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Elijah Cummings And Wife Embroiled In Scandal

What started as a potential conflict of interest and perhaps an ethics violation for the powerful House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings has mushroomed into a growing corruption scandal — with far-reaching criminal implications that threaten to bring down the influential Democrat along with his wife, Maya.

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The developing scandal involves a series of entities created by Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, similar in scope to the Clinton Foundation, in which a “not for profit” charity is created along with a private LCC.

Then when donations come in, a portion of those dollars are funneled back to the company — which of course is controlled by Maya Cummings.

According to the Daily Caller News Foundation Maya Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity, called the “Center for Global Policy Solutions” (CGPS), paid her for-profit venture, “Global Policy Solutions LLC”, over $250,000 in “management fees” between 2013 and 2015, according to the charity’s audited financial statements.

In addition to receiving “management fees,” Cummings also received payments for “cost-sharing” in which the charity pays for its share of equipment, personnel, and other expenditures.

To complicate matters even further (which of course is by design). Rockeymoore Cummings’s “charity” is funded by companies that have dealings with her husband Rep. Elijah Cummings, which makes for a very cozy relationship for everyone concerned

National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) investigator Tom Anderson told The Daily Caller News Foundation, “It’s self-dealing. It’s taking the charity’s resources and turning them into personal profits.”

Adding, “IRS law doesn’t allow a charity for this purpose. This isn’t for the public interest; this is for her personal interest. You can’t do that.”

In May NLPC filed a complaint with the IRS against Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity and LLC alleging that companies with interests before the House Oversight Committee are buying influence from Chairman Elijah Cummings, through their donations to the charity.

The Maryland Congressman on his latest financial disclosure report listed his wife’s LCC as an asset worth between $250,000 to $500,000

However, on Friday Rockeymoore Cummings was hit with a series of new allegations stemming from her original financial disclosure of self-dealing and perjury.

According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, an additional complaint filed with the IRS by a watchdog group called The National Legal and Policy Center amended its original May 20th complaint against Maya Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity, alleging that the nonprofit’s along with her for-profit company may have personally and “illegally benefited” her husband

NLPC also alleges that Rockeymoore Cummings may have committed perjury by answering “no” in her charity’s 2015 tax return when asked if it conducted business with an entity owned by an officer or director of the charity.

“As a Director, Officer and Key Employee of CGPS at the same time she was the sole Governor of [Global Policy Solutions, LLC], Maya Rockeymoore Cummings should have answered ‘yes,’” the NLPC’s complaint states. “The false entry appears to be willful. Form 990 was signed by Maya Rockeymoore Cummings ‘under penalties of perjury.”

Scott Walter, the president of the conservative watchdog group Capital Research Center, said, “It’s a red flag for a powerful member like Elijah Cummings to have a family member receiving money from entities with issues before his powerful committee.”

Both the congressmen and his wife have refused to discuss the allegations with the Washington Examiner or explain the overlap between companies with interests before his committee and donors to his wife’s foundation.

The complaint also asks the IRS to investigate the “shared leadership,” “integrated operations,” and “shared address and physical facilities” of her two companies.

  1. Post Author

    They will cry racism and get a pass

    • Post Author

      Sounds quite similar to Clarence Thomas having a wife that runs around making BANK on right wing activism against things like the ACA while Thomas happily fails to recuse himself from the cases attacking it.

  2. Post Author

    if this is anything that the democratic congress should be looking at ,
    there is a very good chance you will never hear about it.

  3. Post Author

    The Democratic Party is looking ever more like the ruling ANC in South Africa, where up to $70 billion of taxpayer funds has been looted & destroyed. They are also socialists/communists so that’s another thing the two parties have in common. The third thing is they constantly bitch about capitalism, but that’s what enables them to siphon off the dollars in the first place.

    • Post Author

      Complaining about capitalist ABUSES that result in plutocracy and undermine our democracy by creating an oligarchy that controls governmental decision-making through campaign donations and legalized bribery is not the same thing as simply complaining about or attacking capitalism itself. Read the Princeton study proving that we no longer live in a representative democracy because congressional decision-making tracks what the extremely wealthy donor class wants, not what the majority of the people want, almost 100% of the time. And that’s BOTH parties, so don’t “fake news” and “bias” me about it.

