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Was Trump Wrong To Call American Jews Voting Democrat Disloyal??

I often wondered as I sat with extended family members, at one of those diverse gatherings, how liberal Jews could bring themselves to vote Democrat, knowing the history of that sordid party.

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As a conservative Catholic, I was quite frankly perplexed, however reluctant to bridge the subject.

On Tuesday President Trump not only bridged the subject, he actually called out progressive Jews as only he can, after witnessing the shameful antics of Rep. Ilhan Omar attempting to widen the gap between House Democrats and the State of Israel, by suggesting that House members should cut aid, to the only true democracy within the Middle East.

The President appearing flabbergasted at the mere suggestion, saying, “Five years ago, the concept of even talking about this … cutting off aid to Israel because of two people that hate Israel and hate Jewish people — I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation.”

Indeed, that’s how far Democrats have fallen, that they would continue circling the wagons around a self-serving, anti-Semitic bigot who has openly called for the economic destruction of Israel, while Jewish legislators in the House hide under their collective desks, afraid to be disloyal to their skewed orthodoxy and the Democratic Party.

The President as always, told-it-like-it-is, without the niceties of being politically correct regarding the two Muslim extremists, while sitting in the Oval Office visiting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

“I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

There it was out in the open, and perhaps what mainstream Americans had been thinking for years, regarding the great divide between American Jews, and Israeli Jews, who actually support the President.

A recent poll found that 60% of Israeli Jews support the President, and even within the various sects such as Haredi Jews and non-Haredi religious Jews, the President’s approval rating is better than 70%. Even among secular Israeli Jews, the President’s approval is better than 45%.

The President’s remarks immediately created a firestorm among the progressive elites, who viewed the President’s remarks as blasphemous, after all these are sitting members of congress, just like their anti-Semitic Muslim colleague.

Trump’s reference that American Jews are “disloyal” to fellow Jews and not to America was a purposeful distinction from Omar’s anti-Semitic “dual loyalty” crack, in which both Omar and Tlaib used to describe American Jews who support Israel.

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The President’s comments drew frustration from some politically conservative Jews, who seemed equally dismayed by progressive Jews who continue to vote Democrat, worst yet silent at the overt anti-Semitism by Democratic lawmakers.

Conservative author and political pundit Norman Podhoretz weighed in on the firestorm surrounding the great divide, stating that he’s often asked by Christian conservatives why most American Jews are liberal?

His response, ‘The question is as much about pain as politics. Each of us bears the scars of family dinners gone wrong, of angry e-mails from relatives who call us disloyal Jews, and even anti Semites. Because they watch CNN or believe their liberal Rabbi or follow the trash that the New York Times prints about President Donald Trump, the first Jewish zayde in the White House and the best friend that the Jewish State has ever had.”

Podhoretz continues, “So when President Trump criticized Omar and Tlaib for their hostility toward Israel, and asked how Democrats could consider cutting aid to Israel because of “two people that hate Israel and hate Jewish people,” adding, “I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty,” most Jewish conservatives knew exactly where he was coming from, even if we may not have chosen those words.”

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    As a Christian I don’t know how other Christians can vote for Trump. His hate, raciest, elite and self love is to much. He thinks of himself as the chosen one, I do not! As for the full support of Israel, of course it should be looked at. Support yes full support maybe not. When we can’t support ourselves. They have medical health coverage and we can’t afford, or are willing to give it to ourself. Something is wrong.

    • Post Author

      Have you taken a look into countries who have government support 100% medical? Ever wonder why those folks who need life saving procedures come to the USA? It is because many die while waiting for an appt. I know this first hand because I have met several people needing cancer treatment. They were told yes of course they are high on the list for an appt. However it will be 9 months out. Sometimes they die awaiting the appt. or they drive across our border and have the surgery and life long productive lives.

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    Trump has the vocabulary of a 10-year-old. When he accused Jews of being disloyal if they vote Democratic, he meant that such Jews are disloyal to him because of all he has done for Israel. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

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