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Barr Reveals He Is Investigating The Investigators

It’s beginning to look like we finally got ourselves a real honest-to-goodness Attorney General ready to roll up his sleeves and do his job as the leading law enforcement agent in the country.

Attorney General William Barr has just revealed he’s commissioned a team of investigators to finally take up the issue of why the FBI began spying on the Trump campaign before, during and after Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

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According to a report on Tuesday from Fox News, Attorney General Barr has begun his own investigation into the origin of the Russian collusion hoax, separate from the inspector general’s findings of whether the FBI abused its surveillance authority, illegally using a bogus dossier to circumvent the law. The highly anticipated IG report from Michael Horowitz is slated to be released sometime in May or June.

Barr apparently made reference to the team Tuesday while testifying before Congress.

“I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016,” Barr said at the hearing.

The long-running saga may finally be accelerated into finding out who was responsible for what can only be described as an attempted “soft coup” against a duly elected President.
Republicans along with the American people want to know what prompted the FBI to seek FISA warrants and to conduct a serious counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign along with several of his advisors.

According to Fox News, former FBI Director James Comey acknowledged that surveillance of the Trump campaign began even though the bureau “didn’t know whether we had anything.”

Perhaps the most baffling warrant application obtained by the FBI was that of Carter Page, a low level Trump staffer, who was suddenly under surveillance, accused of conspiring with Russians based on the widely discredited information provided by a Trump hating British ex-spy named Christopher Steele. Page has never been charged with any wrongdoing, and he since sued the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for defamation.

Barr’s investigation must focus on the FISA courts numerous applications filed by the FBI and the subsequent renewals in October of 2016, along with bogus Yahoo News articles, rumored to have been created by either Steele or the FBI, as additional corroborating evidence for the FISA court.

It was later acknowledged that reporter Michael Isikoff was the individual who wrote the bogus Yahoo News articles crediting Steele as his source, which has yet to be confirmed.

Another disputed opinion piece published by the anti-Trump Washington Post implied that Trump’s views on providing lethal arms to Ukraine, and working towards better relations with Russia, was a possible indicator that the campaign had been compromised, may have also been used as a ruse for getting a FISA application.

However, when questioned, the FBI couldn’t provide any independent assessment of whether the Washington Post opinion piece contained accurate information or not. Moreover, the agency never stated to the FISA court that the ex British spy worked for a firm hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, or that she paid for the dossier, only that the dossier was prepared in conjunction with a presidential campaign.

Fox News obtained internal FBI text messages showing just 9-days before the FBI applied to the FISA court in obtaining a warrant for Carter Page; senior FBI officials were battling with senior Justice Department officials who had “continued concerns” about the “possible bias” of those investigators within the FBI.


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    Such a tangled web of lies and deception from the leftist liberal hypocrite democrats, dishonest fake media and a handful of prima donna piss ants at the fbi and cia.
    this investigation needs 100 investigators and the next 10 years to complete!!!

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    America is becoming GREAT AGAIN 😃

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