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Transgendered Soldiers Need Not Apply

The Pentagon is pleased that President Trump has made good on his promise: Transgenders can’t join the service in order to use medical health insurance for elective operations and treatments while passing on the costs to taxpayers.

The Department of Defense pays around $2.4 to 8.4 million dollars annually for gender-related care for transgender service members.

More than 15,000 transgenders serve in the United States military as of today. Although that seems like a small bill compared to the overall DoD budget set for medical, it’s not exactly how those funds should be used, don’t you think?

What if women entered the military just to have access to medical to deliver a baby? What if males signed up to join the service to get vasectomies? All the military is asking for transgenders to do is serve as the gender that they were born, and if they can’t follow that requirement, to simply not serve at all.

Right now, transgenders are the only ones being signaled out for cost, but the same abuse of military funding could be cited when talking about people who get married and have children while in the military to take advantage of pay increases.

Truly, the attitude that shows how patriotic a person is can be revealing when asked to follow the rules. For example, how individuals responded to the current ban and making it about themselves, and rushing to get the medical treatment done before the ban, which doesn’t sit right with me.

The select service is a uniform service. Not serve you, or serve me. Serve the country. Don’t like the new rules? Don’t enlist. A gender change can be paid outside of military service at a person’s own expense. Yes, this is expensive. But so is lipo, and people find a way to cover their cosmetic procedures each and every day.

Do what you want after serving your country out of patriotism. When you sign a contract with the military, it is understood that you are putting your life on the line. How can you serve in the military if you are recovering from medical treatments or needing extra downtime to transition from one gender to another?

Likely, you won’t be serving very well. Other medical problems can be cause for an honorable discharge. Perhaps this new rule is a type of fairness that needs to be played out for the majority who do not identify as transgender at all.

As much as I have compassion for people who want to go through a gender change, I also realize that I would think the same thing of a woman who wanted to enter the military and have a baby at the same time. You can’t really do both or do both well. It seems opportunistic and very unpatriotic to make decisions like that at the expense of the individuals who call you a hero.

Personally, I’d like to see less talk about gender involving military politics and more talk about improving patriotism, using our military funds to strengthen national security and focus on what matters when you are in the service: asking what you can do for your country, rather than what can your country do for you.

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    Oh man, that second to last paragraph is deep. Well said.

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    All the Michelle Obamas in our country want to join to get free shit.

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    the very idea that anmy soldeiers can not surve is simply repulsicwe, more so when you suggest that tthe rans gendered join for the medical benefits .

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    Correctomundo. They need not apply.

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    If some guy’s willing to cut off his own balls, I think he’d make a heck of a soldier! I sure wouldn’t want to mess with him!

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