sen. Lindsey Graham the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has already given us a sneak peek in an ominous tweet concerning former FBI Director Comey, who tweeted out a somewhat bizarre photo of himself surrounded by tall trees, and a caption that simply read: “So many questions.”

Graham quickly responded, “Could not agree more.”

Adding, “See you soon,” which indicates Graham intends to haul Comey back in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions under oath, regarding his involvement in the attempted illegal take-down of the President.

However, Comey is just one tiny piece of the elaborate plot to overthrow the President. The creator of the phony dossier foreign British spy Christopher Steele must also be compelled to testify under oath, as well as Hillary Clinton, along with Fusion GPS, and all the others involved in its creation and illegal distribution.

The President should also in conjunction with the release of the Mueller Report “declassify” all the documents pertaining to the FISA warrants, the names of who signed off on them, and the rationale in issuing those warrants.

Republicans should also call out news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, along with their moderators, hosts, anchors, and guests, for willfully and continually lying to their viewers

Former congressman and Fox contributor Jason Chaffetz said on “Fox & Friends,”  “The president is stronger politically than he has ever been right now. It was a cloud, it gave a talking point to every Democrat… now people can go back and look at it and say, ‘you all lied to us for two years.’

Adding, “The team that Mueller put together, these weren’t friends of the President, you had people from the Clinton camp on the team. If they were going to get him, they would have.”

The ex-Utah congressman then singled out two prominent Democrats,   House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff from California along with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, of New York.

“Adam Schiff has essentially just lied to the American people time and time again… under the guise, he had supposed classified information,” he said.

“Not only did the President not collude… it is so totally polar opposite of what Nadler and other Democrats said.

“They said they were going to fully accept the conclusions of Mueller, over and over again, and now there aren’t.” Schiff should immediately apologize to his constituents and then resign.

  1. Post Author

    Unlike what the Dems did for Mr. Trump we will afford Obama, Clinton, Lynch, etc. presumption of innocence and due process – the difference being that they will be prosecuted.

  2. Post Author

    Have special councilRobert Mueller investigate the Obama administration , and the Democrats for their attempted coup of President Donald Trump.

  3. Post Author

    Trump is totally guilty and acted and commented like he was guilty during the whole investigation. He and the other guilty ones were not the victims. Tax evasion is a crime and should be punished. Working with the Russians is wrong.

  4. Post Author

    Pay back those people whose life got ruined and lost their life savings because of these false accusations like g3n Flynn and Caputo.

  5. Post Author

    Trump should apologize to Mueller and the free press for being a crook and liar.

  6. Post Author

    Sure, if Obama and Hillary were so keen on “playing” this despicable witch hunt game, then they should have “pay” to do it. No more letting sleazy politicians off the hook.

  7. Post Author

    Yes and also investigate all the in the house of Congress and arrest Omar for funding terrorism and drug lords take her citizenship away and boot her and her terrorist team out of our country the American people have been calmly waiting for something to be done but getting tired of waiting and watching as these stupid ads people try to take over our country just waiting for President Trump to give the word for the to stand up and take our country back the people are getting tired of all bull sh__ the democrats are not for our country they are supporting the Muslims and terrorist and only after personnel gain they have proven that over and over again they do not care about the all they care about is trying to get President Trump and making as much trouble as they can for this country we the people need to start coming out and taking our country back the democrats are bitting off more than they can chew if they think the American people are going to sit back and let them take over and destroy this country worse than they already have true American people what do you think

  8. Post Author

    I see they changed some of my comment so some of it doesn’t make any sense

  9. Post Author

    Justice must be served on those that lied to the American people and in a shot period of time.

  10. Post Author

    The left should have already been investigated. Even now they can’t hide their all their evil doings against America’s President Trump.

  11. Post Author

    No, there should be no retribution. Many illegal activities were uncovered, leading to sentencing of at least four associates. There may have been no overt collusion, but there were plenty of unsavory actions, which may lead to future sentencing. Did Hillary get any retribution after all the e-mail and server dialogue which came up empty? NO.

  12. Post Author

    We need a full, public disclosure of the complete Mueller report , not a 3 page summary of it by Trump -appointed flunky Attorney General Barr. Even Attorney General Barr conceded that despite there being insufficient evidence of collusion, Trump .by no means, exonerated on the obstruction of justice charge. Congress needs to continue its own investigations into Trump’s numerous crimes, tax evasion, shady business deals, his Russian contacts who we know engineered an elaborate plot to meddle in our 2016 elections to help Trump win,.

  13. Post Author

    There should be a second investigation now aimed at Hillary , the DNC , everyone envolved in the FISA warrant .

  14. Post Author

    It was obvious to everyone that didn’t have common sense bred out of them was that the dems thought they could take the heat off their crimes by putting false claims against Trump. Why aren’t sellers of uranium in jail for treason? About time there was true justice. The 30 million dollars spent on the witch hunt could have been spent on the poor.

  15. Post Author

    It is evident by a few of the brainless comments here, that the continual daily brainwashing by the left wing media liars and the evil Demoncrat Party liars, that the brainwashing has been successful on many of the non thinking, weak minded liberals. It seems they love to remain in their delusional state of mind instead of facing reality and learning to think for themselves for a change. They never want to actually grow up but love to be told what to think and do by their masters, who hate America and love everything evil.

  16. Post Author

    I want to know what is in the FISA warrants and the 25million dollar cost to the taxpayers should be paid by Obama, the Clintons and the news media outlets who spread the lies to the American people. There will be more heads to roll if Sen. Graham gets to grill Comey, These people listed above belong in a jail cell

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