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CNN Reporter Instigates Violence at White House Rose Garden

Perhaps it was the impending forecast of a severe thunderstorm or the heat and humidity which irritated a few within the White House Rose Garden following the President’s exit back into the Oval Office.

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However, the culprit wasn’t mother-nature, but rather an obnoxious character hired by CNN — sitting off to the side away from the guests.

The so-called journalist in question is a gruff individual named Brian Karem who aside from working with fake-news outlet CNN is also a White House correspondent for Playboy Magazine.

The dust-up that almost turned violent was caught on video by an enterprising journalist who recorded the entire incident along with the audio as it unfolded.

The video captures a loud and rowdy Karem openly heckling a group of invited online journalists sitting in the front row within the Rose Garden. The online journalists were there as guests of the President, for the social media summit, to discuss their experiences (as conservatives), regarding the ongoing bias directed at conservatives within social media.

Karem continues heckling the guest who returns the razzing, not content with simply heckling Trump’s quests, Karem turns his attention to other guests in attendance, thus slowly escalating the tenuous situation even further by purposely instigating the entire group gathered within the Rose Garden, who are no longer attempting to ignore this malcontent, who seems bent on creating a physical confrontation with someone.

The audio then captures Karem shouting at apparently everyone, “This is a group of people who are eager for demonic possession,” which no doubt was a veiled reference to the administration.

At which point, a familiar voice rings out off camera, “And you’re a journalist…?”

The unmistakable voice belonged to the Presidents former deputy assistant, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who had enough of this overzealous leftist windbag attempting to disrupt the proceedings.

Now here is where it gets interesting, rather than simply de-escalating the tension Karem decides to ratchet it up by physically threatening Gorka, shouting back, “Hey, come over here and talk to me, brother.  We can go outside and have a long conversation,” he says winking.

Anyone who’s ever heard let’s “go outside” atomically understands it’s a call for a violent confrontation.

That invitation to “go outside” seemed almost assured as Dr. Gorka suddenly bolted towards Karem from across the Rose Garden, walked directly at him stopped looked him in the eye and said “you’re a punk” then for emphases repeated it, “you’re a punk.” At which point some within the conservatively friendly crowd cheerfully chanted “you’re a punk.”

After the dust-up, social media was ablaze with individuals viewing the brief video and commenting.

However, there is another video, this one taken by a Secret Service agent who recorded the neat brawl, interviewing Karem, who is shown repeatedly lying to the agent about inciting a violent confrontation

“I said I would talk to him. I didn’t threaten him,” Karem says when confronted by a White House guest about his call to “go outside.”

“We were just gunna talk,” he says, compounding the lie.

“I didn’t threaten to kick his butt,” Karem adds, lying again. “I said I would talk to him.”

Karem then scurries away.

The President informed of the incident involving his former deputy assistant, tweeted out Friday.

“@SebGorka Wins Big, No Contest!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 12, 2019

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    From what I understand from other reports, Karem was very lucky. Gorka would have kicked his fanny. That said, Karem should not be allowed on White House grounds again because of his threat.

  2. Post Author

    Not only will I be voting for Donald in 2020, but l will be writing him in in 2024. GO DONALD!!!

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