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Ken Starr: Hillary Clinton “Triggered” Foster’s Suicide

The blockbuster revelation by former independent counsel Ken Starr was stunning.

He stated, regarding the tragic suicide of President Clinton’s Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, Hillary was the individual who “triggered” the event.

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Rumors have long surfaced that the tragic demise of Vince Foster in a deserted park on July 20th, 1993 was somehow directly linked to the Clinton White House. Theories include an alleged love affair between Foster and the former First Lady — or perhaps the unraveling “Travelgate” scandal was getting perilously close to indicting him along with his childhood friend from Arkansas.

In a riveting interview, the former independent counsel revealed what drove the emotionally troubled lawyer to walk into a deserted Fort Marcy Park, in Virginia just outside Washington, D.C., sit on a park bench, place a .38 caliber revolver in his mouth and pull the trigger.

According to Starr, who at the time was tasked as the independent counsel looking into the improprieties regarding the White House travel office, concerning the abrupt firing of 7-government employees ordered by the First Lady.

The firings were unusual, although staff employees serve at the pleasure of the President; these firings seemed especially troubling in that government employees often remain within these jobs for many years, transcending multiple administrations.

Critics contend the firings were done to allow friends of the President and First Lady to take over the lucrative travel business. Those allegations got the attention of the FBI along with the Department of Justice, which in turn sparked interest within the media. The unwelcome publicity forced the White House into a serious dilemma, eventually reinstating the employees fired and removing the Clinton cronies from the travel office.

However legitimate, the political damage was done, prompting an investigation into the matter, designating a special counsel to look into the incident. Foster had long been rumored to be an emotionally fragile individual, suffering severe bouts of depression. The “Travelgate” scandal made his emotional wellbeing even more precarious.

Starr reveals for the first time how the former first lady berated Foster in front of the entire White House staff, a week before he committed suicide.

The former independent counsel also discloses interviewing White House Clinton aids and staff members who acknowledged that the former First Lady held a meeting at the White House with Foster and other top aides to discuss her proposed health care legislation.

And it was within that meeting that a violent confrontation between the former Deputy White House Counsel and the former First Lady ensued. Hillary vehemently admonished Foster.

The over-heated confrontation was related by former FBI agents Coy Copeland and Jim Clemente to Starr. The incident which sparked the dispute, was an apparent legal objection Foster had raised during the meeting, however rather than taking his legal disagreement objectively, Hillary mercilessly ridiculed him in front of his peers.

“Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting,” Copeland said. “She told him he didn’t get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.”

To be clear, Vince Foster was already depressed prior to his suicide, he had a lot on his plate as the President’s Deputy White House Counsel. The mounting issues of “Travelgate” along with the Zoe Baird revelation that she had hired an illegal alien, which immediately torpedoed her chances of being the Presidents choice for Attorney General, all contributed to Foster’s emotional meltdown and that ill-fated walk to the park.

  1. Post Author

    I think you should look into this a little more deeply. If Foster had walked into the park, there would have been some evidence of that on his shoes. There was none. The speculation was that he was carried into the park. There is also that pesky little problem of the 2nd gunshot wound. Apparently, he shot himself in the neck either before or after blowing out the back of his head. And isn’t it strange that the investigation of the violent death of this senior advisor to the President was handled by the Park Police rather than the FBI or Secret Service? A lot of people believe that Foster got the same treatment as dozens of others who were close to the Clintons and just knew too much.

  2. Post Author

    Depressed? Suicide? Shades of Scalia!
    Since when does anyone commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back…twice…FAKE NEWS.

  3. Post Author

    You got it all wrong. First, he did not allegedly kill himself on a park bench. His body was dumped in a wooded area of the park near a parking area, with no footprints leading to the site, and no dirt residue on his shoes, indicating he did not walk to the spot.

  4. Post Author

    Not sure why this story is coming up but the video of Hillary laughing is really inappropriate and extremely unfair.

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  6. Post Author

    This was just another of the dozens of cases of Arkancide. Then it was covered up by the Capitol Police handling a sham of an investigation.

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