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Chaos on Capitol Hill

The meltdown continues within our nation’s capital, as self-serving Democrats (nudged on by the President) went into uncontrolled hysteria beginning Monday afternoon — after another round of tweets and interviews by the President lambasting them as the “four freshmen of the apocalypse.”

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The ring-leader AOC, followed by Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley took turns in denouncing the President, calling him a racist, a white supremacist, and calling for his impeachment once again.

However this was just the opening act, what followed on Tuesday was even more spectacular for those of us viewing this melodrama “live” at home.

The emending drama began within the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives where a resolution was passed condemning the President remarks he made over the weekend as “racist” although the President never uttered a racial slur at any one of the four extremists.

The donnybrook continued when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the Senate floor and apparently lost her composure, sputtering out a volley of offensive, derogatory and insulting words directed towards the President, stating, “There is no place anywhere for the President’s words, which are not only divisive but dangerous — and have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color. It’s so sad because you would think that there would be a given that we would universally, in this body, just say, ‘Of course. Of course.'”

Pelosi continued, her voice rising: “There’s no excuse for any response to those words but a swift and strong unified condemnation. Every single member of this institution, Democratic and Republican, should join us in condemning the president’s racist tweets. To do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values, and shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the American people. I urge a unanimous vote, and yield back the balance of my time.”

However, the moment Pelosi ended her blistering rebuke of the President, Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins rose to challenge her and demand that her words be “taken down.”

The astonishing moment was the first involving a member of Congress and a speaker of the House in decades.

Rep. Collins quickly challenged Pelosi asking the Speaker if she wanted to “rephrase that comment.”

Pelosi responded, “I have cleared my remarks with the parliamentarian before I read them,” she then stormed off the Senate floor.

Collins retorted, “Can I ask the words be taken down? I make a point of order that the gentlewoman’s words are un-parliamentary and be taken down.”

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The confusion of whether Pelosi was in violation of House Rules dragged on for the better part of 30 minutes before Collins once again requested that the Speakers remarks be stricken from the record, at which point Pelosi left the House floor which constituted another House violation.

By the time it was over Democratic leader Steny Hoyer finally rendered his reluctant decision “The words used by the gentlewoman from California contained an accusation of racist behavior on the part of the President,” Hoyer said, affirming the House parliamentarian’s decision and technically banning Pelosi from speaking on the House floor for the rest of the day.

“The words should not be used in debate,” Hoyer concluded.

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel wrote, “So, Democrats vote to break House rules and decorum so that they can call Trump out on decorum. Surreal.”

The final nonbinding resolution condemning President Trump’s comments towards the four extremist freshmen as racist, passed by a vote of 240-187, with all Democrats voting in favor, along with a handful of Republicans.

The resolution asserted that “President Donald Trump’s racist comments have legitimized fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color.”

However most critical thinking individuals know exactly what racism looks like, and the Presidents tweets on Sunday was far from being racist.

The President tweeted on Sunday that unnamed “Democrat Congresswomen” should go back and fix the “corrupt” and “crime-infested places” from which they came and then “come back and show us how it’s done.”

He later acknowledged that he was referring to the fab four legislators. If anything the President could’ve been called out for erroneously suggesting that the four were born out of the United States, however suggesting his comments were racist, is quite a stretch, compared to Omar’s history of anti-Semitism, which somehow Pelosi ignored, refusing to condemn Omar outright.

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    I don’t believe that President Trumps comments suggest that the Congresswomen should leave the country to accomplish this. Only in the case of Omar would this be true. The other three also come from places where corruption and crime are rampant. AOC represents Brooklin, Tlaib represent at least a part of Detroit, not sure where Pressley represents, but you can bet it is a Liberal hellhole. All of these places have rampant corruption and unbelievable crime rates. Omar, being from Somalia, would be the only that would need to leave the country to accomplish this. The point is that all these women have numerous social problems where they come from or where they represent. The the remarks by President Trump are fitting and appropriate.

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