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Moon and Mars Are Already Inhabited

Recent promises from Elon Musk to colonize Mars on a fast track, announcements from both China and Japan that they plan to colonize the Moon, and U.S. President Trump’s proclamation for a new 6th Branch of the Military – the Space Force – all suggest to some conspiracy theorists that We the People of Earth are being prepped for soft disclosure about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

Puzzling images, courtesy the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) only add fuel to the speculative fires.

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Ever since Viking 1 returned an image of what has been dubbed the “face on Mars” in 1976, some theorists have maintained that governments on Earth and other planets in other star systems have been collaborating on building and staffing above-top-secret Moon and Mars bases for decades.

Photo analysts who have pored over NASA images captured from low orbit or a rolling surface rover (such as Curiosity) have identified what they call artificial structures. There appear to be quite a few odd features on the surface of the Red Planet. Here are a few to ponder:

  1. A “port” facility of some kind
  2. A tall structure dubbed “The Tower” which, based on the shadow it casts, measures 6.3 kilometers high (about 4 miles) – “12 times taller than the largest skyscraper on Earth”
  3. A row of three massive, mile-high towers that “eerily resemble the position of the Pyramid of Giza and how they too mimic the three main stars of the constellation of Orion.”
  4. Glass tubes which have an industrial appearance
  5. A bird-like object or creature seen in the sky in one frame which then disappeared in the next frame captured.

The idea that advanced civilizations have already staked out territory on Mars and the Moon goes directly against the official narrative and “what we know to be true.” Keep in mind that we know only what NASA and the international scientific community tells us.

So, what do we really know about conditions for life on the Moon and Mars? Are they uninhabitable, hostile environments incapable of supporting carbon-based life as we know it?

We have been told that there is ice made from water on the moon. We know that liquid water flows on Mars right now.

Water is the basis for all life as we humans know it. Its presence indicates at least a possibility for some living organisms to exist or have existed, even if they were small microbes.

The official NASA narrative is that Mars solar storms from the sun in the distant past destroyed its atmosphere, rendering it incapable of sustaining life.

Of course, the same space agency said that the Moon “rang like a bell” (suggesting that it is hollow) after the 1969 Apollo 12 lunar module and the 1970 Apollo 13 S-IVB booster were ejected from space to fall back and impact on the surface.

The thinking down on Conspiracy Street is that the Moon is an artificial satellite operated by advanced beings who use it as an interstellar way-station.

Alien experiencer (contactee) Alex Collier relayed a message he got from some friendly Andromedans who described the moon as hollow, with lots going on under the crater-pocked surface:

“The moon is hollow. It contains huge underground facilities built by ETs and, later, humans from Earth. There are seven openings into the Moon’s crust and the underground bases. Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters seem so shallow, despite their size. The Andromedans say it’s because much of the surface was built on top of a metallic shell of a circular space crest; or a ‘War Carrier.'”

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An incredible number of images have been presented that do appear to show unnatural (artificial) structures on the Moon have been identified by image analysts. Of course, it is human nature to look for meaningful patterns when looking at natural geologic formations. But some of these images seem too regular, too geometric, to be an accident of nature.

According to insiders, NASA hires people to airbrush, smudge, and alter photos before releasing them to the public.

Now, with the rising number of strange views coming from our nearest neighbors in space, some people are wondering if all these less-doctored photos are being released on purpose to get everyone ready for full UFO disclosure – the goal of every ufologist.

  1. Post Author

    Where do think the 21 trillion missing dollars has been going? Secret space program, Zero Point Energy.
    As Ben Rich, director of the secret Skunkworks program said at a lecture before he died, ” We have the ability to take ET home”.
    Sir Isaac Newton said, ” The only thing that gives me a headache is the moon”. Almost perfect circular orbit which cannot be explained. (unless you say it was put there). Werner Von Braun in a press conference made a mistake with the moon’s neutral point distance, and then suddenly retired.

  2. Post Author

    We’ve known that Mars is, or at least was, inhabited since the 1960s.
    Didn’t everyone see My Favorite Martian?

  3. Post Author

    There will never be a “full UFO disclosure”. Only a limited one at best. Those in power are not willing to share anything with anyone.

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