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Mueller Report avoids genesis of probe…Steele Dossier

After spending nearly 35 million dollars and almost 2-years investigating the President, the “witch-hunt” is over.

However what did we actually learn?

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Other than destroying reputations and financially ruining honorable men by purposely entrapping them for “lying” like retired Army Lieutenant General and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, what was actually achieved?

The Obama Administration already knew as early as 2015 that the Russians were interfering and attempting to hack into various government databases, and did nothing to stop the willful intrusion. The fact that the Mueller Report acknowledged what was already an established fact, perhaps best illustrates the ‘DEEP STATE” in action.

Nowhere within the voluminous interviews, subpoenas, and indictments does Mueller and his team of investigators pursue the obvious culprits regarding Russian Collusion, namely Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton.

Granted, Mueller did interview Steele. However, he cleverly avoids taking a deep investigative dive, as to the “how” and “why” the dossier was created, making sure to stay clear of the central player involved within the scandal, Hillary Clinton.

Mueller “incredibly” mentions incidents extracted from the dossier making passing references within the report, but apparently isn’t curious enough to follow up as to its organ, cherry picking what he deems important while avoiding the actual source of RUSSIAN COLLUSION.

Those obvious omissions stand in stark contrast to what a special counsel’s role and responsibilities must be, in that any hint of impropriety must be eliminated.

Moreover, the entire probe from the beginning was a series of serious improprieties beginning with Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Trump’s biggest mistake) recusing himself from allegations that the President was somehow involved regarding Russian collusion.

Thus allowing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who actually had a serious conflict of interest (signing off on the FISA warrants) appointing Robert Mueller another character with credibility issues, because he was a personal friend with one of the principle characters being probed former FBI Director James Comey.

Mueller immediately set-about hiring a legal team with massive conflicts of interest, many being unabashed Clinton supporters including FBI agent Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page, who had conspired openly against the President.

Realizing the optics of having this duo on his team, Mueller cleverly fired both of them, saving himself any potential issues down the line.
Perhaps the best summation regarding the report came from Mark Levin on his Sunday night telecast on Fox’s “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

The “great one” holding up a section of the report calling it a “pathetic joke of a report” that established nothing the general public didn’t already know and its findings didn’t warrant a “special investigation.”

Levin continued, “This is an abuse of power by a prosecutor. This is the only prosecutor in the entire country who writes a report under justice department regulations, a report that is only supposed to go to the Attorney General, who then makes decisions about whether to release any of it, or all of it, because there’s no requirement for this to be released at all.”

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The Mueller report, Levin concludes is “an impeachment report” that was written for the “media and the “Democrats in the House of Representatives.”

In that, the first section of the report, the one Mueller and his team were originally tasked with, regarding whether the President “colluded” with the Russians during the 2016 election, was most likely concluded (most experts agree) within the first year.

So why did Mueller drag out the report for almost another year?
Most likely because he was attempting to get the President within an in-person interview, where his Clinton loving team of attorneys would most likely attempt a perjury trap, similar to one that devastated Michael Flynn.

However, when that didn’t work out, Mueller prepared a second section of the report, using the President’s mounting frustrations of being accused of something he knew he was innocent of against him, in the form of a potential obstruction charge, as another way of attempting to undermine the President.

  1. Post Author

    Did we EVER think it would be non biased! The good thing HE could not frame it to make Trump guilty! The deeper it got the better for Trump and worse for the FBI….therefore, the ADS for the FBI on TV! Bad for the good agents bad for those who think they are above the law!!!!

  2. Post Author

    Everyone knew Clinton andObama were the ones benefiting with relations with Russia. Uranium One was treasonous, giving a real enemy to us 20 percent of our uranium and Clinton foundation ends up with 145 million dollars and u know Obama was not getting one cent less!

  3. Post Author

    Truly These We’re Treasonous Acts Perpetrated By The DNC, Obama, Clinton And So Many Other Deep State Operatives (FBI)… And The Lame Stream Liberal Media Who Aided In Perpetuating This Fake News Narrative In An Attempt To Take Down The President… This Is The Biggest Scandal In The History Of The US …. And Nothing Is Being Done Yet To The Liars Who So Far Have Gotten Away With This

  4. Post Author

    Thank those that are honest which in the Mueller investigation were unlawful people and to think we Americans pay their salaries for untrue evaluations and to ruin good honest men not men like themselves. This has been the saddest report we Americans have ever seen as only a witch hunt and hopefully people will not use these attorneys involved for their purposes.

  5. Post Author

    Since everyone involved knew it was a fake investigation, President Trump cannot be accused of obstruction. You cannot obstruct something that is fake. It was obviously not a true investigation. Besides, since they were already spying on President Trump, they already knew he was not guilty!

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