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Google Targets Popular Conservative App

Conservative thinkers have quickly tired of the ongoing and very real conspiracy to ban their views from Big Tech platforms operated by the likes of Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Free speech can and will be heard. In headlines now is a new mobile device app called Parler (“par-lay”) which means “to speak” in French. The Parler website promises:

“News as it happens. Commenting and Social News platform built for conversations between users on content produced by media and news sites.”

The brainchild of founder and CEO John Matze, Parler is gaining ground as the free thinker’s option for a truly fair and unbiased online news and views sharespace. Still in its infancy since its launch in late 2018, Parler has about 100,000 users.

The app was designed to resemble Twitter, with “votes” and “echoes” replacing “likes” and “retweets.” Posts up to 1,000 characters are allowed.

Conservative luminaries who are using Parler include Tucker Carlson, Laura Loomer, Candace Owens (who tweeted that she “was the first conservative to join” Parler, sparking 40,000 new users to flood and temporarily overload Parler’s servers), Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Donald Trump, Jr.

Republican President Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale met with Matze in May 2019 “about hosting the president on the platform as a bulwark against censorship.” Such an endorsement would certainly help to ensure Parler’s success.

Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) have created accounts on Parler. Parscale is chatting up Parler’s CEO with an eye toward establishing an unbiased forum where conservatives also enjoy our inalienable right to free expression. Parscale has said he is considering setting up the nation’s Commander-in-Chief with his own profile.

Now that Parler is becoming a viable rival to oppressive and politically slanted online media outlets, tech giant Apple has targeted the news platform, demanding that Parler remove “offensive content” (as Apple defines it) or be booted off the App Store.

Matze observed:

“Obviously by ‘offensive’, they mean ‘conservative’ content. Twitter is exempt from this clause as they generate more hatred than any platform in history.”

The politically intolerant big tech companies have consistently denied their persecution of selected targets based on posting content. Recent insider whistleblowing, however, has exposed the true liberal inner nature of Google, as well as the company’s plot to program their global system to tamper with the 2020 election.

Matze himself has transcended partisan politics and envisions a day when all free thinkers embrace his news platform. Speaking in favor of civil discussion, the online news innovator stated:

“I really don’t want to take a stance at all on the political side of things. However, it seems extremely relevant right now for conservatives at least to build a platform where they can build trust. They feel extremely abused by social media.”

Parler’s founder said he will abide by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition of obscenity to gauge and filter inappropriate content.

The White House plans to host a social media summit on July 11, 2019, and has reportedly invited “a group of conservative figures and organizations who have accused tech platforms of partisan bias.”

Rumored to be among the conservative elite are Turning Point USA’s Executive Director Charlie Kirk and participants from two right-leaning organizations, Heritage Foundation and Media Research Center. Kirk spoke for many silenced voices when he said:

“This has become a serious issue for a lot of people. They feel their voice is silenced, and they feel they’re being de-platformed.”

Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer for PragerU, which creates conservative videos covering national matters, also supported the need to meet and discuss effective action against the rapid curtailing of American free expression:

“Big tech needs to be held accountable for their actions and the general public needs to be aware of what’s going on.”

The July social media summit comes in the aftermath of Trump’s charges in late June that Google, Twitter, and Facebook want to influence the next presidential election against him:

“They make it much harder for me to get out the message. These people are all Democrats, it’s totally biased toward Democrats. If I announced tomorrow that I’m going to become a nice liberal Democrat, I would pick up five times more followers.”

In a statement which can only be described as a bald-faced lie, in light of recent hidden-camera video evidence from inside Google which showed uncontrovertible and unabashed liberal hatred of President Trump, an official mouthpiece for Google repeated the legal disclaimer that its products are developed “with extraordinary care and safeguards to be a trustworthy source of information for everyone, without any regard for political viewpoint.”

Trump has made it clear that he is willing to explore alleged violations of antitrust laws committed by all the big tech megacorporations:

“We should be suing Google and Facebook and all that, which perhaps we will.”

Although most people will never read this news in the American mainstream media, Google is starting to pay large punitive sums in Europe over its AdSense business, having shelled out about $1.7 billion in March damages to settle charges of violating antitrust laws by unfairly restricting open market competition.

In the U.S., reports indicate that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have split antitrust oversight of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon between the two federal agencies.

Shhhh. Is that the sound of the other shoe dropping?

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    I’ve stopped reading social media altogether due to the issue and it would be wonderful to speak to anyone who won’t attack you for your political choice, religious choice and moral choice. This is a breath of fresh air.

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