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FBI: Portland Is Ground Zero This Weekend

Portland, Ore., will once again become the focal point for the nation this weekend — when both Antifa thugs and so-called right-wing extremists once again descend on the “city of roses.”

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Both groups are expected to bring their ideologies regardless if they’re tagged by progressives as “white nationalists or white supremacists” and by conservatives as “Antifa thugs.”

However, only one group has announced publicly they’ll bring an assortment of weapons and combat gear to the dueling rallies this weekend. Antifa thugs have already issued an online call to followers to turn out and “defend Portland from a far-right attack.”

The call “to arms” by Antifa has become their rallying cry in Portland within the last several years, especially since the mayor along with the Portland police department have abdicated their collective responsibilities by giving-up control of the city to the masked black-clad thugs, terrorizing law-abiding citizens within the city.

However this time it might be different because the FBI has been tasked with assisting the apprehensive progressive mayor who has willfully ignored the antics of Antifa, turning his city time and again into a “war-zone.”

Simply listen to what “Portland’s Rose City Antifa is publicly calling for against the extremist right-wing demonstrators coming to Portland, stating that violence against right-wing demonstrators is “exactly what should happen when the far-right attempts to invade our town.”

The brazen call for violence is the end result of a city government in disarray, refusing because of their progressive dogma, to forcefully put the breaks on this leftist group, allowing them to grow bolder, brasher with each encounter.

Perhaps, the point-of-no-return for both Antifa and progressive Mayor Ted Wheeler came in June when a freelance journalist named Andy Ngo was brutally attacked by a wolf-pack of Antifa thugs in broad daylight, sending him into “intensive-care” with a skull fracture, and as of this writing, no one has yet been arrested for the senseless beat-down.

However Ngo isn’t the only victim of Wheeler’s folly, awhile back at another Antifa demonstration Mayor Wheeler condoned Antifa protesters blocking traffic and harassing drivers, ordering his police to “stand down” and watch from a distance.

The presence of the FBI this weekend changes the dynamics, in that the Feds have the power to federally indict troublemakers if things, as predicted, get out of hand.

On the flip side of the equation we have Army vet Joe Biggs, who organized Saturday’s rally after witnessing the attack on Ngo, and although the loony left as denounced him as a “white nationalist” he’s coming to Portland with a mission of getting Antifa declared a domestic terrorist organization.

Moreover he’s instructed his followers not to bring weapons, or start any altercations; however, he’s instructed his followers to defend themselves if attacked.

Biggs toned down his online rhetoric after the El Paso shootings and urged followers coming to Portland to keep a cool head. He said he is not racist; he has a toddler daughter with his Guyanese wife but wants to show the world the violent tactics of Antifa.

“That group of Antifa there in Portland needs to be exposed for who they are,” Biggs said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “And guess what? They should be scared.”

The test for Mayor Wheeler is to finally begin governing after his dismal performance in June and again last summer when he lost control of the Antifa inspired protests, allowing them to quickly turn violent.

Wheeler apparently feeling the heat has ordered the city’s nearly 1,000 police officers to be on duty Saturday throughout the city, he’s even asked the Oregon State Police and the FBI to assist in case things get out of control.

Gov. Kate Brown has also weighted in declaring that the Oregon National Guard, if needed, will also be available.

Regardless of what happens in Portland over the weekend, both sides of the extremes will claim that the other side is extreme.

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    Time to rid the USA of the antifa’s. They are such cowards they have to hide behind masks.

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    Go Biggs!

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    “Mayor Wheeler condoned Antifa protesters blocking traffic and harassing drivers, ordering his police to “stand down” and watch from a distance” — He would probably change his attitude if several Antifa thugs do not walk away this weekend.

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    These ANTIFA Assholes need to have thier masks Ripped off and Exposed for Cowardly Bastards they are !!

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