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Trump Team Memo Lists Collusion Liars

The day after the FBI task force headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded its months-long investigation into possible collusion between Russian leadership and the 2016 Trump election team – and found NO EVIDENCE OF UNLAWFUL ACTIVITIES – a presidential staffer sent a memo listing six top Democrats who lied to the public over and over and over again on national television, insisting they were right and everyone else was wrong.

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Dated March 25, 2019, the Memorandum went out to TV producers from Tim Murtaugh, Director of Communications for the “Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.” election organization.

The subject of the memo was “Credibility of Certain Guests” and the gist of the message was that the mainstream media television networks had featured high-profile guests who repeated their “wild claims” with no evidence or proof – over and over and over again.

Murtaugh wrote:

“As you know, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report found that no one associated with President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia, despite repeated offers from Russia-linked operatives.”

The memo said that the fact that Special Counsel Mueller had not recommended pursuing an obstruction of justice charge against Trump and his election associates was also a legal “decision in itself.”

Continuing, the memo said that the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General made the legal determination that there was no obstruction, based on the information provided by Mueller.

The FBI “witch hunt” (as Trump has called it from the beginning) racked up significant costs to the U.S. taxpayers – half of whom supported the initiative whole-heartedly and wanted desperately for the Mueller investigation to yield a pound of vindication in the form of some sort of proof positive that the Trump-Clinton election was influenced by a coalition of Russians and Trumpsters.

The Mueller decision was not made lightly. Here’s what went into it:

  • 2,800 subpoenas (legal demands to appear in court or other duly authorized body to give testimony)
  • 500 search warrants
  • 500 witness interviews
  • 40 FBI agents
  • 19 lawyers
  • $25 million in taxpayer funds

Interpreting these “definitive findings” constitutes a “total and complete vindication of President Trump.”

Then, the memo gets to the point. For the past two years, “Democratic leaders and others lying to the American people by vigorously and repeatedly claiming there was evidence of collusion…made many of these false claims, without evidence, on your airwaves.”

The memo then listed six prominent Democrats featured in national network news broadcasts since the November 2016 election results were finalized and requested that the TV producers “employ basic journalistic standards when booking such guests,” and begin by asking themselves:

“Does this guest warrant further appearances in our programming, given the outrageous and unsupported claims made in the past?”

The memo then takes on the tone of someone scolding their naughty child when talking about re-booking the identified liberal Untruthers:

“At a minimum, if these guests do reappear, you should replay the prior statements and challenge them to provide the evidence which prompted them to make the wild claims in the first place.”

The memo closed by calling for “introspection” – looking within – by the media who “facilitated the reckless statements” that “bombarded” the American people “for two long years,” coupled with “a serious evaluation of how such guests are considered and handled in the future.”

But here is the real crime committed by the collusion of the liberal media with liberal politicians: We the People were told, over and over and over again that our “legitimately elected president had colluded with Russia – a claim proven to be false.”

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars made an excellent video compilation showing the liberals mentioned in the memo using classic brainwashing techniques, repeating key words and phrases from a script.

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Here are the six top Democrats listed in the memo as, basically – and we’re sorry to have to put it this way, but it does seem to fit the context – dirty, rotten liars:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT): “The evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians…”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA): “I think there’s plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight.”

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY): “There was obviously a lot of collusion. The question is how high. Every day we – every day – every so often we get new information about involvement.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA): “In our investigation, we saw strong evidence of collusion.”

DNC Chairman Tom Perez: “And over the course of the last year we have seen, I think, a mountain of evidence of collusion between the campaign and the Russians to basically affect our democracy.”

Former CIA Director John Brennan: “I called his behavior treasonous which is to betray one’s trust and to aiding [sic] and abet the enemy and I stand very much by that claim.”

The Republican reaction to the Mueller finding of no Russia-Trump election collusion was predictable and very likely formulated well in advance of the official ruling.

The reaction from the false accusers was equally predictable. This is the face of a liberal commentator coping with the fact that she has been proved to be a false rumor-monger:

Half of the American people are reeling under the realization that being wrong bites. The other half is suggesting they deal with it.

Perhaps now we can turn the national attention toward seeing some justice delivered to Hillary Clinton who mishandled state secrets with an illegal private email server – something that actually did happen.

  1. Post Author

    How about charges of treason against the government

  2. Post Author

    Why do you tolerate a man who lies daily. Numerous Fact Checkers report his continuous lies and you have to have your head in the sand to avoid knowing this. I doubt you will accurately show this after it is “moderated”.

  3. Post Author

    Being shown to be a liar doesn’t stop a socialist,they are used to that. Losing this skirmish doesn’t lose the war or change the endgame. The goal is the destruction of democracy and individual liberty and rise of global socialism. Sadly they will eventually win.

  4. Post Author

    Acts of HIGH TREASON! Hung by the Communist Necks till almost Dead, then Placed in a Steal Cage and HUNG IN THE OPEN SUN TILLDEAD WITH THE BIRDS PICKING THE BONES CLEAN. Then Grind the Bones into dust and allowed to “BLOW” in the Wind to the Far corners of the World! Make everyone see, and remember! COMMUNIST!

  5. Post Author

    If majority of GOP House Representatives and Senators are not RINOS, they should make a “united” move to appoint a Second Special Council to investigate corrupt anti-Trump officials of DOJ, FBI etc. all the way up to Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama.

  6. Post Author

    The same effort that went into the unmerited witch hunt should go into the investigation into the multiple complicit Democrats. Here there is real wrongdoing & treasonous actions. Justice must be seen to be impartial & not just a consequence of not being a socialist.

  7. Post Author

    The left will NOT give up this ghost. They will continue to lie with the help of all of the MSM (AKA) Democrat Communist Party of America Propaganda Machine). It’s time for some serious investigation into the MSM treasonous activity. They should not have the power to hold broadcast licenses for the way they currently operate. This goes for FaceBook, Google and all the other social media outlets.

  8. Post Author

    Agreed we have a whole generation raised as Socialists and millions of illegals waiting at the border to get in to vote that way

  9. Post Author

    If you’re implying that Pres Trump is a “liar”, then let’s see YOUR proof. The findings of your so-called “fact checkers” has proved to be dubious at best. You libtards all call Trump a liar, when in effect, he is merely saying things contrary to your socialist agenda and exposing your anti-American bias!

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