NYT Columnist Becomes A Trump Believer


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There are times when the simplest solution to a problem requires simply going to the source by getting out of the comfort of your office at 620 8th Avenue at 40th Street in New York City, and flying out to where the action is, which is apparently what New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman did.

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Appearing on CNN Wednesday fresh from his trip out west, to be precise the port of entry at San Diego, Friedman described what he had witnessed at the border in three tiny words “a troubling scene.”

Now to be honest I haven’t done a background check on Friedman, however it’s a safe bet working for the New York Times that Friedman isn’t a RIGHT WING EXTREMIST.

Why that’s important is because Friedman is perhaps the individual we need to have finally allowed his God given scenes to actually “see” what is taking place at the border, without confusing his progressive orthodoxy by what he’s actually witnessing with his own eyes, rather then a manipulated 30 second video created in a viewing room at the New York Times

Friedman appearing with Wolf Blitzer allowed the CNN host to read an excerpt from his op-ed article on the air, “The whole day left me more certain than ever that we have a real immigration crisis and that the solution is a high wall with a big gate, but a smart gate.”

Friedman then interrupted Blitzer stating, “Wolf, I’m as radically pro-immigration as they come. But, it’s pretty clear to me and unless we can assure a significant number of Americans that we can control our border, we’re never going to have proper immigration flow. I think we need, we desire, and that we actually have a moral responsibility given our history as a nation of immigrants.”

Adding, “We have a President who actually, when you think about it, Wolf, he has the chops with his base. If he were to sit down, call Nancy Pelosi up, say ‘we’re going up to Camp David. You bring your immigration team, I’ll bring mine. I’ll leave Stephen Miller at home,’ and we will actually sort out a compromise here. Where, cause Democrats were ready to fund more border security, but at the same time we’re going to create a legal pathway for people here, limits the number of ICE arrests and we’re going to have a rational inflow of people.”

Perhaps this would be a good time to interject what a few hours in the trenches can accomplish to one’s preconceived notion that what is taking place on our border is a “manufactured crisis.”

Friedman seems to have allowed his eyes to be opened even if it’s just a bit by actually penning an op-ed article that actually deals with the immigration crisis in between the constant Trump bashing that we’ve come to expect from the progressive “flagship” on 8th Avenue, which is just now coming to terms with the immigration crises along with the Mueller Report.

Here’s an excerpt from Friedman’s op-ed piece, which sounds eerily close to the President’s immigration policy, “in an era when more and more countries will fracture under environmental, population, criminal and technological stresses, we simply cannot take everyone who shows up at our border.”

“There has to be a compromise. As David Frum put it in his Smart Essay  on immigration this month in The Atlantic, “If liberals insist that only fascists will enforce borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals refuse to do.”

“And Trump fans need to realize that, yes, walls work, but only when paired with a strategy that says “we’re not only going to build walls.”

“Celebrate the essential contribution that a steady flow of legal, high-energy and high-I.Q. immigrants make to America; embrace our historical role as a haven for those legitimately fleeing persecution as much as we possibly can because our country was founded by people doing the same; and expand our immigration court system to quickly welcome those who deserve asylum and repatriate those who don’t.

  1. Post Author

    Sounds really good.

  2. Post Author

    When building anything the builder looks for return on investment, if Trump wanted to lower the cost of the wall, he could hire the same low paid workers(probably some illegals also) that he used on his RE projects, half the population would be for it and half not but the wall would get built

  3. Post Author

    FINALLY a Liberal seeing for himself and very articulately supporting our urgent need for a WALL and smart technology to protect our borders, communities and country!!! THANK YOU

  4. Post Author

    I have thought many times if only Pelosi and Schumer and significant other politicians would only go down to the border and see for themselves what is really happening then this would not be a political problem any more, but a problem that affects the entire US. Congratulations to Friedman who hopefully opened the eyes of the entire country.

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