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Antifa Member Shot At ICE Facility

Domestic Terrorist group Antifa lost one of their own over the weekend at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Tacoma, Washington.

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The Antifa member identified as Willem Van Spronsen, 69, was armed with a rifle and incendiary devices — and was apparently attempting to force his way into the facility on Saturday morning.

According to a police statement, “The man, who was armed with a rifle, was throwing unspecified ‘incendiary devices’ at the Northwest Detention Center. Van Spronsen of Vashon Island, Wash., continued his assault on the facility throwing incendiary objects at the Detention Center and also at passing cars.”

Officer Loretta Cool, a spokeswoman for the Tacoma Police Department stated, “One car was fully engulfed in flames.”

The leftist loon also attempted, however, failed to ignite a commercial-sized propane tank attached to the center, said Shawn Fallah, the resident agent in charge of the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility.

Fallah acknowledged that Van Spronsen’s attempt to ignite the propane tank “could have resulted in the mass murder of staff and detainees housed at the facility,” he said. “These are the kinds of incidents that keep you up at night.”

Officers arrived on the unfolding scene around 4 a.m. and ordered Van Spronsen to surrender. However, Van Spronsen was dressed for combat wearing what appeared to be a satchel along with flares.

When Van Spronsen refused to surrender he was quickly taken down, and declared dead at the scene, with multiple gunshot wounds. The incident is currently under investigation, it’s not clear whether Van Spronsen open fired first or not.

The Seattle Times reported that a longtime friend of Mr. Van Spronsen’s, Deb Bartley, believed he had intended to provoke a fatal conflict.

“He was ready to end it,” she told The Times. “I think this was a suicide.”

Andy Ngo, the reporter who was viciously attacked in Portland, Oregon, by Antifa thugs, while Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered his police to “stand down, posted a video of Spronsen at the Antifa protest a day before his confrontation with police.

“Here is my video which captures Willem van Spronsen, the JBGC Antifa militia member who was killed yesterday outside the Tacoma, Washington ICE facility. Police say he arrived with a rifle & began to firebomb the place & attempted to make a tank explode.”

— Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) July 14, 2019

In another post the same day, Ngo confirms Spronsen allegiance to the terrorist group.

“Seattle Antifa Action has posted a eulogy & the ICE firebomber’s alleged manifesto on its Facebook page that was sent to friends before the attack. In it, he allegedly wrote: “I am Antifa, I stand with comrades around the world…”

— Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) July 14, 2019

Since early 2016, federal authorities have been monitoring the extremist Soros funded group, warning state and local officials that the leftist organization had become more radicalized and more violent than in previous years, so much so that the Department of Homeland Security formally classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence,” according to interviews and confidential law enforcement documents obtained by POLITICO.

The issue regarding Antifa’s escalating violence can be best summed up in one word, “appeasement.”

Sanctuary cities like LA, SF, NY, and Portland, to name a few, are responsible for the growing violence attributed to Antifa. Daryl Turner President of the Portland Police Association condemned the recent violence that made national news, after a brief video of freelance journalist Ngo went viral showing the 33-year-old reporter being savagely beaten within his city, while police were ordered by Mayor Wheeler to “stand-down.”

“Where are the voices condemning the lawlessness and violence?” Turner asked in a statement. “If this violence had been directed at Antifa, there would have been an immediate call for an independent, outside investigation. This is a perfect example of Portland politics at work and why our great City is now under fire in the national news.

“It’s our job to ensure that our community can peacefully protest without fear of violence, but right now our hands are tied,” he added later in the statement.

Adding, “It’s time for our Mayor to do two things: tell both ANTIFA and Proud Boys that our City will not accept violence in our City and remove the handcuffs from our officers and let them stop the violence through strong and swift enforcement action,” Turner concluded. “Enough is enough.”


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