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Americans Think The Government Lies About UFOs

“Most Americans believe the government is hiding info about UFOs.” This was the conclusion of a July 4, 2019 survey by one British international online market research and data analytics firm.

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YouGov, headquartered in the United Kingdom operates in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific is “a global online community where millions of people and thousands of political, cultural and commercial organizations engage in a continuous conversation about their beliefs, behaviors, and brands.”

YouGov asked Americans, just in time for their annual Independence-from-Britain Day celebration, if they believe the government has information about UFOs that is not being shared with the public?

The results from the unscientific public-opinion survey were remarkable: fully 28 percent of Americans “believe the government knows something about UFOs that is not being shared with the public.”

Contrast the YouGov poll with one conducted by CNN in June 1997 which showed that “80 percent of Americans think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.” More than 20 years ago, 54 percent of the 1,024 American survey respondents believed intelligent life exists outside Earth – even though they themselves had never seen or known anyone who saw a UFO.

Debunkers continue to deny the existence of UFOs and continue to repeat the old government lies that what people really saw were meteors, balloons, paratroopers, swamp gas, and the planet Venus.

People who have spent years studying the UFO phenomenon and the U.S. federal government’s vehement (and, until recently, nasty) coverup of any and all UFO truths are fed up. UFO experiencers who know what they went through was real are fed up.

As the YouGov poll aptly demonstrates, almost one out of three Americans is fed up with government denials, ridicule, and distraction aimed at discrediting credible observers and reporters.

But the wind has shifted – not about how Americans perceive UFOs but about how the U.S. government perceives UFOs. In 2019, mainstream media reporting has stopped laughing at UFO claims and has performed a complete reversal. Now, say the talking heads, the federal government does believe UFOs are real (the jury is still out on ETs, as followers of this breaking news have noticed) and, therefore, so should we.

This is a textbook case of the tail wagging the dog. So many people are convinced by personal experience as well as federal documentation that UFOs exist that the cat is out of the bag.

U.S. government officials are doing their best to maintain tight control on public opinion about UFOs and ETs. Senators are being briefed in private and then suggesting that more covert groups be formed to spend more taxpayer money with no transparency or accountability to the general public.

Even the U.S. President is weighing in on the taboo topic, although cryptically, saying “Not especially,” when he was asked point-blank by an ABC reporter if UFOs are real.

The question being kicked around down on Conspiracy Street is: Will Donald Trump go down in history as the U.S. UFO Disclosure President?

After all, in January 2019, the U.S. Commander-in-Chief directed the Pentagon to create a new sixth branch of the military called the Space Force.

Will the Space Force allow the federal government a way to carry on their clandestine cosmic clearance (the actual military designation) research into Unidentified Flying Objects and the beings who pilot them?

For more than 70 years, the U.S. government has been looking into the troubling question about how to deal with spacecraft that outmaneuver all terrestrial capabilities and appear to exhibit a teasing sense of humor by darting away at mind-boggling speeds only to reappear after Air Force interceptor jets close in for the kill.

The American people have been told for so long that anyone who “believes” they saw a UFO or concludes that our government “believes” in them, based on their own official documentation, is mentally unhinged, delusional, or honestly mistaken by some other “logical” explanation.

The fact is that UFOs have been around as long as we have – and bioengineered us, according to multiple ancient texts. We have genetic strands that aren’t found in any other organism on earth which is supremely unusual. Where did our “alien” DNA come from?

Insiders to UFO black operations projects have stated that ETs (extraterrestrials) have human DNA mixed in with theirs. Many UFO abductees have come forward with their experiences that almost always include those infamous probes whereby male sperm and female ova are collected. Parents of human-alien hybrids have described being introduced to their children and how emotional the meetings typically are.

Experiencers and insiders also say that there are many types of aliens. Some look kindly upon humans. Others, not so much. Aliens wage war with aliens. The cosmic situation is as complex as politics here on Earth.

Many countries, including the United States, have been releasing their internal UFO files, many of which are reported sightings.

Modern cell phone camera technology has changed the UFO sighting reporting game for good. While it is true that any pixel-based imagery can be altered or faked, expert video analysts confirm that some recordings appear to be 100% genuine and the objects captured are genuinely unexplainable by conventional technology.

Add to that insider testimony from Bob Lazar who, since 1989, has candidly revealed his personal compartmentalized experience working with UFOs at Area 51, the super-top-secret facility at Groom Lake in the Nevada desert near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lazar is trending again now, thanks to a new movie about his real-life engineering reports which support UFOs as a matter of fact and not one of mere belief.

  1. Post Author

    I think the UFO of extraterrestrials is bunk. The pictures are blurring spots with no actual definition. Give me hard documented and actual proof. I do not want innuendos and unbased theories. A group of hardcore theorist without actual proof are trying to sell people on them. Unfortunately many people have bought into their fantasies.

  2. Post Author

    It’s very very real,i have personally had 2 sightings on 2 seperate occasions.

    • Post Author

      <<It’s very very real,i have personally had 2 sightings on 2 seperate occasions.

      …and you survived?

  3. Post Author

    Same here, I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 36 years and I’ve seen my share of UFOs and I am not dillussional nor making this up.
    If you’re not a believer then, either you’ve never seen one or you have your head in the sand which is where the government wants it.

  4. Post Author

    watch unidentified on the history channel .. these are top military and govt people.

  5. Post Author

    All my life I’ve run into people who sighted UFOs. There were even a couple of alleged close encounters described to me by people I’d known for years and who spoke about their experiences in strict confidentiality. They weren’t looking for attention, for sure. At the local airport I had an interesting time chatting with an airline pilot who took an Instamatic foto in sheer daylight of a UFO. It was too grainy and far-away to be recognizable, but the guy was an airline pilot! Many airline pilots and radars have zeroed in on UFOs over Lake Michigan near Chicago. Astronauts have seen them. Military pilots have seen them. In the town of Hillsdale, Michigan, where I lived for a few years, literally thousands of people, including entire dormitories full of students, watched UFOs for hours do amazing feats. The Hillsdale County civil defense director, Bud Van Horn, and police officers were among people who publicly attested to UFO sightings. The Air Force, working under Project Bluebook, proclaimed the zig zagging, rising and falling, 1000-mph displays as the twinkling from “swamp gas” rising at night from swamps around Hillsdale and slowly burning. Small problems: (2) The craft were seen in daytime as well as night, which would entirely obscure the glow of “swamp gas” (a phenomenon that has never been documented anyway) and (2) I flew over and around Hillsdale at least 100 times recreationally. I never saw any swamps around town. No swamps, no swamp gas. The doubters here who think THEY must see something for it to be credible are just fearful and arrogant goobers incapable of assessing facts.

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