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Whistleblower: Facebook Actively Promotes Terrorist Propaganda

We’ve all witnessed recently how Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed publicly that “this time” his company is finally taking off their platform extremist content and hate speech. Within the world of Facebook, this can include anyone who disagrees with their politically correct agenda — namely conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters, and those supporting our First and Second Amendments.

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However, a new complaint filed on Thursday to the Securities and Exchange Commission, from as yet an unnamed whistleblower alleges that Facebook is auto-generating and helping to mass promote Islamic State-created propaganda, from such despots as ISIS and other state-run terrorist organizations.

Moreover, Facebook failed to identify (either mistakenly or willfully), a large number of easily identifiable ISIS-related content, while at the same time removing content from some notable conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos, for being “dangerous.”

Zuckerberg said in a statement to Fox News at the time, “We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology. The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

Obviously, anyone who knows of or follows Yiannopoulos knows that he’s an engaging, incredibly articulate and interesting individual, who has never (to my knowledge) ever engaged in, what would be considered  “hate speech,” if one considers telling the truth regarding Sharia law as “hate speech.” Yet Zuckerberg has removed him off his platform, actually slandering his character calling him an “extremist,” while ignoring real extremists on his platform like ISIS.

According to a petition filed by the National Whistleblower Center (NWC), Facebook is likely violating securities laws prohibiting companies from misleading shareholders and the public. The complaint includes a study that shows Facebook used its auto-generating to produce videos for ISIS terrorists detailing their exploits over the year.

Zuckerberg and his minions apparently have no problem promoting a character calling himself “Abdel-Rahim Moussa, the Caliphate,” showcasing a video clip beginning with a photo of the ISIS black flag of jihad and then flashes highlights of a years worth of extremist images on his social media posts, including visuals of anti-Semitic verses, and a picture of men carrying more jihadi flags while they burn the American flag.

An independent media research firm in 2018 monitored a number of suspected Facebook pages of users, who attached themselves to extremist groups which the U.S. government has officially designated as terrorist groups. Nearly 38% of those posts monitored had symbols of those extremist groups.

The research also uncovered shocking images of an execution video of a beheading, including additional images of several severed heads being displayed, which remained on the Facebook platform as late as May of 2018.

Facebook’s claim that the social media giant has made a significant dent in ISIS propaganda materials is at best wishful thinking by Zuckerberg. His boast in April that “In areas like terrorism, for al-Qaida and ISIS-related content, now 99% of the content that we take down in the category our systems flag proactively before anyone sees it,” is similar to his phony assessment that  Facebook doesn’t target or censor conservatives on his platform. Reminiscent of his purge a few years ago when he suddenly shut down and denied access to his platform for hundreds of small conservative websites, virtually driving them out of business almost overnight.

The research firm acknowledged to an AP reporter “If a small group of researchers can find hundreds of pages of content by simple searches, why can’t a giant company with all its resources do it?”

Zuckerberg, of course, has said a number of times during congressional hearings under oath and again countless times within the media, and again to his shareholders that he’s working on the problem. A company representative said in a statement. “We don’t claim to find everything and we remain vigilant in our efforts against terrorist groups around the world.”

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    Anybody who believes Zukerberg is naive & foolish. He says what he wants people to believe & does the opposite.

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    as if we, had not already noticed this corrupt weaponizing a long time ago.

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