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3 Freaky Photos from Mars and the Moon

For years, mainstream science and NASA have preached that the Moon and Mars are dead and devoid of all life. However, analysts unsatisfied with the official narrative have been using increasingly sophisticated tools to zoom in, highlight, filter, and enhance the out-of-the-camera images to look for signs that life not only exists on our space neighbors, but thrives.

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Sounds crazy, right? Let’s take a closer look at three of these puzzling images, courtesy the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration: NASA.

  1. ET Fingers – on Mars?

“Has an alien somehow managed to get its hand in front of the Mars rover Curiosity’s camera?” That was the question posed in 2015 by Scott C. Waring on his website. Over on the far left side of a sweeping, panoramic vista of the Red Planet appear four fingers with nails – especially when tinting is applied to enhance the image.

The first image below is the panoramic view taken by Curiosity, the second is a close-up of the far left side of the image, and the third is that area with the notable feature highlighted with image-editing software.

  1. Wheels on Axles – on the Moon?

The Soviet Union took photos from their Luna 13 moon lander in 1966. On December 24, the second successful Russian lunar landing mission touched down to record TV pictures of the landscape and collect soil measurements.

Over the course of several days, five panoramic views captured. One of them shows two very odd objects. But you can be the judge of that.

Both objects seem very out-of-place in contrast to the rest of their surroundings. They appear to be composed of thick disks (or wheels) held together by a central axle.

Where did these oddities come from? If they were parts from Luna 13, they showed no signs of an impact landing? It seems unlikely these things fell off Luna 13 because they are rather far away from the moon lander. If anything, Object 1 looks like it has been sitting long enough to collect a layer of dirt.

The first image below shows the five panoramic views taken by Luna 13’s camera, the second shows a detail of the top panoramic scene, the third shows a close-up of Object 1, and the fourth is a close-up of Object 2:

Did the Russians land Luna 13 for the express purpose of documenting these whatever-they-are’s?

  1. Animal herds on Mars?

NASA regularly releases images from cameras in orbit around Mars. Both amateur and professional enthusiasts examine these alien views critically and offer their interpretations of what is being depicted.

Do the following photos show herds of four-legged animals – perhaps with some two-legged herders, as well? Consider the next two images: the first seems to show a herd of four-legged animals, some milling about, and some crossing into water from a vegetative area and the second allegedly looks down on a feeding area for these creatures – if creatures they really are and not some geologic formation.

When interpreting optical imagery from space or on a planetary or lunar surface, keep in mind that it’s hard to tell the difference between a mound and a crater, based on the optical illusion of light and shadow:

There are many people who make a living from analyzing photographic and video imagery to help identify its content and to separate fakes from the real McCoys. One of them is Neal Evans who stated:

“I believe this to be a habitable lush thriving ecosystem on Mars. I studied the section of the map for hours and compared it to birds-eye views of places on earth, and it seems to be next to the north pole.

The images are all low resolution, but you can see clear water lines, lakes, either vegetation or some type of life forms seeming to be dependant on the water source.”

Evans goes further to postulate that we are looking at “a completely new ecosystem, a prehistoric life that formed by natural path.”

As official scientific reports admit that a saltwater lake beneath Mars’ surface has been found, several persons have come forward with what they claim is insider testimony of either volunteering for or being enslaved into the U.S. Air Force Secret Space Program.

If these seemingly impossible and outlandish reports of space bases on the Moon, Mars, and elsewhere in and beyond our solar system are true, then the “herds” on Mars might be a Black Angus or a water buffalo, introduced by human beings to sustain their colonial populations!

Evans hit the nail on the head when he observed about the U.S. space agency:

“I have been studying Mars and its story for years. We only know what they allow us to know.”

In that context, the idea of livestock herds on Mars isn’t really that far-fetched at all, is it?

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    Not sure why others are not seeing the photos. The last group of three are particularly interesting. But I have a bit of a problem with possibly importing earth animals to mars. Unless we are being lied to, mars’ gravity is much too low to hold sufficient atmosphere in place to support animal life from earth. Perhaps some plants or microbes, maybe even some insects, but not large animals. I also agree that we really don’t know what gases are actually in the mars atmosphere. We are told it is mostly CO2 with traces on N2 and O2. They could be lying about that.

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