  4. Post Author

    Typical….that’s another reason why most people in congress get to be millionaires after a couple of terms…its takes a while to figure out the corrupt system

  5. Post Author

    Just shameful that high paid individuals in our government should do such shameful things. I worked over 40 years for my money and your greed is discussing! This is why our government is so corrupt. You should be removing from your jobs! You can’t take it with you and God tells us to share what we have with others. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  6. Post Author

    Business as usual in DC – lets all get together — get together to cheat , lie & steal — we entitled …..

  7. Post Author

    Typical shines but seriously WHO CARES?

  8. Post Author

    So what is the results of the inquiry? Did they ever prosecute anyone on this fraud and perjury .

  9. Post Author

    Sounds quite similar to Clarence Thomas having a wife that runs around making BANK on right wing activism against things like the ACA while Thomas happily fails to recuse himself from the cases attacking it.

  10. Post Author

    Neither of these organizations have a shred of credibility making these kinds of accusations and complaining about the principle of the thing, the ethics of it, etc., while they gleefully ignore and fail to file complaints about BLATANT AND DEMONSTRABLY PROVEN violations of FEC violations committed by Trump himself and his campaign organization. This is all just tribalist partisan attack dogging if they can’t go after the biggest offender currently present in the government.

    • Post Author

      I am always shocked when I read posts like yours. There is no defense for all of the corruption within both parties of Congress. As for President Trump…he is THE most investigated President in our History…and with all of the investigations the Democrats have not found one criminal action. I realize that The American Media Complex spends every minute…of every hour, of every day lying to the American people…so it is very hard for anyone to know what is truth and what is lies… This is why I urge everyone to do your own research. I am assuming that you are referring to the phone call to Ukraine, when you say Trump is guilty of FEC Violations. As I said, this is 100% untrue.

      I urge you to read the Constitutional duties of a sitting president. If there is any foreign interference in our elections, as there was in 2016…it falls to the President to put together a team to investigate the interference. In every U.S. foreign Treaty, there is a clause which mandates that any country bound to the U.S. by Treaty must turn over all evidence of any criminal activity committed by an American citizen. Trump has been investigating the 2016 election since the Spring of 2017. Should he have ignored Biden’s crimes? Should he have ignored Biden himself bragging about how he forced the Ukraine President to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son? We keep being told, by CNN and other media outlets…that if someone is campaigning to be President, they cannot be investigated for any criminal activity…as it will effect the election. This is not true…If it were true, then how is it that there has been dozens of Democratic Investigations into Trump …who is running for re-election…so if it is illegal to investigate Biden, how is it legal to investigate Trump? This entire affair, with Biden, Pelosi, Romney, and John Kerry all sending their kids to work for Chinese co’s in Ukraine…all earning ridiculous salaries for jobs they are unqualified to have…and then when you investigate you find out that these same politicians have all used their power to protect the companies their kids are getting paid from…

      Trump is not the corrupt one…the career politicians in both parties are…What I do not understand is how any American citizen can support closing down these investigations…How can any American not be angry that our politicians are using their power to benefit their finances, their kids, etc…and they also chose to protect and pass laws that favor the Chinese over the American People…The Democrats and RINO’s have turned Congress into a corrupt entity that is more criminal than the Russian mob or Mexican Drug Cartels…Yet all I hear from Democrats is how Trump is the bad guy…His phone call was legal. Asking the Ukraine President for any evidence of criminal activity by a sitting Vice President…is not criminal. It used to be called Integrity.

    • Post Author

      I wish no one ill, or worse in this case… but you reap what you sow! Cummings was a self serving sanctimonious black liberal who raped the citizens of Baltimore for decades. The tax payer’s money wasn’t enough, so he went another route with this “Center for Global Policy Solutions” and connected LLC. It all eventually catches up to you doesn’t it! The Clintons, Weinstein, Rosenstein! The stress and deceit eventually takes you out! Rest in Peace Elija, but the City of Baltimore and the House of Representatives are both better off now for sure!

      • Post Author

        How is the Congress better now that he is gone? You mean that the politicians that replace him are any better? You must live in a dream world. All politicians pat, present and future are corrupted to the core. That is why they choose politics, the easiest way to become a millionaire.

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