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White House leaker exposed sitting outside Oval Office

Madeleine Westerhout sat no more than a few yards from the Oval Office and had the unique position of being the President’s personal assistant until she abruptly resigned last week — amid allegation that she betrayed the President on multiple occasions by leaking sensitive personal information to the New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman.

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Westerhout revealed information related to the President’s family life and White House operations to the mainstream media journalist that should have been private, on more than one occasion. Moreover, she may actually be the infamous stealth leaker that has plagued the White House, since the day the Trump administration entered the White House

The 29-year-old staffer had worked for the Republican National Committee as an assistant to Chief of Staff Katie Walsh and later on the Presidents transition team.

However here’s where it gets really bizarre, it was apparently known by insiders that she disliked the President and even cried on election night when Trump was projected as the winner, even weirder it was also rumored Westerhout was a Hillary supporter.

Politico reporter Tim Alberta wrote in his book “American Carnage” that Westerhout was “inconsolable” and seen crying on election night once it became clear Mr. Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton.

One former official said of Westerhout, “she was a spy from day one who sought to use her proximity to the President to curry favor with his detractors.”

However although suspicious of Westerhout motives, the President nevertheless for some unknown reason hired her as his personal assistant, although he was unsure of her commitment to his pro-America agenda platform.

Influential high ranking cabinet members like former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly who disagreed with the President in some instances regarding his populist agenda used Westerhout as a buffer to stifle the President’s supporters by blocking access to him, undermining the President’s authority, which in turn resulted in a chaotic situation.

During the President’s vacation earlier this month at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Westerhout attended an off-the-record dinner with reporters at a restaurant in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, where she began to drink heavily and started disclosing private details regarding the Presidents family, she also began gossiping about celebrities and TV news personalities seeking a meeting with the President.

Westerhout inappropriate behavior concerning her loose lips also took place at a farewell dinner for former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, publicly boasting she was the President’s gatekeeper.

Suspicions mounted among current and former White House staff that Westerhout had a divisive personality and that she appeared disloyal to the President.

Another former senior White House official likened Westerhout’s ouster to a “mob hit” and said the knives came out for her after she was highlighted in Alberta’s book over the summer. The book spawned Washington Post articles like Josh Dawsey’s July 11 piece which begins, “Few people have more power in President Trump’s White House than Madeleine Westerhout, his executive assistant who controls access to the Oval Office.”

Another former White House communications official said of Westerhout’s sudden resignation, “In short, I am not surprised.”

A White House spokesperson familiar with Westerhout’s sudden departure said: “the breach of trust meant immediate action.”

Adding the President’s personal assistant was immediately considered a “separated employee” and would not be allowed to return to the White House on Friday.”

Why the President would hire someone with such a dubious background within such a key position, actually tells us more about number 45, who at times puts himself into an untenable position, of his own making.

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