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Ilhan Omar’s Love Scandal Leads To New FEC Violations

The sordid love triangle involving Ilhan Omar and an estranged married couple took on another and perhaps a more perilous dimension — with the disclosure that Rep. Omar may have once again allegedly violated campaign finance laws by reimbursing her lover’s travel expenses using again campaign funds.

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The FEC complaint alleges that Omar’s lover, a chap named Tim Mynett owner of a consulting firm named “E Street Group, LLC.” Mynett worked as a political consultant for the Democratic congresswoman and was paid more than $200.000 for consulting fees with an additional reimbursement payment of $21,000 for his personal travel expenses. However, those expenses weren’t properly reported or itemized, according to the complaint.

Moreover aside from the lack of transparency concerning the travel expenses, the overall payments for consulting services are also suspect, in that the bulk of the payments to the E Street Group was paid after Omar won the contested primary election in her home district and during a non-competitive general election race.

Logic would suggest that the use of a political consultant would be more advantageous during a contested primary battle, rather than in a non-competitive general election race.

The complaint filed by the National Legal and Policy Center on Wednesday states, “Although Mynett’s formal relationship with Rep. Omar’s campaign began in July 2018, with the payment of $7000 directly to Mynett, the reimbursements for Mynett’s travel did not commence until April 2019. The same month that Dr. Mynett alleges in her filing that her husband told her of the affair, and made a ‘shocking declaration of love’ for Rep. Omar.”

The complaint also alleges, “Among these disbursements, Ilhan for Congress reported eight disbursements to E Street Group, LLC totaling $21,546.94 for ‘travel expenses.’ None of the eight disbursements for ‘travel expenses’ was itemized…Federal Election Commission regulations require that campaigns that reimburse an individual for travel exceeding $500 must report the individual receiving the reimbursement as the payee, and report the payments aggregating over $200 to any one vendor as memo entries on Schedule B. Each memo entry must include the name and address of the vendor, as well as the date, amount and purpose of the payment.”

As for the alleged affair, Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett (55), says her cheating spouse, Tim Mynett (38), had confessed in April that he was having an affair with the Minnesota congresswoman before he walked away from their marriage, declaring his love for Somali-born refugee turned legislator.

Doctor Mynett and her estranged husband have a 13-year old son; however there’s little chance of a reconciliation, thus Doctor Mynett has filed for divorce.

Court paper filed say, “The parties physically separated on or about April 7, 2019, when Defendant told Plaintiff that he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar.”

“Defendant met Rep. Omar while working for her,’’ the document states. “Although devastated by the betrayal and deceit that preceded his abrupt declaration, Plaintiff told Defendant that she loved him, and was willing to fight for the marriage.

“Defendant, however, told her that was not an option for him’’ and moved out the next day, the papers say.

“It is clear to Plaintiff that her marriage to Defendant is over and that there is no hope of reconciliation,’’ according to the filing.

Omar has a history of unsavory behavior allegedly marrying her brother for the sake of gaming immigration law, then apparently marrying another individual in some sort of strange Muslim ceremony without the benefit of documentation. Then fraudulently filing joint income tax returns claiming a spouse she wasn’t married to, while still married to another individual.

Eventually, the accumulative lies, malfeasance, and corruption will catch up to her. Hopefully, the Justice Department is taking note, as are her constituents in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district.

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