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Trump Assassination Shown at Chicago Congressman’s Fundraiser

It would appear if you’re a Democratic politician living in a crime-riddled city like Chicago, mocking gun violence at your fundraiser would be the last thing you’d do.

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Moreover depicting the President of the United States being assassinated, yet that’s what this portly Democratic lawmaker allowed at his fundraiser on Friday.

Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago), attempted to apologize after a firestorm erupted of a photo of the mock assassination appeared on Facebook showing someone wearing a Donald Trump mask grabbing his chest, as another individual points what appears to be a toy rifle.

Donors at Sandoval’s golf outing at the Klein Creek Golf Club in west suburban Winfield each paid a minimum of $250 to attend the fundraiser, which apparently included a skit of the President being assassinated. The vile, sickening and egregious photo made its way on social media on Saturday by one of the attendees at the fundraiser, tagging the loathsome legislator.

Another photo of the beefy politician smiling and standing next to the person who had the fake machine gun also appeared along with the mock photo of the assassination, dispelling any notion that this contemptible legislator wasn’t aware of what was going on at his own event.

Once the photo surfaced on social media Sandoval was forced to respond, “The incident that took place is unacceptable,” he told CBS 2. “I don’t condone violence toward the President or anyone else. I apologize that something like this happened at my event.”

Both Democrats and Republicans expressed outrage over the photo at the fundraiser on Friday night.

“As our nation grapples with the epidemic of gun violence, purposely pointing a fake gun at anyone is insensitive and wrong,” Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker said on Saturday. “I condemn actions like the ones displayed in the pictures because they lack the civility our political demands.”

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider said if staffers or volunteers were involved in the photo they should be fired.

“The apology from Sen. Sandoval for the detestable pictures from his event depicting an assassination of President Trump is too little, too late,” Schneider said through a spokesman, reports WCIA. “Dangerous imagery like this will be condemned and seen as inappropriate by people of sound mind; however, a mentally unstable individual who wants to harm President Trump might find them as an inspiration. It’s inexcusable for an elected official to allow the promotion of violence in any way. If the individual pictured is a staffer or volunteer, they should be terminated immediately.”

Special White House aid Kellyanne Conway, weighted in Sunday night on Twitter asking Democrats whether they support or disavow the photo

“Every Democrat should be asked if they support or disavow this.”

— Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) August 19, 2019

This latest incident once again brings into focus the numerous times unhinged celebrities have publicly called for assaulting and or assassinating the President either through vile imagery or verbal threats.

Drug addled actor Johnny Depp joked back in 2017 at the Glastonbury arts festival in England, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?”

Once again the blow-back was immediate, and Depp much like Sandoval attempted to walk back the disgusting remark stating, “Bad joke” calling it “in poor taste.”

Then there’s the psychotic over-the-hill actor Robert De Niro’s daily threat against the President saying he’d “like to punch him (Trump) in the face.”
The 76-year-old actor also calls Trump many invectives: “blatantly stupid,” “a punk,” “a dog,” “a pig,” “a con,” “a mutt,” “a bullshit artist,” and “an idiot”.

And who can forget comedian Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded bloody mock head of President Trump by the hair?

These are all vile and reprehensible individuals; Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval is just another unhinged progressive suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Moreover, he’s a lawmaker residing in a city where gun violence is out of control and a weekend occurrence, and there he is on social media promoting gun violence, smiling and posing with individuals glorifying murder through a skit…reprehensible.


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    In my opinion, all those individuals, who provoke mentally sick people to do crime, have to be investigated and convicted!

  2. Post Author

    It’s real simple, none of you so-called politicians, have any of the problems that black people’s been suffering from since slavery! We are the worst treated people’s on this whole planet! There’s no white people’s nowhere in america being killed by police officers at a traffic stop, none of your children don’t have to worry about going out anywhere and not ever coming back home! It’s very easy to say how reprehensible this mockery is when your people behind badges are doing the killing and getting paid leave for it! You try to hide behind the facts! But, the truth is America harbours the real monsters in every aspect of life there! When a black man kills anyone he gets life in prison if he makes it there! But, when a white man kills multiple black people’s, like so in the Carolinas, the shooter gets taken in peacefully and treated to burger king, behind the guise of having a troubled past! Yeah, really!! Try being black for a week like Eddie Murphy, tried being white for a week and see the obvious difference in treatment! It’s easy for you to sit back and talk about what you think is right, when you and your family doesn’t have to live in terror everyday of your life, wondering is this the day this white man takes my life for being black! You politicians are the worst hypocrites on this planet, but let this lifestyle land on your door steps, and somehow resources that black people’s have never seen to find this perpetrator! This is the white legacy that you deny everyday while the rest of the black people’s watch our people’s be killed by the same powers that supposed to protect us! Then, you try not to make the issues not about race when it’s always been about race since slavery! You people are the liars and denyers of equity and peace! The reality to this race game is at some point black folks is gonna get tired of this b.s., and as history is known to repeat itself this America that you love so much, that you stole so much, from its original owners whom you place on reservations, will burn like it did in the 90’s and 60’s! Just the truthful facts that all you law makers lie about seeing! And honestly I believe this is what it will take to get the same freedoms that the white population exploits everyday in every aspect of life in your america, because it was never ours even though we are the oldest live being on this planet! It’s not like you’re digging up ancient white people’s in these modern day archeological sites! You know it’s lack people’s but you lie about that to, because it’s really all about white supremacy under the guise of a democratic government! It’s laughable, but I can’t laugh right now because I’m on my way to another black funeral, man killed by a racist cop! It is what it is! I’m sure you will find a way to ignore these facts as you have ignored your racist president! Now, bite down real hard!

    • Post Author

      Dude, save it for your Facebook page.

  3. Post Author

    This is absolutely disgusting,these people need to be in jail.
    Depicting the President’s
    Demise is beyond comprehension.

  4. Post Author

    He is a democrat–no additional explanation. Divide, destroy, get elected.

  5. Post Author

    He is a democrat–no additional explanation. Divide, destroy, get elected.

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