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Democrats Are “Pure Evil”

Vibora (Deborah) Anchondo, the sister of slain Andre Anchondo had a message for Democrats refusing to welcome President Trump to the city where 22-people (including her sister and brother-in-law) died Saturday morning at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.

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Vibora posted an emotional appeal Tuesday on her Facebook page describing the snub by Democrats as “pure evil” by purposely dividing the country by their continued media campaign of dehumanizing the President and repeatedly announcing that Trump isn’t welcome in their community.

“It’s such a shame that two of our local politicians (I refuse to say their names as they don’t deserve it) are saying that our President is not welcome on Wednesday,” Anchondo wrote on Facebook. “I cannot believe how these monsters are using the tragic event to push their political agenda.”

Adding, “I lost my brother and sister-in-law on Saturday. My family and I are living a horrible nightmare. The visit from our President will be more than comforting to my family. He will not be here for a political agenda. The two monsters from El Paso, who do not deserve to be mentioned by name nor even the nicknames I have for them, are just pure evil. My brother’s body was still laying at Walmart on Saturday night when they decided to make this into a political issue and push their agenda by blaming our President for this. Rather than focusing on the situation and the individual who destroyed the lives of many, these evil people selfishly turned this into a political war. I’m equally as angered by those two as I am with the person who took my brother and his wife from me, typing this I think I feel more animosity towards those two evil politicians.” – Deborah

The couple died shielding their infant son from the carnage around them. Supporters have established a GoFundMe campaign in the hopes of raising money for the couple’s three orphaned children left behind.

The outrage that Texas Democrats are actually blaming the President for speaking the truth concerning the thousands of illegal migrants coming by caravan and waving their countries flags, demanding entrance into the United States is by any definition they care to use…an INVASION.

Texas Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar, whose congressional district includes El Paso, said Monday that the President “is not welcome” in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program Escobar began reciting once again the Democratic talking points,  “It is shocking to me that President Trump is so utterly self-aware, and this is why, from my perspective, he is not welcome here. He should not come here while we are in mourning,” suggesting that the President is somehow not grieving along with the rest of the nation.

Escobar continued her campaign of division on CNN Tuesday, by once again displaying her arrogance and self-importance by announcing she refused the olive-branch extended by the White House to bridge the gap and stand with the President as a sign of unity in El Paso.

The smug lawmaker acknowledged “I declined the invitation because I refuse to be an accessory to his visit.”

Adding “I refuse to join without a dialogue about the pain his racist and hateful words & actions have caused our community and country.”

Thankfully there are individuals like Vibora Anchondo although grieving by the senseless act of a madman; she’s still able to distinguish between the charlatans using a tragic event to promote their agenda of division and class warfare.

  1. Post Author

    People like her need a dose of reality, President Trump doesn’t support any “Nationalist Groups” he is straight out against them no matter their skin tone or religion. If one wants to get down on some one, then look at Obama for 8 years he was the Divider and Chief. He basically urged blacks to take it to the streets, then to shoot the police. So there is your “Racist” and Supremacist!

  2. Post Author

    Trump is responsible for all of the racial hate and discord as he continuously voices his hatred for others. Started with the round of of immigrants. Caging children he had taken from their parents. They are dying and have past on from neglect. He is not our President, he is a dictator. I feel empathy and sorrow for this discord in our country. Other countries are telling their people not to come to the US. He and his wife didn’t go to visit EL Paso because of their empathy. The big smiles and the thumbs up. Come on now. Be real and look at this particular situation realistically. He does care about anyone’s mishaps and devastation. It was just a political move

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