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Are Omar’s Tax Returns Being Ignored By The IRS?

Most critical thinking individuals regardless of their political affiliation would consider filing a joint federal and state tax return claiming to be a “married couple” (while not married to that individual), despite being “legally married to someone else “FRAUD,” plan and simple.

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However, if you’re Democrat freshmen Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) — who also violated campaign finance laws along with filing an illegal joint tax return with the IRS — those legal standings apparently don’t apply to you.

Aside from dumping on America every chance she gets, the former anti-Semitic Somali refugee turned politician, apparently doesn’t think much of campaign finance laws, much less bothering to comply with federal tax laws.

The freshmen Minnesota legislator came under fire recently for misappropriating campaign finances, using political campaign funds for personal use by traveling to Florida to accept an honorarium.

She was ordered to repay her campaign $3,500 as well as a $500 civil penalty to the State of Minnesota. In all fairness to Omar campaign finance laws can be extremely confusing, and innocent mistakes can happen. However, willfully filing a false state and federal tax return is another matter.

The revelation by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board during their routine investigation regarding Omar’s campaign finance violation, also uncovered Omar falsely claiming on her federal joint tax return she was “married” to the individual on the tax form, while actually still “legally married to another.

Think about the irony for a moment, a freshman lawmaker who was elected to represent Minnesota, and given the awesome responsibility by the people to craft legislation into law, has been caught willfully breaking the law, by filing fraudulent tax returns to perhaps enrich herself.

While some states allow for joint filing for “common law” marriages, Minnesota does not, and filing joint tax returns with someone who is not your legal spouse is against both federal and state law.

Omar’s marriage records read like a convoluted tale straight out of the 1940’s flick “The Thief of Bagdad.” She apparently applied for a license in 2002 to marry her current husband, named Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, who was also known as Ahmed Abdisalan, at the time.

For whatever reason, a marriage certificate wasn’t issued and Omar never bothered to pursue a civil marriage but instead married within her Muslim faith, which one would presume would also be recorded someplace.  Omar and Hirsi had two children but ended their relationship in 2008.

In 2009 Omar then married Elmi, who she claims is a British citizen, however that marriage lasted just two years ending in some-sort of Muslim divorce in 2011 (again with no actual records available of a divorce).

Omar then took “legal” action in 2017 claiming she divorced Elmi. Divorce records say Omar and Hirsi reunited and had a third child together in June 2012. Omar legally married Hirsi in early 2018 a month after her divorce from Elmi was finalized.

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No doubt at this point, you’re as confused as I, which once again begs the question is this what Minnesota voters actually voted for, and if so are they sorry?

However the wider issue isn’t  Omar’s personal love-life, but rather the seemingly purposeful disinformation regarding those relationships, was she legally divorced in 2011 or not, and what of 2017, are just a few of the questions regarding her joint tax returns for 2014 and 2015, while Omar was still legally married to another man, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

The investigation into her finances began last year after she was accused of using $2,250 of campaign money for divorce proceedings.

Thus far Omar has refused to be interviewed directly by the press, instead of relying on an email statement which reads in part, “All of Rep. Omar’s tax filings are fully compliant with all applicable tax law.”

The IRS so far doesn’t seem interested in looking into Omar’s fake tax returns, preferring instead to claim her filings was all a simple mistake “if taxpayers incorrectly file tax returns as “married filing jointly” where there is no legal marriage, it is typically not a criminal matter unless taxpayers have a strong intent to cheat on their taxes, or unless they directly provide false factual information.”

One would assume claiming you’re married when you’re not, would fall under that category…now ask yourself…”are we crazy?”

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